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Chabad Jew Was On Crashed Air France Plane


Serge Anidjar, a member of the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement, was on Air France 447 which went down over the Atlantic on Monday. Anidjar and the other 227 people on board, all perished in the most deadly aviation crash since 2001.

Anidjar, 40, had a wife and three children, the oldest of was 12. He was director of finance and administration at Keryus, a French software company. Air France received a bomb threat several days before Flight 447 from Brazil to France went down over the Atlantic, according to Argentinean news services on Wednesday.

Israeli Foreign Minister: No Plans to Bomb Iran

By VOA News & Ha'aretz

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said his country has no plans to bomb Iran. Lieberman told reporters in Moscow Wednesday that Israel does not "need" to carry out attacks on Iran and that Israel is a strong country and can defend itself, adding that Iran is not just a problem for Israel but the entire Middle East and that Israel would not be the one to solve the problem.

Israel has repeatedly described Iran's nuclear program as a threat to its existence. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu raised concerns about Iran during his recent talks with U.S. officials in Washington.

Netanyahu views the prospect of Iran attaining a nuclear military capability as an existential threat to Israel, thus raising fears worldwide that Jerusalem would resort to military action to halt or delay the Islamic regime's plans.

Lieberman's comments appeared to be a slight softening from recent statements made by Netanyahu's government that have suggested Israel might be forced to take military action against Iran.

On Tuesday, Moscow said it would demand that Iran commit to utilizing its nuclear program for civilian purposes only. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Lieberman on Tuesday that his government would insist that Tehran utilize its nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

Lieberman expressed concerns about Russian arms supplies to Iran, and said that he had been assured such sales would only take place if it did not affect the "regional balance of power."

Obama Misreads Statistics: ' US One of Largest Muslim States'

By &

President Barack Obama has told a French television interviewer, "If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world."

However, statistics show that there are less than eight million Muslims in the U.S., representing barely 2.5 percent of the total population of 304 million. The site claims there are 10 million Muslims in the U.S., larger than most other estimates but still representing only 3.3 percent of the population. The U.S. ranks only 26th in the total number of Muslims in each country, according to the website.

Obama used the number of Muslims in the U.S. as a basis for stating, "There's got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples." His remark on his country being one of the largest Muslim centers in the world was headlined around the world and is part of the president's attempt to reach out to the Muslim world and bridge the gap between it and the United States. President Obama is a Christian who was educated in a Muslim school in his younger years in Indonesia.

He recently has been more open about his origins and his middle name, which is Hussein. He took care not use the name during his election campaign last year but used his full name in appearance in Strasbourg two months ago, according to a London Telegraph blog.

The Turkish parliament also introduced him by his full name during his visit. Turkey is virtually 100 percent Muslim.

Commenting on a Los Angeles Times report during the campaign and quoting a childhood friend stating Obama prayed in a mosque, Obama's campaign released a statement explaining the senator "has never been a practicing Muslim."

Widely distributed reports have noted that in January 1968 Obama was registered as a Muslim at Jakarta's Roman Catholic Franciscus Assisi Primary School under the name Barry Soetoro. He was listed as an Indonesian citizen whose stepfather, listed on school documents as "L Soetoro Ma," worked for the topography department of the Indonesian Army. After attending the Assisi Primary School, Obama was enrolled "also as a Muslim, according to documents" in the Besuki Primary School, a public school in Jakarta.

Laotze blog, run by an American expatriate in Southeast Asia who visited the Besuki school, noted, "All Indonesian students are required to study religion at school, and a young 'Barry Soetoro,' being a Muslim, would have been required to study Islam daily in school. He would have been taught to read and write Arabic, to recite his prayers properly, to read and recite from the Quran and to study the laws of Islam."

Indeed, in Obama's autobiography, "Dreams from My Father," he acknowledged studying the Quran and describes the public school as "a Muslim school. In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Quranic studies," wrote Obama.

Knesset Member Katz: US Supporters of Israel Must Get Tough With Obama


"Let's not mince words," says Knesset Member Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh), head of the National Union party. "The Obama-Clinton `no natural growth' policy for 650,000 Jews in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem is nothing less than anti-Semitism."

Speaking Wednesday with Israel National Radio, Katz called on Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel to get tough with President Obama and tell the administration that they will not accept such policies. The American people must stand up and say that a President who says these things is anti-Semitic. They must not be silent – and the fact that they are silent is what's scaring me!

"Ever since we liberated Jerusalem, the Golan and the other biblical Jewish areas over 40 years ago," Katz said, "American administrations have always been pushing us and trying to stunt our growth in Judea and Samaria; what the Obama Administration is trying to do is not new. I would just like to add that for the Obama Administration, there is no difference between Jerusalem and the rest of Judea and Samaria. In the Jerusalem neighborhoods that were liberated in 1967, we have close to 300,000 Jews, and we have another 350,000 Jews in Judea and Samaria. For the Americans, all 650,000 are the same; they are all to be boycotted, discriminated against and told to stop building and stop growing. There is no difference for them.

"There is one other difference [between past U.S. administrations and this one]. In the past, other administrations have also pressured us – but this is the very first time that they are actually saying that the Jewish people have no right to give birth, or to build kindergartens, or to grow. President Barack Hussein Obama is the first one to say that a population of 650,000 Jews in Israel is not allowed to build even one square meter. He is bringing us back to the Middle Ages, with Jews facing discrimination simply because they are Jews.

"This is the first time," Katz continued with fervor, "that Americans – Christians and Jews – hear a President saying that the Biblical areas – areas that they believe and know are completely Jewish – must be sterilized of Jews. They hear him saying, just like King Pharaoh decreed so many years ago, that Jews must not give birth!"

'We're Launching a Campaign Against Anti-Semitic Obama'

By Ha'aretz

Some 130 protesters gathered in front of the American Consulate in Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon to rally against President Barack Obama, who had just launched his Middle East tour, during which he is expected to reach out in friendship to the Muslim world.

As more than a dozen local and international journalists looked on, the protesters chanted "No, You Can't" and waved posters saying "20 new 'settlements' by 2010 - Yes We Can!"

Far right activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, who attended the protest, told Channel 10 that "it appears that we've arrived at a red line, which has already been crossed by the most anti-Semitic American president.

"We are launching a campaign against Barack Hussein Obama. He is bad for the people of Israel and for the state of Israel and his policies could bring about disaster. We expect our prime minister to say 'no' to anyone who tries to harm us," Ben-Gvir added.

National Union Knesset members Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben Ari addressed the crowd, largely made up of native-English speaking Israelis. "I'm here to tell Obama that Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jewish people," said Scottish-born Edith Ognall, who drove to the capital from her hometown of Netanya to attend the event. "What right does anybody have to tell us to stop building in the land that was given to us by God? I'm not going to stand by and let Obama, or anybody else, tell me where I can live and where I can't live."

Nadia Matar, the Belgian-born co-chair of Women in Green, which organized the event, made a point of repeatedly mentioning Obama' middle name, Hussein, because "we have to remind ourselves that he received an Islamic education in Indonesia."

"We are connected to our land like a mother is connected to her children," the well-known activist told reporters. "And I want to warn you: Don't mess with a Jewish mother who feels her children or her homeland are in danger. Every part and parcel and hilltop and stone in the Land of Israel is like one of our children. And we're going to protect it like lionesses."


Scholarship on Ancient Middle East Becomes Free Digitally

By Newswise

A wealth of material that documents the ancient Middle East has become available through a new, free online service at the Oriental Institute.

The material comes from the extensive collection at the institute, which is a major publisher of important academic books on the languages, history and cultures of the ancient Middle East. The effort began in 1906, when the University started issuing publications that have been essential for studying the past.

Since that time, more than 272 books have been published, ranging from dictionaries of the Assyrian and Hittite languages, to historical and archaeological studies and oversized folio volumes that document Egyptian temples and tombs.

Gil Stein, Director of the Oriental Institute, said, "Our publications are the lasting record of our excavations and research. They are fundamental tools for scholars of the ancient Middle East throughout the world. Making these books available to our colleagues, to educators and the public reflects our mission to share knowledge."

Publication of its research is a central tenet of the mission of the Oriental Institute. Equally important is making that research accessible to scholars and individuals throughout the world. Toward that end, in October 2004, the Oriental Institute announced the Electronic Publications Initiative, which stated that all publications of the Oriental Institute would be simultaneously published in print and electronically.

New titles are made available for free download at the same time they are issued in print. Individuals, libraries and institutions may download one complimentary copy for personal use from the Oriental Institute's Web site:

More than a thousand copies of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary have been downloaded since May 2008. To date, 147 Adobe PDFs (portable document files), each containing an entire book, can be accessed at the site. Many of those titles are older publications that have long been out of print. An additional 125 older titles, which comprise the institute's Egyptological collection published since the 1920s, such as the Epigraphic Survey, are being scanned in preparation for free Internet distribution.

Another 138 older titles, which document the institute's research on Anatolian, Arabic, Iranian, Mesopotamian, Syro/Palestinian cultures, among others, will continue to be scanned and distributed as time and funds permit.

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