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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 10fx0401.txt
Israeli Arabs Arrested for Selling Poisoned Fish
US Seeks Four-Month Jerusalem Building Freeze
Jerusalem Posters: Destroy Mosque, Build 3rd Temple Now
Israeli to Introduce Popeye in 3D newsletter: 10fx0402.txt
Swede Accused of Auschwitz Theft to be Extradited
Pilgrims Converge on Jerusalem as Passover, Easter Coincide
Likud MK: Not Even 'Hussein Obama' will Remove Us from Hebron
Archives Show Wallenberg May Have Been Alive After Alleged Execution newsletter: 10fx0405.txt
Ahmadinejad Again Threatens Israel
Former NYC Mayor Koch: Obama Anti-Israel `In Order to Please Muslims'
A Call for Jewish Leadership to Step Forward Now
Oren: Israel Protects American Troops
Peres: Israel Should 'Pay Any Price' for Gilad Shalit
Israeli Arabs Like Matzoh newsletter: 10fx0406.txt
Controversy in Kuwait over Arab Singing Hebrew Songs
Justice in Yemen: Death to Jew Who 'Asked Olmert to Let Him Spy'
Palestinian Professor Admits Arab Denial of Temples is Baloney
Are Bees Also Addicted to Caffeine and Nicotine? newsletter: 10fx0407.txt
Israeli FM Warns Palestinians Not to Declare Statehood
US Updates Israel on Nuclear Policy
Iran Vows to Strike Israel Immediately if Attacked
Pizza Sales Soar After Passover newsletter: 10fx0408.txt
Ahmadinejad Threatens to 'Amputate Israel's Hands'
Report: Obama Mulls New Mideast Peace Plan
Jordan Also Wants a Piece of Jerusalem
Poll: Israelis Say They Are More Alike Than Not newsletter: 10fx0409.txt
Steinitz: Golan Will Continue to Grow
Netanyahu Cancels Trip to U.S. Nuclear Summit
Yahya Ayyash Building 'Shocking Incitement'
Committee: Libyan Jews Not Eligible for Compensation
US Center to Revive Lost Yiddish Culture Online newsletter: 10fx0412.txt
Website Remembers 1.5 Million Child Holocaust Victims
US Expert Predicts 'Oil and Gas Rush' to Israel
Israeli Study Shows Rise in Anti-Semitism
Israel Observes Holocaust Remembrance Day
Goering's Brother Saved Jews
Israel Issues Order Enabling Deportations of 'Illegal' West Bank Residents
Israeli-Arab Singer Cancels U.K. Show Following Death Threats newsletter: 10fx0413.txt
Ahmadinejad: Washington Nuclear Summit 'Humiliating'
Former NYC Mayor Rips Obama for 'Outrageous' Treatment of Israel
Retired Catholic Bishop Blames Jews for Attacks on Pope
Holocaust Study: It Took Three Years for Polish Jewry to Wake Up newsletter: 10fx0414.txt
Meridor: Israel Understands Danger of Nuclear Iran
Terrorists: Israeli Nuke Plant Within Rocket Range
A Nuclear Iran Could Become the First 'Suicide State'
Iran: We'll Be in 'Nuclear Club' Next Month
Obama: Israel Should Sign NPT
Israelis Get "Urgent" Warning to Flee Sinai newsletter: 10fx0415.txt
Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Way Past' Point of No Return
Barak: Israel Won't Be Pressured Into Signing NPT
Demjanjuk, Accused of Nazi Crimes, Says He Is German Victim
Greece Opening Door to Try Eichmann Aide Who May Be in Syria newsletter: 10fx0416.txt
PA Activist Calls Ed Koch a `Zionist Racist and Depraved Liar'
Israel Bans iPad
Syria Accuses Israel of Creating Pretext to Attack
Call to World Jewry in Face of Nuclear Threat
Posthumous Award for the King who Saved Jews
Rare Look at the Sonderkommando Uprising in Auschwitz
Israel's Population about 7.577 Million
Netanyahu: Israel Must Rely Only on Itself
Gaddafi: Obama from Arab Descent, a 'Blessing' to Muslim World newsletter: 10fx0420.txt
'Jews for Palin' Group 'Takes Aim at Obama
Happy Birthday to You, Israel 62
Israeli Leftist Groups May be Violating US Law newsletter: 10fx0421.txt
Poll: Only 19% Approve of Israel
Netanyahu: Less Time to Act on Iran with Each Passing Day
US Defense Report: Iran Could Strike US with Missiles in 2015
Obama U-turn on UN Penalties for Iran, Defensible Borders for Israel
US Unsure of Possible Syrian Scud Missile Transfer to Hizbullah
Report: Hamas Members Switch Loyalties to Al-Qaeda newsletter: 10fx0422.txt
Iranian Defense Minister: Israel Doesn't Have the Courage
Adm. Mullen Evades Answer on Shooting Down IAF Jet
U.S. Promises Arabs No More Jewish Construction
Palestinian Zionist Organization is Founded
Washington Angry over Pro-Jerusalem Ads in the US Press
Beggars Evicted from Western Wall Plaza newsletter: 10fx0423.txt
Hamas: Gaza Population Almost Two Million
Netanyahu Reassures Public: No Freeze in Jerusalem
Jordan: Rocket Reportedly Hits Aqaba
Arabs Declare in Jerusalem: We Won't Give Up Right of Return newsletter: 10fx0426.txt
Israel Lifts Ban on Apple's iPad
Israeli Official: Iranian Nuclear Expert Requests Asylum in Israel
Is the U.S. Getting Ready to Abandon Israel?
Historian Details Nazi Outreach in Arab World
'South Park' Writers Warned Not to Say 'M' Word 'Mohammed'
Israeli 'Goodwill' Gesture Saves Life of Hamas Leader's Toddler newsletter: 10fx0427.txt
ZOA: `US Jews Realizing Their Mistake on Obama'
Obama's Security Advisor Apologizes for `Greedy Jews' Joke
Obama Hosts Muslim Entrepreneurs
Ritual Terrorism: Hating Obama as a New Form of Religion newsletter: 10fx0428.txt
Website Allegedly Hacked by Israel to Post Ron Arad Message
US: Iran, Syria Providing Missiles to Hizbullah
Rabbinical Council of America: No Female Rabbis, by Any Name
Oprah Winfrey Makes Israeli Company's Stock Leap by 63.3% newsletter: 10fx0429.txt
Hamas Accuses Israel of Blackmail by Internet
Ahmadinejad Wants to Speak at US Conference
Does Israel Stand Alone Against Iran?
Bar-Ilan U. Researcher: War with Iran Could Last Years
'Japanese Scapegoated Indonesia's Jews in WW2' newsletter: 10fx0430.txt
Hamas: Egypt Used Poison Gas in Smuggling Tunnel
Abrams: US Must Deal with Iranian Threat
Hizbullah: Our Missiles are Honorable, Not Aggressive
Israeli Official: Accepting Palestinians into Israel Better Than Two States
Samaritans Perform Passover Sacrifices
Yeshiva Produces Jewish Children's English Internet Program
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