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Video by Aish on the Swedish Blood Libel Against Jews

PA Majority Rejects Fayyad's Plan


While Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has won praise from the West for unveiling a plan for a PA state, he faces opposition from within the PA parliament.

The Hamas terrorist group, which won the majority of parliament seats in the 2006 elections, has rejected the plan and accused Fayyad of serving Israeli interests.

"We have one path for our Palestinian state to be established," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum told the PA news service Maan. "The only way to do so is through resistance." Barhoum accused Fayyad of working with Israel, and said his plan "fulfills the desire of the occupation."

The Islamic Jihad terrorist group rejected Fayyad's plan as well. Like Hamas, Islamic Jihad expressed concern that the plan would be seen as a rejection of "resistance," a term used to refer to terrorism against Israeli citizens.

Officials from the United States and the United Nations expressed satisfaction with the plan, which Fayyad unveiled on Tuesday. The plan was "concrete" compared to previous PA blueprints, said American consul general Jacob Walles.

UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry said the document was proof of "self empowerment." The PA plan "challenges all other players to step up to their responsibilities," he said.

The plan includes calls for a PA airport, better trained and armed PA troops, and an improved education system. The document did not detail the steps necessary to reach the stated goals. Fayyad's goal is to create "a de facto state apparatus" by 2011. In order to create a state apparatus, the PA will need more money from the international community, he said Tuesday.

"We are going to seek this additional funding. Even after the state is established... we will continue to need external financial support," Fayyad warned.

In his appeal for aid, Fayyad told U.S. officials that PA Arabs "want to receive President (Barack) Obama in our airport." The PA would like to greet Obama as he descends from his Air Force One plane, and not from an Israeli helicopter, he said.

Israeli officials were less pleased by Fayyad's stated goal of creating a de facto state. "There is no place for either unilateral action or threats," said Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz.

Fayyad's plans for a PA state could come to naught if the PA does not fight terrorism, Steinitz warned. "It is clear that a Palestinian state, no matter what its form, will not see the light of day if Israel's security concerns are not taken into account."

Netanyahu Receives Auschwitz Blueprints


Architectural plans for the Auschwitz death camp that were discovered in Berlin last year were given to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday for display at Israel's official Holocaust memorial. "There is a connection between despotism and terrorism, between freedom and peace. We must remember this," said Netanyahu upon receiving the blueprints.

According to him, "We cannot allow evil to cause massive death. We must stop evil in due time. Military barbarism knows no limits. We must prevent the spread of these armies on time so that humanity can be saved.

"The second lesson is that world leaders must act in time to avoid the fate of the Holocaust victims. We cannot allow those who are looking to cause mass death and threaten the Jewish state to (carry out their plans)," he said.

The 29 sketches of the death camp that was built in Nazi-occupied Poland date back as far as 1941, and include detailed blueprints for living barracks, delousing facilities and crematoria, including gas chambers.

The sketches are considered important to helping understand the genesis of the Nazi genocide. They are initialed by the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, and Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess. They turned up in an apartment in Berlin in 2008; how they got there is not clear, but their authenticity has been verified by Germany's federal archive.

While they are not the only original Auschwitz blueprints that still exist, others were captured by the Soviet Red Army and brought back to Moscow, they will be the first for Israel's Yad Vashem memorial, its chairman told The Associated Press in an interview.

"This set is a very early one, which was found here in Berlin, from the autumn of '41," Yad Vashem chairman Avner Shalev said. "It brings a better understanding of the whole process, and the intention of the planners of the complex, and from this perspective it is important."

The blueprints were purchased from the unidentified finder by Germany's Axel Springer Verlag, the publisher of top-selling Bild newspaper among others, and put on display in the company's Berlin headquarters.

The director of Axel Springer Verlag said during the ceremony that "those who do not remember the past can make mistakes in the future. The German people carry a deep shame, this is the hellish building plan that we think should be in Yad Vashem, not here."

The blueprints include general plans for the original Auschwitz camp, and also the expansion Auschwitz-Birkenau camp where most of the killings were carried out.

A large yellowed plan, dated April 30, 1942 and titled "general building plan concentration camp Auschwitz" provides a wider view, showing the barracks but also roads, other buildings, and the outlying area. Another drawing dated Oct. 14, 1941, shows the plans for construction of a "Waffen SS prisoner of war camp" with rows of what appear to be barracks. A notation in the bottom right says it was drafted by a prisoner, "Nr. 471."

More than 1 million people, mostly Jews, died in the gas chambers or through forced labor, disease or starvation at the camp, which the Nazis built after occupying Poland.

Netanyahu on Thursday evening visited Wannsee Villa in Berlin – the site where the "Final Solution" for the destruction of Europe's Jews was planned in 1942 by Adolf Hitler and leaders of the Third Reich.

"The destruction of the Jewish people was planned in detail in this place," Netanyahu said. "As the prime minister of Israel, I have three words to say here, and I have written them down in the guestbook: 'Am Yisrael Chai' (the Jewish people live)."

During his visit, Netanyahu received a thorough briefing from the historian running the place, asked many questions and was presented with original documents displayed on the site, including some documenting the historic conference.

Minister Yossi Peled, a Holocaust survivor, joined the prime minister's tour of the place. "I never knew my father, who was murdered by the Nazis," said Peled. "But if he is looking down from the sky and seeing his son, a major-general in the Israel Defense Forces and an Israeli minister, he is probably proud."

Peled grew up as a Christian until the age of nine, and this is what saved his life. Many years later, he became the Northern Command chief and an Israeli minister.

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