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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 10fx0901.txt
Hamas Takes Responsibility for Attack
Four Israelis Dead in West Bank Shooting
Bolton Not Ruling Out Bid for U.S. President
Police: Arab Teens Lynched American in Jerusalem newsletter: 10fx0902.txt
Zoabi: Calling Israel a Jewish State is Racism
Obama, Mideast Leaders Begin Peace Talks
Key Players in the Peace Talks
Barak: Israel May Divide Jerusalem, Internationalize Holy Basin
Kedar Warns Iran May Take Over Persian Gulf newsletter: 10fx0903.txt
Gaza Celebrates Jewish Deaths with Candy
Netanyahu, Abbas in Closed-Door Meeting as Direct Talks Begin
Israelis, Palestinian West Bank Residents Say No Compromise on Settlements
Israel Moves Forward on F-35 – with Israeli Features
World's Biggest Mezuzah at Ben Gurion Airport
First Social Networking Site for Jewish Cooking Enthusiasts newsletter: 10fx0906.txt
Clinton Sidesteps Her `United Jerusalem' Pledge
PA Furious Over Ahmadinejad's Criticism
Pro-Gaza Americans Plan to Break Blockade with Airplane
Anti-Israel Hatred on Facebook Alive and Well
Egyptian TV: 'Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West'
Circumcising the Zulus newsletter: 10fx0907.txt
UN: Iran has Enough Uranium for Three Nuclear Devices
Israel's Foreign Minister Vows to Block Settlement Slowdown
U.S. Actors Support Israeli Ariel Boycott
Saudis Fumed Over Sex Pill TV Commercial
The Israeli Synagogue Industry newsletter: 10fx0908.txt
Netanyahu: No Guarantee Talks with Palestinians will Succeed
Jewish Towns Under PA Rule?
Fidel Castro Tells Ahmadinejad: Stop Bashing the Jews
'Free Prayer' Across America for Rosh HaShanah newsletter: 10fx0913.txt
Arab-Thrown Rocks Bloody 8-Year-Old's Face
Mideast Peace Talks Face New Obstacles
Survey: Israelis Grow More Religiously Observant
Holocaust-Denier: 'Auschwitz Being Promoted as a Disney-style Tourist Site'
Mezuzah Thieves Run Wild newsletter: 10fx0914.txt
Returning Chassidim Riot Over Airport Strike
Netanyahu Settlement Vow May Complicate Mideast Peace Talks
IAF Rehearsal for Aerial Attack is a Message to Hizbullah
Mumbai Terror Victim's Nanny Receives Israeli Citizenship newsletter: 10fx0915.txt
Libyan Holocaust Victims to Receive Compensation
Report: Netanyahu will Head to Washington Sunday
YouTube Video: A Country That Still Doesn't Get What's Going On
Jews Who Defied British Ban on Shofars at Wall Hold Reunion
Hate Crimes
PA Legislator's New Math Updates Number of Virgins for `Martyrs' newsletter: 10fx0916.txt
Pacifist Muslim Sect: PA Persecuting Us
Mitchell Reports Progress on Settlement Issue
Hamas Using Internationally-Banned Phosphorous Bombs
Gaza Film Shows the Destruction of Israel newsletter: 10fx0917.txt
Ahmadinejad: Zionists Behind anti-Muslim Hate
Clinton: Netanyahu and Abbas Already Discussing 'Core Issues'
Survey: Ultra-Orthodox Israelis Are Most Polite
61% of Israeli Jews Plan to Fast on Yom Kippur newsletter: 10fx0920.txt
Arab Who Sought to Attack in Be'ersheva Convicted
Lieberman: Peace Talks Must Reassess Israeli-Arabs' Right to Citizenship
Is Hamas Developing Israelophobia?
Wild Jewish New Year Prophecies newsletter: 10fx0921.txt
Olmert: US Agreed to Take 100,000 Arab Refugees
Obama: Israeli Attack on Iran Not Ideal
Report: Netanyahu Pushes Referendum on Peace Deal
PA Court: Death Penalty for Selling Land to Jews
Nanoparticles Found Shaped Like Star of David
TSA: Lulavim and Etrogim Can Be Carried Through Airports newsletter: 10fx0922.txt
Barak: Options Against Iran on the Table
Ahmadinejad: Holocaust Was Exaggerated
US Fears Russian Cruise Missile for Syria to Destabilize Mideast
US Won't Comment on Reports of Pollard Release Deal with Israel newsletter: 10fx0923.txt
Bill Clinton: Russian Jewish Immigrants 'Obstacle to Peace'
Palestinians, Israelis Clash at Jerusalem Holy Site
U.S. and Iran Trying to Set Up Covert Diplomatic Channel
Journalist Reveals PA's 'Palestine Plot'
Nigerian Pilgrims Use Tour Group as Ruse to Immigrate Illegally
NBA Superstars Discover Judaism newsletter: 10fx0924.txt
Jews Worldwide Celebrate Sukkot
Ahmadinejad's UN Speech Triggers US Walkout
Obama Slammed as 'Racist,' 'Ignorant' Over UN Speech
Computer Virus May Have Targeted Iran newsletter: 10fx0927.txt
Netanyahu Praises Castro
2,000 Balloons Mark End of Freeze
Jordanian Queen: Despair Must Not Prevail in Middle East Peace Process
Ship of Jewish Leftists Sets Sail for Gaza
Revealed: Pro-PA Billionaire George Soros Funds J Street newsletter: 10fx0928.txt
IDF Ready to Stop Gaza Boat
Worms Infect Iranian Nuclear Plant Computers
Mitchell Heads Back to Middle East to Deal with Settlements 'Dilemma' newsletter: 10fx0929.txt
PM's Office: Lieberman's Speech Not Cleared
Netanyahu: Israel, Palestinians Can Reach Mideast Peace in a Year
Israel Intercepts Gaza Aid Boat Carrying Jewish Activists
Germany to Settle Last World War One Debt
What Happens When a Neo-Nazi Couple Discovers it is Jewish? newsletter: 10fx0930.txt
Assad Tells Ahmadinejad to Avoid South Lebanon
Iran Puts Off Bushehr Nuclear Plant Launch
Hamas Reveals that Arafat Gave Green Light for 2000 War
AOL Buys Israeli Internet Video Firm
Chabad Presents a Sukkah on Bicycle
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