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Nazi Collaborator Hits Nazi Hunter with Libel Charges


Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff is on trial in Hungary over charges filed by an alleged mass murderer. Sandor Kepiro accused Zuroff of libel, saying Zuroff should have spoken of Kepiro's alleged war crimes as opinion, instead of stating them as fact.

Zuroff has presented documents showing that in 1944, Kepiro and several others were convicted of participating in the Novi Sad massacre, in which an estimated 1,246 people were murdered. The victims were Jews, Serbs and Roma.

European Jewish Congress: 'Jews in Europe Entering a Dark Period'


The European Jewish Congress warns that some Jewish communities in Europe are "teetering on the brink" due to national endorsement or neglect of anti-Semitism.

The EJC maintains that a recent wave of anti-Semitism, some of which was officially sanctioned, has left some Jewish communities in grave danger. EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor sums up: "We are entering a very dark period for Jews in Europe.

"Small Jewish communities are facing a situation where they are being physically, verbally and psychologically threatened by fundamentalist elements and their extreme left-wing cohorts on one side and the far-right neo-Nazis on the other," Kantor continued. "If they can't receive protection or respite from mainstream officials, then we are entering a very dark period for the Jews in Europe."

IAF Adding Third 'Arrow' Missile Defense Battery


The Israel Air Force is stepping up its preparations for a possible missile war with Iran and its proxies, with a new "Arrow" ground-to-air missile battery about to become operational.

IDF journal Bamachaneh reported that the new battery – the IAF's third – will begin operating soon, and will join the aerial defense "umbrella" provided by the IAF's Cherev Magen ("Defensive Sword") unit, which operates the Arrow system.

The report did not disclose the location of the new battery but said it was in central Israel and had been carefully chosen. Officers in Cherev Magen said that several physical variables were taken into account when deciding where to place the new battery. The selected site provides the best defense for long-range threats coming from different directions.

Like the other Arrow batteries, the new battery provides defense against ballistic missiles. It will integrate the Arrow system's newest interception missile, which is considered more accurate than its predecessors. In addition, it will receive the new Oren Adir radar, which has especially long range and is better than older versions at identifying the type of missile being launched at Israel.

Report: Ahmadinejad Meets with Nasrallah at Iran's Beirut Embassy

By Ha'aretz and

Hizbullah's Al Manar television reported on Thursday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had met with Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah at Iran's embassy in Beirut prior to the Iranian leader's departure from Lebanon.

According to the report, the two discussed a range of issues, and at the culmination of the meeting Nasrallah gave Ahmadinejad a gun, which he claimed had been taken from Israeli soldiers during the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

Nasrallah seldom emerges from his bunker, where he has been staying since the fighting between his Iranian-backed organization and the Israel Defense Forces in southern Lebanon in 2006.

Earlier Thursday, speaking close to Israel's northern border, Ahmadinejad praised what he called "Lebanon's resistance to the Jewish state" and declared that "Zionists are mortal." (Editor's note: We don't know if this is a complement but previously Ahmadinejad referred to Israelis as swine.)

Addressing thousands of cheering Hizbullah supporters in Bint Jbeil, where Hizbullah fought fierce battles with Israeli soldiers during the 2006 war, Ahmadinejad said the town symbolized Lebanon's defiance.

"The world should know the Zionists are mortal ... today the Lebanese nation is alive and is a role model for regional nations," the Iranian president said on the second day of a trip that highlighted the growing power of Tehran's ally Hizbullah.

Israel's Foreign Ministry said Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be wiped from the map, was bringing a message of violence and extremism and was "transforming Lebanon into a platform for his aggressive plans against Israel."

Bint Jbeil is just 4 km (2.5 miles) from the border and Israel's Channel 2 Television said echoes of Ahmadinejad's welcoming ceremony were audible on the Israeli side minutes before he arrived. "I announce that Bint Jbeil is alive and is standing. The world should know that Bint Jbeil is proud and will stand against the enemies till the end," Ahmadinejad said.

He also visited Qana, where 106 Lebanese civilians were killed in 1996 when Israeli aircraft struck a base run by United Nations peacekeepers in which villagers had sought shelter. "You are victorious and your enemies are defeated," Ahmadinejad said. "You will stay and your enemies, who are the enemies of humanity, are on their way to demise and annihilation. You are honored and your Zionist enemies are humiliated and weak."

In a symbolic move, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose to respond to Ahmadinejad from the hall in Tel Aviv where Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared the creation of Israel in 1948.

"We heard today the cursing and the language of contempt from the Lebanon border," Netanyahu said at the Land of Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. "...We will continue to build our country and we will know very well how to defend it."

The U.S. and Israel have called Ahmadinejad's visit to Bint Jbeil, located just a couple miles of the Israeli border, an intentionally provocative move. Oil-rich Iran has invested heavily in helping to rebuild the town.

Dozens of Israelis took part in a protest Thursday against Ahmadinejad at Avivim, a community near the northern border. They floated balloons in Israel's national colors of blue and white, which bore the words "the Eternal G-d of Israel does not lie," from the First Book of Samuel.

Among the demonstrators was Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud), who organized the event. He called on the government to stop ignoring the Iranian leader's presence in Lebanon. "I decided to come here despite the fact that Israel's [official] position is to ignore the visit. This restraint and disregard is what brought about Ahmadinejad's current control over Lebanon."

The nation of Israel has a long history of facing enemies who swear to annihilate it, as Ahmadinejad does. The Passover Hagaddah recounts that "in every generation, they arise to destroy us, and the Holy One, Blessed Be He saves us from them."

In the Mesha stele, a tablet discovered in what is now Jordan, the king of ancient Moab declares that he fought against a Jewish king, but was victorious, adding: "And Israel suffered everlasting destruction." The tablet dates from the 9th century BCE. There are no traceable Moabites in the world today."

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