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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax1103.txt
Likud Welcomes Begin Candidacy
Palestinians Accuse Jews of Plotting Ethnic Takeover
Shin Bet Security Chief Warns of Possible Assassination Attempt by Jewish Militants
Olmert Plans Golan Giveaway in Talks with Syria
McCain Spokesman Cites Obama Anti-Semitism Connection
Israel Mulling Joint Airport with PA near Netanya
Historian: Conditions are Ripe for a King of Israel newsletter: 8fax1104.txt
Iranian Jews Want Chabad in Tehran
Large Segments of Arabs in Mideast Support Obama
Muslim Claim: Israel Plans to Build Temple Over al-Aksa Mosque
Breast Cancer Research Pinpoints Ashkenazi Jewish Women for Risk
Israeli Fashion Designer Sews Abbas' Suits newsletter: 8fax1105.txt
Hizbullah Official: Parts of Israel Belong to Lebanon
American Nazi Party Supports Obama
Obama Tells Abbas: I Support Dividing Jerusalem
Israel's U.N. Envoy: Another Holocaust is Possible
Hamas: Six Palestinians Killed in First IDF Raid Since Gaza Truce
Why I Voted for John McCain
Israelis Unearth Skeleton of 'Petite' Priestess who Died 12,000 Years Ago
Ivanka Trump Starts Conversion Process newsletter: 8fax1106.txt
Eldad: Israel Now Alone Against Iran's Nuke Threat
Palestinians Welcome Obama Election, Israelis Skeptical
Iran Warns U.S. Military After U.S. Election
Nationalist Jewish Party Courts Arab Voters in Jerusalem
Getting Ready for Obama newsletter: 8fax1107.txt
Rocket Warnings May Come Via Cell Phones
IDF Concludes Large Drill Simulating Double-Front War in North
Israel Warns Obama About Iran Talks
Ahmadinejad Congratulates Obama
Obama's Jewish Chief of Staff Directed Rabin-Arafat Handshake
Outrage Over Suicide Bombing Computer Game
British Musical Memorializes Warsaw Ghetto newsletter: 8fax1110.txt
Two Monks Arrested in Armenian-Greek Orthodox Brawl
Israel Marks 70th Anniversary of 'Kristallnacht'
German Newspaper: Auschwitz Gas Chamber Building Plans Published
Rabbis Call on Obama to 'Implement Will of God'
Is Obama's Chief of Staff a Closet Hawk?
Hamas: No Room to Implement Long-Term Truce with Israel
Arab Bloggers' Comments on Obama newsletter: 8fax1111.txt
Jewish Coalition: Stop Mormons' Baptism of Holocaust Victims
Israel: Gaza Blackouts are Hamas Propaganda
Warning of New Bin Laden Attack
IAEA Finds Uranium Traces at Syrian Blast Site
Black Hebrews See Obama as 'Brother'
German Prosecutor want to Extradite, Try Demjanjuk
2,000-Year-Old Earring Found in Jerusalem of Gold
Camel Bites Boy in Negev newsletter: 8fax1112.txt
Nephew Insists Israel Poisoned Arafat
Hamas: We Met with Obama Advisers
Report: Obama's Views 'Have Serious Implications for Israel'
Abbas Praises Suicide Bombers
The Government of Israel has Overthrown Itself newsletter: 8fax1113.txt
Justice Ministry Servers Burn
U.S. Iran Missile Test Underscores Threat to Middle East, Europe
Peres: Arab Peace Plan is Serious Opening for Real Progress
Syria Blames Israel for Uranium at Bomb Site
Carter: Obama will Waste No Time Pursuing Middle East Peace
Arab-American Group Blasts Emanuel's Father
Female Egyptian Lawyer Promotes Sexual Harassment Against Jews newsletter: 8fax1114.txt
Ahmadinejad: Iran Does Not Want to Go to War
Haniyeh Recognized Israel in 2006 Letter to Bush
Dershowitz Helped to Prevent Carter from Speaking at Democratic Convention
Galilee Bedouins Claim Obama as a Relative
Rahm Emanuel Apologizes for Father's Disparaging Remarks about Arabs newsletter: 8fax1117.txt
'Constitutional Crisis' Looms Over Obama's Birth Location
Report: Obama Favors Saudi Initiative, Dividing Jerusalem
Palestinian Terrorists Killed by IAF
U.S. Study Urges Obama to Press Israel over Nuclear Program
Exploratory Oil Drilling in Judean Desert Underway
King of Bahrain Reiterates Invitation for Jews to 'Come Home'
Arab Students at UC Berkeley Disrupt Israel Event, Attack Jews newsletter: 8fax1118.txt
Israel to Free 250 Fatah Terrorists in December
Military Intelligence Chief Supports Direct U.S.-Iran Talks
Top Aide Denies Report Obama will Back Arab Peace Plan
Peres: Peace Is Made by Closing the Eyes newsletter: 8fax1119.txt
Peres: Syria Knows What Israel Would Give for Peace
Obama Pledges State to Palestinian Leader
PA to Publish Ads in Israeli Media
Jail Time for Butt-Biter newsletter: 8fax1120.txt
Pig's Head on Cemetery Gate in Germany:'6 Million Lies'
'Israeli Air Force Ready to Attack Iran'
IAEA: Bombed Syrian Site Shows 'Significant' Uranium Levels
Al Qaida No. 2: Obama Guilty of Betraying Muslim Roots in Backing Israel
Assad: Israel Never Asked Syria to Cut Ties with Hizbullah, Iran
Israel Launches Arabic YouTube Channel newsletter: 8fax1121.txt
Policeman Attacks Hebron Jewish Boy
Experts: Iran has Enough Nuclear Material for a Bomb
Barak: West Must Unite with Russia, China Against Iran
Peres: Evacuation of Settlers May Lead to Civil War
Olmert Gov't Continues Secret Peace Talks
Will Child Circumcision be Banned in Denmark?
IDF Envisions Army of Animal Robots for Rescue Missions, Military Ops newsletter: 8fax1124.txt
70% of Israeli Arab Women: Slaps Not Domestic Abuse
Will U.S. Push Israel to Concede Biblical Heartland?
Ya'alon Quoted as Saying Killing Ahmadinejad is an Option
Abbas: Early Elections if No Reconciliation With Hamas
Iran Hangs Accused Spy for Israel
Ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish: Muslim Hate for Jews Worse than Nazis'
Poland Opens Warsaw Ghetto Tourist Trail newsletter: 8fax1125.txt
Toll-Free White House Number for Freeing Pollard
Barak: Hizbullah has 42,000 Rockets, Some Can Hit Dimona
"The Digital Intifada" Promises to Fight Zionism Online
Poll: Significant Support for Refusing Order to Evict Golan Jews
Christmas Songs Rewritten for Anti-Israel Carol Concert newsletter: 8fax1126.txt
Israeli Firm will Secure Vatican City
Olmert Announces He Wants Quick Peace Deal
Obama and Peres newsletter: 8fax1127.txt
Is Israel Giving Up on Immigration?
Libyan Ship to Test Israeli Sovereignty over Gaza Coast
Jordanian Newspaper Bans PLO 'Peace Ad' Showing Israeli Flag
Study: Attending Prayers Cuts Risk of Death
Zionism as Racism in US Encyclopedia newsletter: 8fax1128.txt
Abbas Promises 'Ocean of Peace'
Terrorists Seize Jewish Center in Mumbai (Bombay)
Is Rice Moving to Bind Incoming Israeli PM?
Arab Nations Call for Palestinian Reconciliation
Pope Plans to Visit Israel in May
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