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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax1201.txt
Iran Executes Alleged Spy for Israel
Terror in Mumbai
Tragedy in Mumbai
Sad Birthday for Moshe in Mumbai
Orthodox Union Defends White House Chanukah Card newsletter: 8fax1202.txt
Holtzberg Funeral Postponed to 1 p.m. Tuesday
Israel Turns Back Libyan Ship Carrying Aid Supplies to Gaza
Six Bodies of Mumbai Chabad Victims Arrive in Israel
Doctors: Terrorist Torture of Jewish Victims 'Beyond Words'
Eerie Sight: Bullets Riddle Torah Chapter Alluding to Death of Righteous People
Parents of Mumbai Terror Victim: We May Take Rivka's Place as Chabad Envoys
Soldier Raped During Service Sues IDF to Classify Her as Disabled newsletter: 8fax1203.txt
Report: Rivka Holtzberg Was 5 Months Pregnant
Police Arrest Three Arabs, Call Off Tel Aviv Terror Alert
Israel Buries Jewish Victims of Mumbai Attack
Mumbai Terrorists Were on Cocaine and LSD
Report: Obama to Appoint Anti-Israel Adviser newsletter: 8fax1204.txt
Indian MD: Jewish Hostages Weren't Tortured
Pakistani TV: 'Hindu Zionists' and Mossad Behind Mumbai Massacre
Blair: Conditions Must Change for Israelis and Palestinians to Make Peace
Islamic Extremists Getting YouTube Tutorials
Warning Demonstrations
Rabbi Permits Double Dating 'For Marriage Purposes' newsletter: 8fax1205.txt
Libya Charges Israel with Piracy over Ship to Gaza
Israel Said to be Studying Iran Attack
Israeli Soldiers Drag Jewish Settlers From House in Hebron
Israel's Top Honor for Moshe's Nanny
Israeli Doctors Save Life of Iraqi Child newsletter: 8fax1208.txt
Russian Marchers Shout 'Glory to the Holocaust'
Obama: Iranian Threats Against Israel Unacceptable
Israel Pardons 45 More Al-Aqsa Terrorists
Muslim Plea to Obama: Return to 'Islamic Roots'
Study Shows 20 Percent of Spaniards Have Jewish Ancestors newsletter: 8fax1209.txt
2.16 Million Muslims in Israel
Brzezinski: Israel's Push for Iran Strike May Hurt U.S. Ties
India's Jews: Time to Rebuild
Aliyah Fairs Encouraged by Economic Crisis
Rare Saudi Voice: Arabs Waste Time Trying to Destroy Israel
Amidar Sells Haifa Synagogue to Local Arab
Scientists: Rain Stopped When Jews Left Mideast
Husband Grants Wife a Divorce After Being Jailed newsletter: 8fax1210.txt
Once Again, Bush Refuses to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
Iranian VP Calls for Israel's Destruction
Hawkish Candidates Top Israel's Likud Party Election List
Israel Reopens Gaza Border for Supplies
Moshe's Nanny is 'Righteous Among the Nations'
'Disco Rabbi' Composes Song Thanking God for Saving Little Moshe
India Was Silent to Mumbai Terrorists' Offer to Save Holtzbergs newsletter: 8fax1211.txt
More Immigrate to Kibbutzim
U.S. Accused of Meeting Secretly with Terrorists
Iran's Red Crescent will Send Ship to Gaza
Israel to Transfer Cash to Gaza
Obama to Address Islamic World
Slain Rabbi was Reading Anti-Terror Manual Before Mumbai Attack
Saddam's Spicy Chicken Wings
New Yorker Sues over Circumcision Flap
World's Lowest Town to Expand newsletter: 8fax1212.txt
U.S. `Nuclear Umbrella' Against Iran
Livni: Arab Israelis' Future Lies 'Elsewhere'
PA Revises History, Denies 1947 Partition Plan
Arab Muslim Clerics: `Slaughter the Jews on the Land of Hebron'
I'm Still Waiting for You, Rivki
'Anti-Semitic' Sunflower Seed Packages Sold in Brooklyn newsletter: 8fax1215.txt
Aliyah to Rise in 2009
Hamas Plays Hardball with Israeli Ceasefire
The Next Political War in Israel newsletter: 8fax1216.txt
Muslim Cook Misses His Murdered Jewish Employers
UN Security Council to Back Annapolis Mideast Negotiations
Abbas: This Isn't Over Until All 11,000 Released
Nazi Flag Flies Unhindered in PA-Controlled Hebron Area
Israeli Company Develops Cheap, Accurate Colon Cancer Test
Consumers Claim Cooing Doll Says "Islam is the Light"
Neturei Karta: Chabad Punished for Alliance with Zionists newsletter: 8fax1217.txt
Report: Assad Map Returns Syria to Sea of Galilee
25 Russian Tourists Die in Bus Crash Near Eilat
Thousands of Russians Expected to Visit Eilat Over Winter
U.N. Human Rights Investigator Expelled, Accused of Siding with Hamas
Italian MP: Vatican Didn't Do Enough to Help Jews in WWII newsletter: 8fax1218.txt
Pope's Mideast Visit Reportedly Set
Barak Considers Retaliation Against Rocket Attackers
Bus Driver: Reckless Driving, Not Arguing, Caused Crash
Strip Poker, Ashdod-Style
Underwear Stiffens the Road to Divorce newsletter: 8fax1219.txt
Hamas Refuses to Extend Truce with Israel
Israel: Iran Could Attack US with Nuclear Bomb
Olmert Wants to Meet with Assad
Eilat Crash Driver Under House Arrest
How the Bus Accident Affected Me (Commentary) newsletter: 8fax1222.txt
Diskin: Hamas Could Reach Beersheva
Caroline Kennedy: Jerusalem is Israel's Undivided Capital
Carter Advises Hamas on Shalit, Says 'Don't Count on Obama'
Hatred of Jews Flooding Internet after Madoff Scandal
Immigrant IAF Pilot Fights to be Recognized as a Jew newsletter: 8fax1223.txt
Israeli Farmers Perform Rain Ceremony
Hamas Calls 24-Hour Truce with Israel
Syria Demands Entire Golan Heights to Start Talks
Syria Building Missiles with Help from Venezuela and Iran
Beersheva Mayor Prepares for Rockets
Vatican Denies Pope's Deathbed Payer for Jews
Chanukah Around the World
Scientists: Cancel Christmas - Jesus was Born June 17 newsletter: 8fax1224.txt
Bush Pardons Man Who Helped Israel in 1948 War
Israeli Media: Troops Kill Three Palestinian Terrorists
Carter Laments: Terrorists Lack 'Defense' Against Israel
This Chanukah: 82 Percent of Israelis Still Believe in Miracles newsletter: 8fax1225.txt
Hard Times? Knesset Members' Salaries Wages Frozen at $8,640 a Month
Israel Cancels Gaza Border Opening Following Hamas Attack
Netanyahu Pledges to Topple Hamas if Elected Prime Minister
Yemen's Jews Refuse Government's Relocation Offer
Rightist Party Offers Pollard Top Spot on Knesset List
Ahmadinejad to Deliver Christmas Message on British TV
Report: Ahmadinejad Squandered $140 Billion newsletter: 8fax1226.txt
18,000 'Miracles'
Egypt Urges Israel, Hamas to Show Restraint in Gaza Fighting
Divorce Recalcitrant to Pay NIS 700,000
Arab Minister Gives Druze Beauty Contest Winner a Morality Lecture
Israeli 'Beauty Machine' Helps Optimize Photographed Faces
Sky-High Circumcision: First-Ever Brit Mila in Andes Mountains newsletter: 8fax1229.txt
Israel's Pounding of Gaza Enters Third Day
Hamas Threatens to Assassinate Livni, Barak
Abbas `Begged' Israel to Hit Hamas newsletter: 8fax1230.txt
Arab Repairmen Stab Four Jews
Attacks Continue, Rockets Reach Ofakim
Senior Jihad Man, 14 Others Die in IDF Strikes
Iran Clerics Enlist Volunteers to Fight 'Zionist Regime' in Gaza
Palestinian Girl Loses Sister, Blames Hamas
IMRA Sponsors Golan Video Contest newsletter: 8fax1231.txt
Ships That Go Bump in the Night
Rocket Attack on Beersheva: Government Says No to Ceasefire
Terrorists Promise 'Surprises' for Israel
IDF Opens YouTube Channel
Iranian Jews Forced to Stage Pro-Palestinian Rally
Oldest Holtzberg Son Passes Away
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