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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0901.txt
US Jews Petition to Open Temple Mount to Jewish Prayer
Israel, PA Worried over Jordanian-Hamas Ties
Abbas to Olmert: It's All or Nothing
Israel Has Decided: Iran Will Not Have Nukes newsletter: 8fax0902.txt
Israel High Court Upholds Bishara Citizenship
Dutch Intelligence: U.S. Attack on Iran Imminent
Muslims Observe Start of Ramadan
A Student Intimidation
Saudi Arabians Back Obama
McCain Camp Denies Palin Backed Pat Buchanan newsletter: 8fax0903.txt
Al Qaeda Ideology in Gaza: 'We Are Coming, Jews'
Syria Warns of 'Catastrophic' Effect of any Israeli Strike on Iran
Israel's Latest Solution? Egypt, Saudi Arabia to Protect Jewish State's Borders?
Hamas Calls on Egypt to Send Army to Jerusalem
A Rough Neighborhood
Israeli Spy Admits Mossad Allowed Josef Mengele to Escape newsletter: 8fax0904.txt
`One Stop Shop' for Jewish Immigration
Israeli Admission: Jerusalem 'Could Become Palestinian Capital'
Report: Attack on Israeli Aircrew in Canada Thwarted
Palin, Biden Squabble Over Israel
Wall of Second Temple-era Jerusalem Found in Mt. Zion Excavations newsletter: 8fax0905.txt
Court Takes US Citizenship of Convicted Nazi Helper
Rising Global Muslim Incitement: Jews 'Defiling' Jerusalem
Iranian TV Goes Bananas over Obama
Bush's Legacy: Eliminate Iran's Nuclear Capabilities
Found: Ancient Capital of 'Jewish' Khazar Kingdom
PA TV: A World Without Israel newsletter: 8fax0908.txt
Obama's TV Gaffe: 'My Muslim Faith'
Israeli Police Recommend Indicting Olmert
Israel Considers Paying Settlers to Leave West Bank
Muslims Condemn Censorship of Hadiths Seeking Dead Jews
Michelle Obama's Cousin is 'Orthodox' Black Rabbi newsletter: 8fax0909.txt
Obama in Childhood Prayed to Saint and to Allah
Eitan: Kidnapping of Ahmadinejad is Possible
Obama: Terror Groups Have 'Legitimate Claims'
Security Sources: Israel Preparing for Hizbullah Terror Attack in Israel, Overseas
Muslims Urinated Next to Torah Scrolls at Cave of Patriarchs
ADL Slams Evangelicals For Proselytizing Jews in Europe newsletter: 8fax0910.txt
Ex-Syria VP Calls on U.S. to Help Overthrow Assad
Some Predict World May End in Morning: Israeli Scientists Join Experiment to Break Open 'Big Bang'
Israeli Women Fear Writing on the Wall
Iranian Official: 'Iran Is a Friend of Israel'
PA TV: Mickey and Minnie Glorify Killer of Jewish Children
Knesset Approves 10-Year Tax Exemption for New Immigrants newsletter: 8fax0911.txt
Two Dead in IAF Chopper Crash
Iran Protests to UN over Eitan's Kidnap Threat
Peres Dines with Arabs, Says 'We are Cousins'
End of World Averted: Particle Collision Experiments Fueled Fears that Black Hole Would Swallow the Universe
British Spy in Longbow Plot to Kill Heinrich Himmler
Now Tourists Can Follow 'Jesus Trail' newsletter: 8fax0912.txt
German Jews Criticize `Fourth Reich' Remarks
Palin Equivocates on Israel-Iran Situation
U.S. Refuses to Aid Israel in Iran Attack
Seven Years After 9/11: Arabs Still Blame the Jews
Islam Group Urges Forest Fire Jihad
Giants, Jets May Sell Stadium Naming Rights to Firm with Nazi Ties newsletter: 8fax0915.txt
Grandma of Seven Gives Birth to 19th Child
Arab Terrorist Stabs Boy in Yitzhar, Residents Attack Village
Released Child-Killing Terrorist Threatens U.S.
Olmert: `Forget Greater Israel'
McCartney Threatened with Suicide Bombing if He Sings in Israel
Facebook: Spying Ground for Middle East Conflict?
Israel Gets Ready for Chinese Tourists newsletter: 8fax0916.txt
Gmail in Hebrew
Pentagon OKs Sale of 'Bunker Busters'
The War Against Iran That Israel Doesn't Talk About
Expert: No Credible Threat Against McCartney
Abu Ali: Shabbos Goy newsletter: 8fax0917.txt
Assad: Syria Will Stand with Iran
Israel to Replace Olmert as Uncertainty Grows Over Peace Process
Italian Prime Minister Warns: Ahmadinejad Means What He Says newsletter: 8fax0918.txt
'Olmert Offered Jordanian-Saudi Presence in Holy Sites'
Livni Declares Victory in Kadima Party Leadership Vote
Israel to Assist Muslims Carve Quranic Verses on Temple Mount newsletter: 8fax0919.txt
US to Train 500 More Palestinian Soldiers
Did 15,000 Arabs Select Israel's New Prime Minister?
Ahmadinejad Wants to Debate McCain, Obama
Benedict: Pius Intervened to Help Jews
Man's BIG Bang: Experimenting with Creation newsletter: 8fax0922.txt
Obama Wishes Jews Happy Rosh Hashanah
Olmert Resigns but Will Remain in Office Until Livni's New Government is Formed
Syria Welcomes Win by 'Mossad Dove'
UN: Syria May Have Buried Nuclear Traces
Ahmadinejad: Iran will 'Break Hands' of Invaders
Military Intelligence Official: Iran Underway to Having Nuclear Bomb newsletter: 8fax0923.txt newsletter: 8fax0924.txt
Bar Mitzvah for Holocaust Survivor at Age 79
McCain 'Would Not Promote Israel-PA Talks'
'Zionist Regime will Collapse'
Palestinian Authority Won't Count Out Force in Gaza newsletter: 8fax0925.txt
Arabs Wander into High-Security IAF Base
McCain Talks Iran Pre-emption
Peres Offers Olive Branch to Arab Leaders at UN
Muslim Group Seeks Probe of 'Radical Islam' DVD
When Economy Gets Terrible Anti-Semitism Gets Violent newsletter: 8fax0926.txt
New Israeli-US Efforts to Save the World's Bees
Bush Meets with Abbas
Report: Bush Denied Israeli Request to Attack Iran
Peres: U.S. Has No Choice but to Save World from Ahmadinejad
PA Blindly Bashes Jews' 'Imaginary Temple'
Divorce: Husband Pays Divorce Settlement in Coin newsletter: 8fax0929.txt
US Deploys Radar in Israel Amid Fears of Iranian Attack
Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise
Mormon/Jewish Controversy. The Problem That Won't Go Away
U.S. Textbooks: `Jesus was Palestinian'
Helen Mirren to Play Mossad Spy in Hollywood Remake of Israeli Film
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