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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0803.txt
IDF Unveils New Mini Drone Plane
Israeli Police Hunt for Tel Aviv Gay Club Gunman
Jews Detained for Kneeling on Temple Mount
Fayyad Proclaims Jerusalem Capital of 'Palestine' newsletter: 9fax0804.txt
Arabs Attack Jew in Old City & Flee to Temple Mount
Report: Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb in One Year
Al-Qaeda: Wipe Israel from the Map
Netanyahu to U.S.: Israel will Govern Itself, Thank You
Political Correctness
Hamas Celebrates its 100th Israeli Degree newsletter: 9fax0805.txt
Three Americans Arrested in Iran are Jewish
Edelstein: Fatah Congress is Declaration of War
Fatah Leaders Want to Ally with Iran
Netanyahu Visits Nuclear Facility in Possible Hint to Iran
Al-Qaeda's Three-Stage Plan to Wipe Out Israel
Chabad Renews Effort to Make Senior Nazi a Righteous Gentile
Unique Temple Model to Overlook Kotel
Psst: Dirty Laundry? newsletter: 9fax0806.txt
Fatah Leaders Applaud Bloodthirsty Terrorists at Convention
Hizbullah Reportedly Stockpiling 40,000 Rockets
Poll: Half of Israelis Feel Those Born Elsewhere Can't be 'True Israelis' newsletter: 9fax0807.txt
German Jew Wants Hitler's `Mein Kampf' Republished
US Congressman: Iran is Threat, Not Israeli Settlements
Jerusalem Hosts Yarmulke Exhibit
Muslims Kicking Mad over Song that Mohammed Ignorant of Soccer
iPhone Users Can Send Prayers to Kotel newsletter: 9fax0810.txt
Study: Soda Causes Liver Damage
Palestinian Fatah Faction Endorses Peace Process and Armed Resistance
Hamas Tests Rockets to Hit Tel Aviv
Israel Warns Hizbullah Over Assassination Report newsletter: 9fax0811.txt
ADL to Jordan: Let Jews Enter with Religious Items
Israeli FM: Mideast Peace Not in Foreseeable Future
Israel Bombs Gaza Tunnel in Response to Mortar Attacks
Arabs of Jewish Descent in Israel
Dutch `Journalist': Flu Pandemics are Jewish Conspiracy newsletter: 9fax0812.txt
Dozens of Rabbis Fly Over Israel Praying to Defeat Swine Flu
Hizbullah: Chances for an Israeli Strike Slim
Iran's Leaders Pave Way for Messianic 'Mahdi'
U.S. Government Website 'Ignores Jews' newsletter: 9fax0813.txt
Israel Issues Terrorism Warning for Citizens Abroad
Two Wounded in Terror Attack; Leaders Blame Obama
PA Agency: Jewish State Threatens All of Humanity
The Great Towel Heist newsletter: 9fax0814.txt
German Court: Nazi Slogans OK in English
PA's PM: It's Not Our Business Whether Israel is Jewish
U.S. Reform Movement Voices Support for Israeli Arabs
Palestinians Get Their Own Google Domain
Public Fast Called to Fight Swine Flu
Don't Kiss the Mezuzah newsletter: 9fax0817.txt
Tel Aviv Lynch Victim Laid to Rest Sunday Evening
Air Force Chief Hints at Possible Attack on Iran, But U.S. Ambassador Says No
Survey: Israelis Support Arab Emigration, Fewer Rights
20 Killed in Failed Syrian Scud Missile Test
Ex-Nuclear Reactor Employee: We Were Forced to Drink Uranium
Number of Gun Applications Doubles newsletter: 9fax0818.txt
Mubarak: Peace Agreement Required Before Israeli Recognition
`Huckabee the Maccabee' in Eastern Jerusalem to Challenge Obama
Gulf Arab Money 'Behind Purchases of Israeli Land'
Arabs Pressure Obama to Endorse Strike on Iran
Vatican: U.S. Could've Ended Holocaust
Lichtenstein Leader Draws Ire with Holocaust Statement newsletter: 9fax0819.txt
Swedish Tabloid: IDF Kills Arabs to Trade Their Organs
Israel Freezes New Settlement Projects in West Bank
Bunker Buster Turning Iranian Threat into James Bond Thriller
Ayatollah Calls for Muslim Nations to Unite Militarily Under Messianic Figure
Israeli Scientists Prove DNA Evidence Can Be Faked
New Book Unveils Horror of Nazi Camp Brothels newsletter: 9fax0820.txt
Syria, Iran 'On the Same Front'
Palestinian Professor: No Jewish Ties to Western Wall
Israel Lodges Complaint Against Swedish Blood Libel newsletter: 9fax0821.txt
Hamas Trains New Generation of Teenage Terrorists
Poll: 12% of Israelis Believe Obama Supports Israel
Sweden: No Condemnation of 'Stolen Organs' Libel
Finally Uncensored: IAF Plane `Downed' Iraqi Jet in 1982 newsletter: 9fax0824.txt
Arab League Condemns Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
Obama Plan: Temple Mount Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty
`Peace Now' Report Slams Israeli Claim of Settlement Freeze
Sweden Funded Anti-Israel Allegations
Drone Plane Collects Water, Drops Rain
Jewish Kippot - 'Made in Palestine'
Superman Co-Creator's Heirs Win Rights to Early Stories newsletter: 9fax0825.txt
Swedish Newspaper Editor: I'm Not an Anti-Semite
Ayatollah Pushes Islamic 'Resistance' Army to Fight Israel, U.S.
Fayyad Plans PA State: Intl. Airport, Stronger Armed Forces
Peres Reveals Hizbullah Has 80,000 Missiles
US Jews Enraged by Catholic Document Urging Missionizing of Jews
Rabbis Riled as NY Court Nixes Ruling
Kiryat Yam to be Sued Over 'Mermaid'? newsletter: 9fax0826.txt
Immigrant English Teacher Program Underway
Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Sovereign Capital of Israel
Palestinian Police 'Directing Traffic in Israel's Capital'
Circumcision: Once Banned for Jews, Now Proposed for Gentiles
Israel Makes Waves by Simulating Earthquake
Meridor on Iran: We All See the Clock Ticking
Dead Sea Reaches Finals in Vote on World's 7 Natural Wonders
Florida Governor Credits Prayer at Kotel for No Hurricanes newsletter: 9fax0827.txt
Senior PA Official Says Jewish Temple Never Existed
Israeli Leader: Practical Steps Needed for Middle East Peace
Praising Terrorists newsletter: 9fax0828.txt
PA Majority Rejects Fayyad's Plan
Netanyahu Receives Auschwitz Blueprints newsletter: 9fax0831.txt
Israeli Firm Produces Biodegradable Bottle
Olmert Indicted on Corruption Charges
Israel Launches Air Strike in Gaza
Wilders: Prophet Mohammed Acted Like a Pig
Israel to Hold Largest Ever Bio-Attack Drill
Israeli Invention Prevents Locking Kids in Car
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