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Arab-Stolen Torahs Returned to Jerusalem Synagogue


Six Torah scrolls stolen from Jerusalem neighborhood were recovered by police near an Arab village, and three others were saved last week from a fire in Afula.

The scrolls and other religious items were stolen from the Ohr HaChaim synagogue in Pisgat Ze'ev, a northern Jerusalem neighborhood, several months ago. Police detectives' efforts were crowned with success this week.

Netanyahu: Gazans Want to Overthrow Hamas

By Ha'aretz

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that the Palestinian residents of Gaza wanted to replace the current Hamas government, and that they will eventually be successful, Army Radio reported.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony in Jerusalem's National Security College, Netanyahu said "If the Palestinians in Gaza had the power to overthrow the government, they would. And I tell you, they will have that power."

Netanyahu also addressed the recently publicized law of Gaza that requires female attorneys to don head coverings in court, saying that "the fact that the Hamas government is forcing women to wear head coverings is not making the organization popular among Palestinians."

The prime minister warned against extreme Islamists gaining nuclear weapons, saying that the desire for nuclear weapons stems from the fact that the religious fanatics are losing power. "The only thing that can slow the dwindling of the radical Islam is if it obtains nuclear weapons, and that understanding is becoming prevalent among world leaders," he declared.

"The extremist religious approach will be defeated by the global information revolution," Netanyahu speculated. "It won't happen immediately, but it will happen. Nuclear arms are the only thing that can prevent it."

In his speech, Netanyahu emphasized the importance of the demilitarization of any future Palestinian state. "No one wants to repeat the outcome of what happened in Gaza and in southern Lebanon, where terror groups have taken over every territory evacuated by Israel. We know what happened in the north and in the south, and heaven forbid this should happen in the center as well," Netanyahu said.

"The true test with the Palestinian Authority is whether we can help them advance toward the direction of Dubai, or they will regress toward the direction of Gaza," the prime minister addressed the importance of economically developing the Palestinian Authority. "I'm not saying that they can become Dubai tomorrow or the next day, but they are headed in that direction."

African Refugees and Illegal Immigrants 'Terrorizing' Arad


Residents of the northern Negev city of Arad told Knesset Member Uri Ariel (National Union) that the dramatically increasing population of legal and illegal refugees in the city was "making their lives miserable." Illegal immigration to Israel has increased by approximately 1,000 percent in just three years, with over 7,500 people known to have entered Israel illicitly in 2008.

Ariel proposed that the newly formed Oz Immigration Authority, which is in the midst of a nationwide crackdown on illegal migrant workers, concentrate its efforts on Arad as well. Some elements of Israeli society, however, oppose the Oz campaign, saying it forces refugees back into the life-threatening situations from which they may have come.

Police figures show that the illegal migrant workers in the nation's south are primarily from Eritrea, indicating a primarily economic motive, as well as from Somalia and other African states. Legally recognized refugees who have arrived in previous years, on the other hand, include significant numbers of Sudanese who fled the Arab-Muslim genocide of non-Muslims and Muslim Blacks in Darfur. Some of the latter, however, may not be authentic refugees and may even include some perpetrators of the massacres seeking new lives elsewhere.

Both legal and illegal migrants have been a source of increasing crime and violence in Arad, with many veteran residents claiming that it is no longer safe to walk through the center of town at night. The nearly 2,000 Africans have also found themselves in economic competition with local Bedouin tribes in the labor market, which has sometimes spilled into violent clashes between the two groups. Eilat and the Dead Sea area are also faced with the issue of crime by migrants.

One reason the phenomenon is largely confined to the southern region is the Israeli policy of keeping migrants from settling north of Gedera, in the highly populated coastal plain (referred to as the area from "Gedera to Hadera"). An Arad citizen's group has recently been founded with the aim of pressuring the government to distribute the burden of the African refugees equally. As of 2009, more than 100 children of African refugees have been absorbed into Arad public schools, and the municipality provides their families needed health and welfare services.

The Arad citizens' advocacy group is in favor of tightening law enforcement initiatives to find and expel illegal migrant workers. The illegals have no health care, no welfare and are often without permanent housing, leading to crime, vandalism, drunkenness and loitering.

Anger over the situation has led growing numbers of Arad residents to consider leaving the city. Two new churches were built in recent years as migrants hooked up with local missionary and Christian groups. This, as one Arad resident told Israel National News, in a city that did not have a single church despite the large percentage of non-Jewish Russian immigrants.

In addition to the economic impact and the increasing crime rate, residents of the south have raised the potential for a security threat stemming from the Muslim migrants. There is a danger of some of them becoming radicalized, as well as the possibility that jihadists have already made their way into Israel under cover of economic or political migration.

In response to the increasing infiltrations from Africa, IDF troops are taking more swift measures to apprehend and immediately expel those found illegally crossing the Israeli frontier with Egypt.

U.S. Charges 7 with Plotting Terror Attacks in Israel

By Israel Faxx News Services

American authorities have arrested seven North Carolina natives who have been charged with plotting to carry out terrorist attacks overseas, including in Israel, Kosovo, Jordan and the Gaza Strip.

U.S. prosecutors said the ringleader of the group, Daniel Patrick Boyd, trained in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 1989 to 1992 and used that experience to set up his own organization to train fighters, raise money and carry out attacks abroad.

The indictment released Monday does not detail any specific terrorist plans or targets overseas, although it claims some of the defendants traveled to Israel in 2007 with the intent of waging "violent jihad" and returned home without success.

After the unsuccessful attempt at jihad in Israel, the men returned home, officials said. Court papers also say that group member Ziyad Yaghi went to Jordan to engage in jihad in 2006.

In the seven-count indictment unsealed on Monday in Raleigh, North Carolina, authorities also accused Boyd and others, including his two sons, of traveling to Gaza, Jordan, Pakistan and Kosovo, as well as Israel, to plan or engage in attacks. Those indicted beside Boyd were named as Hysen Sherifi, Anes Subasic, Zakariya Boyd, Dylan Boyd, Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan and Ziyad Yaghi. All seven face up to life in prison if convicted.

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