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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 10fx0101.txt
Iran Soccer Body Sends Israeli Team New Year`s Greeting
All Israelis to Receive Gas Masks in February
69% Favor New Year's Eve Celebrations in Israel newsletter: 10fx0104.txt
Iranian Soccer Official Fired for E-Mail to Israel
Settlers Protest West Bank Construction Freeze
No Explosives Found, Suspects Still Held in Be'er Sheva
Sharon Four Years Later: `Probably Comatose for Life' newsletter: 10fx0105.txt
Lieberman Rejects Western Deadlines
Palestinian Leader Firm on Conditions for Israeli Peace Talks
Report: Iraq De-Judaizing Ezekiel's Tomb newsletter: 10fx0106.txt
Iraq to Sue Over `81 Osirak Reactor Attack
Arab Israelis Escalate Humus War Against Lebanese
PA Confiscating Israeli Snack Foods
Hamas Hosts Neturei Karta for Sabbath in Gaza
Book in India: Israelis Crooks, Drug Addicts
Kiryas Joel Bids Farewell to a Matriarch of 2,500 Descendants newsletter: 10fx0107.txt
Czech Cardinal: Europe Will Soon Fall
'Iron Dome' Anti-Missile System Ready for Deployment
Egyptian Troops Clash with Palestinians on Gaza Border
Israel Begins Airport Fingerprint Security
Ancient Tablet Provides New Shape to Noah's Ark Story
Israeli Researchers: `Beware Vitamin E'
34,000 in Facebook Group Against 'Big Brother' Pacifist newsletter: 10fx0108.txt
Iranian Students: Khamenei's Family Has Fled to Russia
Israel Strikes Gaza in Response to Rocket Attack
Syrian Druze Doctor Buried in Native Golan Heights village
Yemen's Jews Fear for Their Lives, Yet Refuse to Make Aliyah
Scarves for Soldiers Campaign Announced newsletter: 10fx0111.txt
Netanyahu: Fence to be Built on Israel-Egypt Border
McCain, Lieberman: Congress will Not Freeze Aid to Israel
Fanning the Flames newsletter: 10fx0112.txt
Turkish Anti-Israeli TV Program Draws Response
Egypt Rejects Proposed Alternative to Two-State Solution
Arens: Israel Can Say 'No' to U.S.
Saudi Preacher: No-Fly to US to Protest Anti-Terrorist Checks
Ancient Building Found in Modern Tel Aviv newsletter: 10fx0113.txt
US Envoy Urges Donors to Fund Palestinian State Institutions
Netanyahu: Israel will Never Share Jerusalem with Palestinians
Miep Gies, Anne Frank Protector, Dead at 100
Obama Anti-Semitism 'Czar' Slammed for Criticizing Israel's Oren
Are the Taliban of Jewish Descent? Experts are Checking
Israeli Model Bar Refaeli Strips for French Underwear Company newsletter: 10fx0114.txt
Survey: Orthodox Couples Happier
Exposed: Secret Talks to Carve Up Israel
Israeli Team Heads for Quake-Struck Haiti; Fate of Jews Unknown
Demjanjuk Trial Resumes with Gas Chamber Testimony newsletter: 10fx0115.txt
Mission to Haiti on Behalf of the Jewish People
Israeli Official Arrives in Haiti to 'Devastation on Every Corner'
Hamas Calls for Prayers for Rain to Ease Gaza Water Crisis
Newly Released Recordings Shed Light on Hitler's Suicide
Retired Israeli Cardiologist to Write Pork Cookbook newsletter: 10fx0118.txt
Ceremony in Memory of Raoul Wallenberg
Abbas Urges US 'Endgame' Unless Israel Halts Settlements
`Israel' Born in Haiti after IDF Delivers Healthy Baby
Blunt Talk Confronts Pope in Historic Visit to Synagogue
Rabbis: Full-Body Scanners Compromise Modesty
Informal Service: In the Israeli Military, Gays Serve Openly
Rare Storm Dumps Rain on Southern Negev newsletter: 10fx0119.txt
Hizbullah May Be Behind Tehran Physics Professor's Assassination
Israel to Station Nuclear Submarine in Persian Gulf
IAF Rescues 14 from Negev Floods; Hamas Blames Israel for Gaza Flood
New IDF Delegation Leaves for Haiti
U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes newsletter: 10fx0120.txt
Israel Resumes Airlifts of Jewish Ethiopians
IDF Helps Rescue Two Young Women
New Religious City Planned for the Negev
Syria's Mufti: Islam Commands Us to Protect Judaism
Sobibor Prisoner Readies to Testify in Demjanjuk Trial
Text Suggests Bible Possibly Written Centuries Earlier newsletter: 10fx0121.txt
Iranian, Israeli Tourism Ministers Shake Hands
100 Israeli Police Heading for Haiti
Settling for More: From Jersey to Judea newsletter: 10fx0122.txt
Israel's Wiesenthal Center: Once Again We're the Vatican's Scapegoat
Israel Fears Terrorist-Refugees May Set Up Qaeda Cells
Tefillin Misunderstanding Causes Philly Emergency Landing
Iran Denies Handshake with Israeli Tourism Minister
Ahmadinejad's Fortune is More Than €100M newsletter: 10fx0125.txt
Sarkozy Envisions Israel Stopping a Nuclear Iran
Signs of Oil in Negev Near Arad
Israel's Haiti Mission Winds Down
US Envoy Faces New Obstacles on Peace Mission
International Effort to Try Ahmadinejad
Poll: Teen Immigrants Love Israel newsletter: 10fx0126.txt
IDF, Israel CEOs Start Haitian Orphanage for Israelis Wanting to Adopt
Secret Report: Iran will Have Nuclear Bomb This Year
Polish Bishop: Holocaust a 'Jewish Invention' newsletter: 10fx0127.txt
Israel's Next Hizbullah War May Escalate Into Fight with Lebanon
Demjanjuk Trial Adjourned Until February After Stories of Horror
Expert: Major Earthquake in Israel 'A Matter of Time'
Netanyahu to Speak at Auschwitz
New Dictionary of Jewish-Moroccan Language
Kibbutz Transformation Continues newsletter: 10fx0128.txt
Iran - One of the Most Corrupt Countries in the World
IDF Haiti Delegation Heads Home, with One More Heart to Mend
Rabbinical Courts 'Unchain' 162 Women
Pope: Holocaust Must Never Be Repeated
Arab MK Slams Holocaust Denial
Polish Bishop Claims He Was 'Misquoted' on Holocaust
Analyzing the Search for Missing Relatives newsletter: 10fx0129.txt
El Al: We Can 'Defuse' Tefillin in Flight
Obama Hints Israeli Nationalists Hinder Peace
Israel Plans To Repatriate `Lost Jewish Tribe' in India
Bill Clinton Praises IDF Haiti Hospital
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