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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 9fax0601.txt
Ayalon: Iranian Missiles Can Hit Eastern USA
Israel Prepares for War
All Israel to Turn Out for 'Turning Point 3'
Obama Promises Arabs Jerusalem will be Theirs
American Jew Avoids Jail for Giving Military Secrets to Israel
Government Rejects Allegiance Law
Egyptian Man Rejects Arranged Marriage newsletter: 9fax0602.txt
Ahmadinejad Defends Anti-Israel Policies
Report: Iran will Have Enough Uranium for Nukes by Year's End
'Proud Hungarians Must Prepare for War Against the Jews' newsletter: 9fax0603.txt
Double Shooting in Jerusalem
Nation Practices Bomb Shelter Drill
Barack Meets Barak: Handshake or Arm Twist?
Will Be'er Sheva Allow Muslims to Use City's Only Mosque?
Israel's Bar Refaeli Poses Naked for Esquire Cover newsletter: 9fax0604.txt
Chabad Jew Was On Crashed Air France Plane
Israeli Foreign Minister: No Plans to Bomb Iran
Obama Misreads Statistics: ' US One of Largest Muslim States'
Knesset Member Katz: US Supporters of Israel Must Get Tough With Obama
'We're Launching a Campaign Against Anti-Semitic Obama'
Scholarship on Ancient Middle East Becomes Free Digitally newsletter: 9fax0605.txt
Obama Faces Democratic Party Backlash on Israel Stance
Obama in Egypt Reaches Out to Muslim World
Reaction from an Eighth Grader
Iran to Obama: "Sweet Talk" Not Enough for Muslims
Esther Pollard Appeals to Obama for Her Husband's Release
60 Percent of Israelis Don't Trust Obama newsletter: 9fax0608.txt
Lebanese Pro-Western Coalition Claims Victory over Hizbullah
Netanyahu to Give 'Major' Speech on Mideast Peace Plan
Clinton Soft-Pedals on Fighting Iranian Attack on Israel
Report: Saudi King Asks Obama to Impose Solution
Cairo Sources: Israelis to Dig for Oil in Sinai
12 Israeli Arabs Charged in 2005 Lynching of Soldier
How Would Anne Frank Look if She Had Lived to See 80?
Water Company to Dig 14 Kilometer Tunnel to Jerusalem newsletter: 9fax0609.txt
Poll: Ahmadinejad Leads in Iran's Presidential Election
Netanyahu Updates Obama on Policy Speech
Obama's Cairo Speech Quoted Jihad Verse from Quran
Jew Stopped for a Handful of Temple Mount Earth newsletter: 9fax0610.txt
Jumblatt: 'Bring Hizbullah into Lebanese Army'
Netanyahu May Favor Andorra-Like Solution for PA
Police Block PA Infiltrators at Dead Sea Roadblock
Ahmadinejad Runs for Re-Election as President of Iran
Haredi Volunteers to Operate Cell Phones with Teeth
'Arabs did to Israel what Borat did to Kazakhstan' newsletter: 9fax0611.txt
Mitchell Offers Swap of Israeli Population Centers for Arab Ones
Neo-Nazi Who Hated Jews Opens Fire at US Holocaust Museum
Holocaust Survivor Wiesel: Jail Ahmadinejad
Egyptian Airport Follows Israeli Lead, Screens for Swine Flu
IDF Develops Spy Robot Snake with Suicide Capability
Some Israelis Insulted By Obama Picture
60-year-old Becomes First-Time Mom newsletter: 9fax0612.txt
Cell Phone Messages to the Kotel
Holocaust Museum Shooter to Face Murder Charge
Demjanjuk Deportation: A Milestone
PA Teenager Murdered over 'Collaboration' Charges
Happy Ending To Divorce Saga
Dumped Mattress Lands Cash in Trash newsletter: 9fax0615.txt
Gaddafi Invites Expelled Jews
Netanyahu Would Accept a Demilitarized Palestinian State
Is Iran Nuking Up as Obama Fiddles?
`Hating Christians'
Holocaust Survivor, 81, Completes PhD on Labor Camps newsletter: 9fax0616.txt
Israeli Government Web Sites Attacked
Palestinians Reject Netanyahu Peace Overture
Another Poll: Most Israelis Could Live with a Nuclear Iran
Near Miss at Ben Gurion Revealed
Kosher Google Makes Debut as Koogle
Male Palestinian Singles? Not at This Beach newsletter: 9fax0617.txt
Arens: PA State is 'Fantasy'
Netanyahu Tells CBS: I Have Opened the Door to Peace
Carter: Gaza Palestinians Treated Like Animals
Israeli Foreign Aid to Diaspora Communities?
Oy Vay, My Shtreimel newsletter: 9fax0618.txt
'Birthright' Teens Contract Swine Flu
Lieberman to Clinton: Israel Won't Freeze Settlements
ElBaradei: Iran Wants Nuclear Weapon Technology
Vatican to Consider Revealing Holocaust Orphans
CIA Declassifies 1960 Report on Israel's Nuclear Plans
Sheikh Salah: Netanyahu Wants to Rebuild Temple newsletter: 9fax0619.txt
Palestinians Launch a News Site in Hebrew
Israeli Plan to Annex Lands East of Jerusalem Stokes Palestinian Anger
Iran: We Thwarted Election Day Bomb Plot Linked to Israel
New York Prison Rabbi Resigns for Bar Mitzvah Behind Bars newsletter: 9fax0622.txt
Museum of Polish Jews Launches Online Shtetl
Israel Develops Freeze-Dried Blood Powder
Netanyahu: Iranian Authorities `Unmasked'
Aliyah Brings 16 Yemenite Immigrants to Israel
IDF to Emboss Ten Commandments Emblem on Military Korans
Israel Honors German Soldier from `The Pianist'
Pepsi is `Zionist Plot' newsletter: 9fax0623.txt
Neo-Nazi Highway Clean-up Backfires
Netanyahu: Change in Iran Could Bring Peaceful Israel Ties
Hamas Denies Claims of Aiding Iranian Forces
Study: Climate Change Threatens Mideast Stability
Ancient Man-Made Cave Found in Israel
Unspoken Memories of Holocaust Survivors
Israel's Richest Woman Gets Messages `From Above' newsletter: 9fax0624.txt
81 Percent of Americans Say PA Must Recognize Israel
Report: Israel Ready for a Possible Iran Operation
Is Mousavi Worse for Israel? Israeli Experts Divided
'Closer Than Ever' to Shalit Deal
Hitler's Tree to Get the Ax
One Cockroach Closes Knesset Cafeteria newsletter: 9fax0625.txt
New Housing Campaign for Immigrants
US-Israel Talks in Paris Aborted newsletter: 9fax0626.txt
IAF Helicopter Rescues PA Man Who Fell From Cliff
'Ark of the Covenant' to be Unveiled?
PA Citizens Fear Hamas Coup in Judea and Samaria
Europeans: Gilad Shalit Transfer to Egypt Imminent
Iranian Dissident: Dear Israeli Brothers and Sisters - Help Us!
Israeli Study Shows Coffee Prevents Bad Breath newsletter: 9fax0629.txt
PA Blocks Dead Sea from 7 Wonders of the World Contest
Systems in Israel's F-15 Jets Upgraded for Long Distance Attacks
Israel Considers Compromise on Settlement Freeze
Seekers of Ark Left in the Dark
Jihadist: Cannibalizing U.S. Soldiers Allowed Under Laws of Shariah
World Bank to Fund Dead Sea-Red Sea Canal Test Project newsletter: 9fax0630.txt
Michael Jackson's Jewish Children
Axelrod: Iran Has Nuclear Weapons
Obama to Jews: Stop Building Homes in Israel
She Found Out She's Pregnant 4 Days Before Giving Birth
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