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Gaza 'Revenge Battalion' will Not Abide by Hamas Ceasefire
Israeli Reports Say Major Prisoner Swap Imminent
Demjanjuk Trial Begins in Germany
Study: 1 in 8 Israeli Teens Suffer from Mental Disorder newsletter: 9fax1202.txt
Double Jeopardy: IDF Units to Fight Jews, PA to Encircle Them
Ha'aretz: EU Draft Document on Division of Jerusalem
Ex-Diplomat: Swiss Minaret Vote Could Hurt Jews
Vilna Gaon: Third Temple is Coming Soon
Prosecutor: Demjanjuk Aided in Murder of Jews
New IDF Web 2.0 Unit to Fight Enemies on Facebook, Twitter
Iran's New Anti-Israel Ally: French Comedian Dieudonne newsletter: 9fax1203.txt
Der Spiegel: Iran One Year Away from Nuclear Bomb
Ahmadinejad: Israel, the West 'Can't Do a Damn Thing' to Stop Us
Lebanon Government Lets Hizbullah Keep Weapons
PA Tries to Play Down JNF Tree Donations for Arab City newsletter: 9fax1204.txt
Scientists Create Heart Cells from Skin Cells
'Jews May be Next Target'
For Shoah Victims, Demjanjuk Trial Symbolic
Thai Chef to Import Shakshuka newsletter: 9fax1207.txt
Poll of PA Arabs: 'Freeze is a Sham'
Israel Says Settlement Freeze Proves it Wants Peace
Hamas Terrorists Attack with Russian Anti-Tank Missiles
McDonald's Arab Blackmailer Fails to Smudge Golden Arches
Court: Israeli Woman Can Use Dead Man's Sperm to Get Pregnant newsletter: 9fax1208.txt
Copper Operation Approved for Timna Area
Netanyahu: Syria Drops Key Precondition for Peace Talks with Israel
Knesset Approves 'Biometric Law'
Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews?
Palestinian 'Terrorist' Takes Aim at Sacha Baron Cohen newsletter: 9fax1209.txt
Barak Hired Illegal Foreign Worker
Government OKs Jerusalem/Golan Referendum Bill
EU Backs Off, Calls for `Negotiations' for Divided Jerusalem
U.S.: Fate of Jerusalem Should be Decided Only by Israel, Palestinians
`'Yusuf' Celebrates a Bar Mitzvah
Russia: Human Remains in Our Possession are Really Hitler's newsletter: 9fax1210.txt
Israel Denies EU Parliament Members Access to Gaza
Tens of Thousands Protest Against Freeze
Iran: We'll Hit Israel's Nuclear Sites if Attacked
Bride, Father Arrested for Crime of Moving Lips on Temple Mount
Flourishing Palestinian Sex Trade Exposed
New for Chanukah: Vodka Donuts
Chanukah's Dreidel Game is Reinvented newsletter: 9fax1211.txt
Chanukah Begins Friday Night
Israel's Talks with Vatican Fail
Mormon U.S. Senator Records Chanukah Song
For American Children, Chanukah Has Become a Festival of Fun newsletter: 9fax1214.txt
Hebrew U Climatologist: Global Warming Not Alarming
Iran Pledges Support for Palestinian Terrorists
Israel Approves More Funds for West Bank Settlements
Arab Terrorist Planned to Stage Suicide Attack in Ashkelon
Chabad Rabbi Attacked in Vienna
Tools of the Jihadists newsletter: 9fax1215.txt
Hamas Celebrates 22 Years of Terror
Secret Documents Reveal Iran's 'Smoking Gun' for Nuclear Bomb
Israel Confirms U.K. Arrest Warrant Against Livni
Moldova Christians Darken Chanukah Lights
South Africa Slams El AL for Stringent Security Checks
'Demjanjuk May Have Killed Jew While Driving Truck in 1947' newsletter: 9fax1216.txt
Seattle Jewish Center Killer Gets Life
U.S. to Test Missile Shield Against an Iran-Style Strike
Hamas: All Islamist Groups will Unite with Iran if Israel Attacks
'Shocked' British Foreign Minister Calls Livni
Police Shoot U.S. Student's Laptop Upon Entry to Israel
Ahava Products Turn Dutch Officials Red
Israel Air Traffic Controllers Avert Crash on Highway
Chanukah Song Made More Relevant
Light `Virtual' Chanukah Candles to Visit Israel newsletter: 9fax1217.txt
'Chilling' New DVD: How to Slit Throats
PLO Extends Term of President Abbas Indefinitely
Iran Test Fires Improved Long-Range Missile
IDF Buying Laser Rangefinders
Israeli Film on Haredi Homosexuality Wins Top Honors in Rome
Begin and Rabin to Star on 100, 200-Shekel Bills newsletter: 9fax1218.txt
Crazy Chanukah Doughnuts: Melon Vodka, Halvah and Pistachio
Sderot Makes Menorah of Terror Rockets
Temple-Era DNA Reveals Oldest Case of Leprosy
Why Make Aliyah? newsletter: 9fax1221.txt
Kosher Controversies
Two Mossad Operatives Institutionalized
Israeli Army Threatens Massive Force against Settlers
Poll: 55% of Israelis See Settlers as Modern-Day Maccabees
Likud MK: Annex West Bank, Consider Citizenship for Palestinians
Ahmadinejad: I'm No Bogeyman newsletter: 9fax1222.txt
Super Bowl Attendees to Enjoy Bowls of Kosher Food
Survey: Iran, Not Israel, is Arabs' Worst Enemy
Police Find Stolen Auschwitz Sign – Broken in Three Pieces
Demjanjuk Unmoved in Face of Emotional Holocaust Survivors
Carter Apologizes for 'Stigmatizing Israel'
Israeli iPhone App Takes New York by Storm
Israel Finds Remains of Jesus-Era Home in Nazareth newsletter: 9fax1223.txt
Teva Partners on New Prostate, Lung Cancer Treatment
Israel and Hamas Move Toward Prisoner Swap
Polish Police Probe Foreign Link in Theft of Auschwitz Sign newsletter: 9fax1224.txt
Bill Introduced Allocating Land to IDF Veterans
Report: Hamas Agrees to Deport 123 Prisoners in Shalit Deal
Vatican Responds to Jewish Fury on Move to Beatify Pius XII
Captain of 'Exodus 1947' Dies newsletter: 9fax1225.txt
Russian Analyst: No Mideast Peace in Near Future
Significant Quantities of Oil Discovered in Center of Israel
Israeli Wargame Sees U.S. Sidelining Netanyahu on Iran newsletter: 9fax1228.txt
Israeli Terror Expert: Attack Attempt Will Awaken West
Terrorists Hurl Firebomb at Bus; Woman Injured
Israeli Forces Kill Six Palestinians
A Tale of Two Gazas: Website Pictures Deny `Humanitarian Crisis' newsletter: 9fax1229.txt
Swine Flu Victim Dies After Giving Birth to Healthy Boy
Full-Speed Ahead for 700 Jewish Homes in Eastern Jerusalem
Jihadists: 'Kidnap Zionist and American Soldiers' to Free Gaza
Tourism Ministry Tees Off for Golf Courses newsletter: 9fax1230.txt
Almost No Holocaust Education in Arab Sector
Israel Says Iran Close to Nuclear Capability
Israeli Police Arrest Nuclear Whistleblower
Disney to Talk Hebrew on TV
Slugfest at Airport: 50 Giant Snails Caught
Israeli Man Divorced for 11th Time
State Department Warns Tourists: Beware of Israeli Drivers newsletter: 9fax1231.txt
Egypt Claims Netanyahu Ready to Withdraw to 1967 Lines
Israelis Developing Remote Controlled Weapon Systems
Operation Attic: Search for Warsaw Ghetto Items, Artifacts
Israel's Demographics for 2009
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