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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax1001.txt
Israel to Swap 20 Palestinian Prisoners for Shalit Videotape
Most Jewish Americans Support Iran Attack
Saudis Deny Letting Israel Attack Iran
Special: Netanyahu Speaking at UN
Women and Islam
Court: Poem That Compared Arabs to Rabbits Not Incitement newsletter: 9fax1002.txt
Haifa Scientists Turn Skin Cells into Stem Cells
Israel Tones Down Warnings of Strike on Iran as Diplomatic Efforts Intensify
Report: Hamas Video Shows Shalit in 'Good Health'
Source: Palestinians Drop Endorsement of Goldstone's Gaza Report newsletter: 9fax1005.txt
Report: Israel Knows Shalit's Exact Location
NY Times: Report Shows Iran Can Build Bomb
Israeli Police Clash with Palestinians near Jerusalem Holy Place
Ahmadinejad: Self-Hating Jew?
American Indian Chief: 'Fight for Israel'
Museum Posts Video of Anne Frank on Web newsletter: 9fax1006.txt
Fearing Arrest, Israeli Cabinet Minister Rejects British Trip
Obama Website Has Article Comparing Israelis to Nazis
Israel Deploys Thousands of Police; Outrage Grows Among Palestinians
Guardian: Story about Jewish Ahmadinejad is Wrong newsletter: 9fax1007.txt
Hamas: Abbas is Not a Palestinian
US Poll: Support for Military Option against Iran 'If Necessary'
Jewish Purchases in Jerusalem Fuel PA Fears
IAF Jets Scramble as Plane Flies over Dimona Nuclear Facility
Jordan Goes Solo with Red Sea to Dead Sea Pipeline
Four New Noahides Welcomed into the Fold in Jerusalem
Israeli Scientists Turn Rush-Hour Traffic into Electricity newsletter: 9fax1008.txt
'No Negro Cop will Stop Muslims Praying at Al-Aqsa'
Report: Iran Planning to Attack Gulf States
Israeli Woman Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Made in Israel: `Soil Dipstick' Forecasts Health of Planet Earth newsletter: 9fax1009.txt
Netanyahu's Grandson Circumcised
Qatar Cleric Calls for Al Aqsa 'Friday of Anger'
Abbas, Pope Discuss Mideast Conflict
Baby Almost Buried Alive After Being Pronounced Dead
A Sukkah Grows in Uganda
Israeli Media Mogul Mulls Purchasing 50% of Al Jazeera
Israel `Super Gas' Field is World's Largest in 18 Months newsletter: 9fax1012.txt
Dahlan: Jews Praying on Mount is Like 'Suicide Bombing'
Obama Using UN's 'Blood Libel' Report to Pressure Israel
Study: PA Double-Dealing Against Israel and Congress
Dachau Plans Sister-City Agreement with Israeli Town
Braverman: Grant Foreign Workers' Children Citizenship newsletter: 9fax1013.txt
Report: Obama Considering Visit to Israel
Israel, U.S. Prepare for Largest-Ever Joint Air Force Drill
Turkey Denies Canceling Military Drill over Israeli Participation
Netanyahu: Israel will Not Cooperate With Gaza War Crimes Tribunal
Billionaire Hollywood Producer to Make Aliyah newsletter: 9fax1014.txt
Israel World Leader in Cancer Survival
Israel Accuses Hizbullah of Violating Lebanon Truce
Egypt: 'Know Thy Enemy', Translate 'Anti-Zionist' Authors
Pope to Make His First Visit to Rome Synagogue
Gaza Love Story: The Bride Who Crawled Through a Tunnel newsletter: 9fax1015.txt
Italian Rabbis to Boycott Pope's Visit to Rome Synagogue
Turkish Prime Minister: My People Rejected Israeli Participation in NATO Drill
Israel Rebukes Turkey over Brutish TV Portrayal of IDF
Al-Zahar Threatens to Prosecute Abbas
Magen David Adom: Rival Ambulance Company 'Kidnapped' our Patient newsletter: 9fax1016.txt
Abbas: Hamas Leaders Fled to Sinai During Gaza War
Le Canard Enchaine: Israel May Attack Iran After December
Israel Urges West to Reject War Crimes Resolution
Turkey: We Foiled al-Qaida Plot Against Israeli, U.S. Targets
Thousands of Hours of Power from New Israeli Battery newsletter: 9fax1019.txt
New Law Would Halt Funeral Payments for Terrorists
Israel's Cabinet Rejects UN War Crimes Report
Mysterious Explosion in Southern Lebanon Panics Residents
Israeli Café Chain Boycotting Turkish Coffee
Handsome Muslim Men in India Accused of Waging 'Love Jihad' newsletter: 9fax1020.txt
42% of Americans Support Strike Against Iranian Nukes
US Scientist Charged with Attempted Spying for Israel
UN: Israeli Spy Devices Caused Lebanon Blasts
Record Number of Visitors to Western Wall newsletter: 9fax1021.txt
Israeli GOP Leader: Obama Encouraged Radical Arab Demands
'If Israel Strikes Iran, U.S. will Likely Join'
Nozette Held as Israeli Spy in FBI Sting
Israeli Researcher: Progress Towards Alzheimer's Vaccine
Should Israel Subsidize Viagra for Cancer Patients? newsletter: 9fax1022.txt
German Court Rejects Demjanjuk Appeal
Arabs Attack Jews in Eastern Jerusalem
Deputy Minister Warns of Earthquake
From Kaifeng to Kibbutz: Chinese Descendants of Jews Come Home
Books by Netanyahu, Rabbi Lau to be Published in China
Bedrock of a Holy City: The Historical Importance of Jerusalem's Geology
Study: US Youth Differ in Perception of Jewish Identity newsletter: 9fax1023.txt
Israel Unveils New Robot Anti-Terrorist `Beast of Burden'
Israel, Iran Reportedly Held Secret Nuclear Talks
Thousands of Israeli, U.S. Soldiers Begin 'Juniper Cobra'
IAF Planes Strike Gaza Targets After Rocket Hits Israel
Knesset Member Ben-Ari Urges Memorializing Kahane
Divorced Couple Ordered to Divide Three Dogs
Uranus, Neptune to get Hebrew names newsletter: 9fax1028.txt
Venezuela Doesn't Want Israeli Tourists
Relations Between Turkey, Israel Continue to Falter
Katyusha Rocket Hits Galilee
Iran: World Can't Block our Atomic Program While Israel has Nukes
Rabbi Cherlow: 'Human Rights' Include Jews Worshiping on Mount
Arab Professor: 'Blowing Oneself Up' OK in Tel Aviv newsletter: 9fax1029.txt
New Study: Israelis Unhealthy
Haifa University: Anti-Israel Professors Named and Shamed
'Israel Won't Be Sudan No. 2'
Naive Yeshiva Boys' Trial Begins in Japan newsletter: 9fax1030.txt
Report: Netanyahu Ready to Free Barghouti, Saadat for Shalit
US Scientist Faces Death for Plot to Spy for Israel
Jerusalem Official: PA has De Facto Control Parts of Capital
Eitan Admits Failure, Regrets on Pollard
Obama to Tell Rabin Memorial: U.S.-Israel Alliance is Unbreakable
Study: Birthright Alumni Less Likely to Marry Out
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