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Hamas, Fatah Leaders Pledge Palestinian Unity Bid
Is Israel Govt. Leading Campaign to Delegitimize West Bank Jews? newsletter: 8fax1002.txt
Iran's Supreme Leader Pledges Support for Palestinians
Bahrain Proposes Israel-Iran-Arab Group
American Panel Recommends New Direction for US-Muslim Relations
Notes to God are Removed from the Western Wall newsletter: 8fax1003.txt
NY Court Denies PLO Claim That Terror is 'Act of War'
Report: Syria Renews Nuclear Program; America Concerned
Israeli Commander: Jewish Settlers Increasing West Bank Violence
ADL: U.S. Financial Crisis Sparking Upsurge in Anti-Semitism on Internet
Study: McCain, Obama Split Wide on Mideast
Are Bible's 'Giants' Set for Return? newsletter: 8fax1006.txt
First for Modern Israel: Imported Etrogs
Livni: Seek Peace with Palestinians, Confront Iran
Report: Palestinians on Alert for Hamas West Bank Takeover
Israeli Jews Would Rather Live in the Jewish State
Dueling Jewish Comedians on US Vote
DNC Silencing Lawsuit Over Obama's Birth Certificate newsletter: 8fax1007.txt
Stock Plunge Could Raise Aliyah
Arab World Celebrates Anniversary of 1973 `Victory'
Student Intimidation
Report: Dutch Thought Anne Frank House 'Not Worth Saving'
Jewish Soldier Charges US Army with Discrimination
Lebanese Union to Sue Israel for 'Claiming Ownership' of Falafel
Israeli Sex Survey newsletter: 8fax1008.txt
Hamas: Global Crash is the Fault of U.S. Jewish Lobby
Arabs Trying to Buy Jewish Land in Galilee
To All My Friends newsletter: 8fax1010.txt
Magen David Adom Treats Almost 1,800 on Yom Kippur
Arabs and Jews Clash on Yom Kippur in Akko
Hamas Offering Online Courses in Practical Jihad
Promoting Terrorism on the Internet
New Nazi Parody Aims to Smash German Third Reich Comedy Taboo
Controversy Brews over Ragen Commentary newsletter: 8fax1013.txt
World's Largest Mezuzah
Israeli Police Crack Down on Jewish-Arab Violence
Peres: Israel Has Learned from History - Iran Won't Surprise Us
PA Accuses Israel of Stealing PA Keffiyeh 'Icon'
Iranian Cancer Boy Treated in Israel newsletter: 8fax1014.txt
Israel Blamed for Death of Austrian Nazi Sympathizer
Hamas: 'We Will Soon Liberate Akko'
Conspiracy Theory Faults Jews for Lehman Brothers' Collapse
Week-Long Sukkot Holiday Started Monday Night
Are Christian Zionists Targeting Jews for Conversion?
Israeli Step-on Scanner Lets Air Passengers Keep Shoes On newsletter: 8fax1015.txt
Hizbullah Adds Fuel to Akko Fire
IDF Kills Palestinian Youth Hurling Molotov Cocktail
Jesse Jackson: Obama will Rid United States of 'Zionist' Control
Rice: 'No Stone Unturned' in Effort for Mideast Peace
West Bank Microbrewery Debuts 'Hamas' Label newsletter: 8fax1016.txt
Google Translate Now Includes Hebrew
Large-Scale Iranian Air Force Exercise Simulates Attack on Israel
Jesse Jackson Denies 'Zionist' Remark
Christians Gather in Jerusalem to Support Israel
Welcome to AqsaTube: Hamas' 'Jihad Audio-Visual' Web Site
Infectious Finds at Ancient Site newsletter: 8fax1017.txt
Iran Seeks Guinness Record with Huge Sandwich
Palestinians: Israel to Release 1,000 Prisoners for Shalit
Hamas Infiltrator in U.S.-Backed PA Forces
Dead Sea's Name Doesn't Sell
Tens of Thousands at Blessing of the Priests at the Kotel newsletter: 8fax1020.txt
Yad Vashem Stands by Description of Pope Pius XII
Israelis Rally for Freedom of Shalit Held in Gaza
Gadhafi: Obama is a Muslim Who Studied in Islamic Schools
Gay Palestinian Fears for Life, Seeks Residency in Israel
Fir Trees Crown Sukkah in Russian Far East newsletter: 8fax1021.txt
Abbas to Pay to Plant Million Olive Trees
Peres Grants Livni Two Extra Weeks to Form Coalition
Olmert Seeks a Golan-Giveaway Agreement newsletter: 8fax1022.txt
Vatican Halts Beatification of Pope Pius XII
Israel Shuts Gaza After Rocket Strike
Hamas-Unity Deal Nears as Olmert Plans More Talks with Abbas
Charge: Hamas Tying Decisions to Obama Win
Bin Laden's Plan for 'Global Fireball' newsletter: 8fax1023.txt
Sony Recalls 'Offensive' Game for Muslim 'Sensitivity'
Diplomatic Sources: Nasrallah Ill from Chemical Murder Attempt
Top Iran Officials Recommend Preemptive Strike Against Israel
Obama 'Admits' Kenyan Birth?
Report: Hijacked Iranian Ship Contained 'Dirty Bomb' for Israel
Blind Woman Jailed for Harboring Palestinian newsletter: 8fax1024.txt
American Court Hears Passport Case on Jerusalem as Capital
20-Yr-Old Terrorist Murders 86-Yr-Old Jew, Wounds Police Officer
Livni: New Coalition by Sunday or Elections
Peres Praises 'Spirit' of Saudi Plan
'Peace Partner' Compares Christians, Jews to 'Hussies'
Aumann: Freeing Terrorists for Shalit is Immoral
Arad Police Raid Marijuana Grow House newsletter: 8fax1027.txt
Israeli Settlers Rampage After Settlement is Dismantled
US Soldiers Attack Building in Eastern Syria, Killing 8 People
Israel Heads for Early Elections After Livni Fails to Form Coalition
Hebrew University Study Shows Humans Made Fire 790,000 Years Ago
Jewish Perspective: Can Same-Sex Attraction Be Cured?
King Solomon's (Copper) Mines? newsletter: 8fax1028.txt
Poll: Israel Votes McCain in US Elections
PA Arabs in Gaza Campaigning for Barack Obama
Peres: Israel Heading for Decisive Election Campaign
Unprecedented: Palestinians Control Israeli Neighborhood
Church Leaders Rally Against Christian Zionists
New Online War Game: Israel vs. Iran on Gaza Sands newsletter: 8fax1029.txt
Syria Denies Al Qaeda Connection
Hamas Uses 'Humanitarian Cement' to Prepare for War
Israeli Parties Call for February 10 Elections
Jewish Arab Aide to Moroccan King Urges Israel to Adopt Saudi Peace Plan
Israel to Block Activists from Reaching Gaza newsletter: 8fax1030.txt
Pro-Arabs Dock in Gaza
Economy, Security Top Concerns of US Voters in Israel
Report: Obama Praised PLO Activist
Four Palestinians Claim Descent from Jews Forced to Convert
Jewish Films to Go Online
Rabbi's Ruling: Torah Falls; Community Must Fast newsletter: 8fax1031.txt
Arab Teens Arrested for Lod Synagogue Fire
Iranian Nuclear Scientist: Weekend Quake was a Nuclear Test
Hamas Frees 17 Fatah Prisoners
Americans in Israel Voting Big for McCain
Archaeologists Report Finding Oldest Hebrew Text
Noah's Ark Replica Opens in Holland
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