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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 10fx0301.txt
Obama Remains Clueless on Middle East
Is Ahmadinejad Maneuvering Hizbullah and Israel into War?
Israel and `One-State Solution' Dominate US Congressional Race
Israel Post Office Distributes a Different Mask newsletter: 10fx0302.txt
Dubai: Israelis With European Passports to be Blocked
Farrakhan: Obama Targeted by U.S. Jewish Lobby, Zionists
Iran: Arab Resistance is Key to Demise of World Powers
Phony Website Counters Israel's PR Campaign newsletter: 10fx0303.txt
Israel to Consider Settlement for Illegal Aliens
Iranian Ayatollah: Nukes are a Religious Obligation
Israel Unprepared for Earthquakes at Home
Everyone's Googling Mossad
Israelis Rush to Join Mossad newsletter: 10fx0304.txt
Knesset Member: Arabic TV in Israel - an Enemy Within
60% of Americans: Only Force Can Stop Iran
Arab States & Israel Back Peace Talk Proposal
Military Op Details Publicized on Facebook
Leftists and Muslims Commence 'Israel Apartheid Week' Events
iPhone Prayers to be Sounded in Jerusalem
Arutz Sheva's New Website for Children newsletter: 10fx0305.txt
Syria: Israel Scattered Particles of Uranium
Two Israeli Missile Ships Pass Through Suez Canal
Israel's Oscar-Nominated Film Looks at Irreconcilable Divide in Mixed Arab and Jewish Neighborhood
Israeli Novel with Parallels to Dubai Killing is a Hit in Germany newsletter: 10fx0308.txt
PA Terrorist: I'll Continue Armed Struggle
PA to Honor Terrorist during Biden Visit
Ahmadinejad Calls 9/11 a `Big Fabrication'
Terrorism's New Target: Econo-Jihad
DNA Discovers Another Fragment of the Lost Tribes of Israel in Africa
World's Oldest Man is Israeli newsletter: 10fx0309.txt
Rabbis Disagree on Whether Lox is Kosher
Biden: Nuclear Iran Would Threaten U.S. As Well As Israel
Bolton: Israel's Options – Attack Iran or Accept Nuclear Power
Thousands of PA Arabs to Use Jerusalem-Modiin Highway
Prof. Netanyahu, 100: Iran Trying to Split U.S. Jews, Israel
Ben-Gurion University Opens YouTube Channel newsletter: 10fx0310.txt
Barak: Israel Must Keep Finger Close to Trigger
Biden Promises 'Total' U.S. Commitment to Israel's Security
Boy Scouts' Founder 'Held Talks with the Nazis'
Some American Jews Sit Out Recession in Israel
Ethiopian Jews Push Israel on Immigration Rights newsletter: 10fx0311.txt
Poll: National Team Athletes Must Serve in IDF
Israel Planning 50,000 Housing Units in East Jerusalem
Arab League Chief: Palestinians Pull Out of Talks
Knesset to Biden: Free Pollard as Gesture Toward Israel
Roman Catholic Church's Chief Exorcist: Devil is in the Vatican
Israeli Officials Divided Over Mass Nude Photo Initiative newsletter: 10fx0312.txt
U.S. Says Indirect Mideast Peace Talks Still On
Nearly Half of Israeli Bar Mitzvahs are Celebrated at Western Wall
Yad Vashem: We Must Complete the List of Victims newsletter: 10fx0315.txt
White House Advisor Axelrod: Israel Undermines Mideast Peace
Old City Synagogue Rededicated Amid Heightened Tensions
Terrorist Mastermind to Receive PhD. with Help from Israel newsletter: 10fx0316.txt
WSJ: Why Has Obama Turned Against Israel?
Israeli Envoy: U.S. Ties in 'Crisis of Historic Proportions'
Jerusalem to Recycle Mikvah Water
Iran Tried to Buy Nuclear Bomb from Pakistan as Early as 1987
British Intelligence Reveals Nazi Plan to Infiltrate Vatican newsletter: 10fx0317.txt
Iran, Hamas Launch 'Facebook Intifada'
Despite U.S. Pressure, Israel Insists No Preconditions for Talks
Israeli Company Develops Bionic Retina Implant
Danish Artist Dresses Her Baby as Hitler, Exploring the Meaning of Evil
To 120: The Secret of Ashkenazi Jews Who Live Past 100 newsletter: 10fx0318.txt
Fatah: Virgin Mary Was Palestinian
Israeli Foreign Minister: Call to Halt Jerusalem Settlement 'Unreasonable'
Knesset Study: A Second Expulsion Would Cost $100 Billion
First look at the Simpsons' Upcoming Visit to Israel newsletter: 10fx0319.txt
Petition Filed with High Court to Allow Passover Sacrifice
Gaza Rocket Slams into Israel
Hizbullah Official: An Israel Strike on Iran Could Ignite Mideast
US Freezes Assets of Gaza Hamas Bank, TV Station
Shas Journal: Obama is 'A Stone Throwing Palestinian'
Court Case: Can Arab Prisoners Eat Bread on Passover? newsletter: 10fx0322.txt
Israeli Government: Passover Sacrifice 'Dangerous'
Netanyahu: No Concession on East Jerusalem
Cyberwarfare: `A Good Fit' for Israeli Defense
Man Finds Bag Full of Money, Reports to Police
Braces Forbidden in Ritual Bath
Explained? New Mexico's Hebrew Ten Commandments newsletter: 10fx0323.txt
Cows to Get Kosher for Passover Diet
US Envoy Urges Israel, Palestinians to Exercise Restraint
Clinton to AIPAC: US Will Not Tolerate a Nuclear Iran
Rabbi Druckman: The Almighty, Not Obama, Has World in His Hands
Muslims Against Jihad
`Jihad Jane' Part of Growing US Jihad
New Children's Haggada in 15 languages newsletter: 10fx0324.txt
Poll: Israelis View Obama as Pro-Arab
US Keeps Mumbai Victim's Widow from Children
Jerusalem Mayor: Build 50,000, not 1,600, New Jerusalem Homes
Site of Ancient Jewish Temple is Epicenter of Conflict
Sex and the Single Suicide Terrorist newsletter: 10fx0325.txt
Is the US Eroding Israel's Qualitative Edge?
IDF Keeping the Peace and Preparing for War
Obama Dresses Down Netanyahu: No Photo Ops or Statements
FYI - How Can We Do Nothing? newsletter: 10fx0326.txt
Washington Post: Obama Treating Netanyahu like Dictator
Netanyahu Ends US Visit without Resolving Settlement Dispute
Obama Closing In On Us
Obama's Pressure to Backfire
PA Faked Cancellation, Named Square after Terrorist Murderer newsletter: 10fx0329.txt
IDF Prepares for Large-Scale Missile Attack
Arab League Summit Concludes Amid More Criticism of Israel
Israel Media Attacks Netanyahu; He Denies `Obama a Disaster'
Jews Barred from Cairo's Maimonides Synagogue
Rightists: Replace Temple Mount Mosques with Jewish Temple
Montreal Jew Sells Alleged Concentration Camp Soap
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