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Algorithm Determines 'Ideal' VP for Obama, McCain
IDF: Rocket Fired from Gaza Hits Southern Israel
Obama Campaign Web Site: Free Islamic Terrorist!
German Sports Expert: Munich Athletes 'Sacrificed Themselves'
Poll: 76% of Israelis Feel Safer Living as Jews in Israel Than in Diaspora
Israel Prepares for a Major Earthquake
Unique Israeli Milk-Bag Container Undergoes Revolutionary Change newsletter: 8fax0702.txt
Barak Schmoozes with Iraqi President
Pentagon Official Warns of Israeli Attack on Iran
Who Will Strike First - Israel or Iran?
Olmert Warns of Military Response to Gaza Attacks
Following Israeli Report, Lebanon Villagers Fear Major Earthquake
Jewish Agency: All Falashmura Eligible for Aliyah Already in Israel
Obama Web Site Urges 'Revolution' Against U.S. 'Oppressive' Regime newsletter: 8fax0703.txt
Peres: I was Proud of the Soldier Who Fired
Bulldozer Terror Rampage Kills 4 in Jerusalem
Int'l Expert: `World Expects Israel to Bomb Iran'
Franklin Graham Peppered Obama About Ties to Islam newsletter: 8fax0704.txt
Unconfirmed Report: Iran to Stop Uranium Work if Sanctions Lifted
Bulldozer Driver's Dad: 'Son Not Terrorist, Don't Destroy House'
Hero Had Been Rejected By IDF for Protesting Gaza Retreat
Iran Says Four Missing Iranians Alive in Israel After 26 Years
Poll: IDF Soldiers Do Not Practice Safe Sex newsletter: 8fax0707.txt
`Muslim Clerics Told Tractor Killer to Act'
Iran Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz
IDF Prepares to Exhume Terrorists Bodies
Hebrew Tablet Tells of Resurrection Before Jesus
Will the Real Zohan Please Stand Up? newsletter: 8fax0708.txt
Syria Sees No Peace with Bush in Office
Iran Launches Military Exercises
Israeli Arab Terrorists Threaten 'Unprecedented Attacks'
'Obama will Immediately Birth Palestinian State'
Iranian 'Spy' Reveals Mossad's Methods
Biting the Hand That Feeds You newsletter: 8fax0709.txt
Nefesh B'Nefesh to Welcome 15,000th New Immigrant
Iran: 'We'll Burn Down Tel Aviv'
Paralyzed Palestinian Girl Fights to Stay in Israel
Israeli Expertise in Adult Male Circumcisions Helps Africa Combat AIDS
Dachau Seeks Israeli `Twin'
Meteor Sighting Sparks UFO Panic in Israel
Rabbi: Smoking is Halachically Forbidden newsletter: 8fax0710.txt
Rice: Iranian Tests Prove Missile Defense Needed
Iran Test-Fires Missile It Claims Can Reach Israel
'Peace Partner' Abbas Attempts Suicide Bombing But Israel Blames Hamas
Samaritans Face Loss of Population
Female Hasidic Cop Makes History newsletter: 8fax0711.txt
Jordan to Go Nuclear in 2015
Iran Test Fires Second Round of Missiles
Israel Concerned as Iran Conducts War Games
Israel Long Knew its Kidnapped Soldiers Were Dead
Most-Wanted Nazi Sought in Chile
Hitler's Bodyguard: The Fuhrer Was a Good Boss newsletter: 8fax0714.txt
Assad Walks Out on Olmert in Paris Summit
Israel Has U.S. 'Amber Light' on Iran Strike, but No Support
Did the 'Israeli War Drill' Report Originate in Iran?
Obama Once Again Flip-Flops on a United Jerusalem
Report: Jew Launches Rocket into Palestinian Village
Hebrew U. to Readmit Convicted Terrorist newsletter: 8fax0715.txt
Pope, Roman Chief Rabbi in Bible Marathon
Israel Moves Lebanese Prisoners Ahead of Swap
Assad: Israel to Pay 'Heavy Price' if Iran Attacked
Website Exposes Israeli 'Nuke Secrets'
Obama Campaign: New Yorker Cartoon Goes Too Far
WUJS Closes Arad Center, Moves to Tel Aviv newsletter: 8fax0716.txt
Syria, Iran Give Hizbullah Radar
USA May Ban Israeli Jets from American Airspace
Hamas Using Gush Katif Synagogues to Train Terrorists
Peres Pardons Kuntar, Says 'No Forgiveness in My Decision'
Greece May Have Helped Israel with Missiles
Obama Fuming over Muslim White House Terror Cartoon newsletter: 8fax0717.txt
Africans Convert to Judaism in Uganda Ceremony
Prisoner Swap: Israel Mourns, Hizbullah, PA Celebrate
Iran Threatens Bush: USA Kowtows to Iran: Israel Concerned by U.S. Plans to Meet with Iranian Envoy newsletter: 8fax0718.txt
Kuntar Pledges to Follow in Mughniyeh's Footsteps
Israel Buries 2 Soldiers Returned in Hizbullah Prisoner Swap
Nazi Jews: A Historical Paradox
Circumcision: A Painful Decision
Two-Thirds of Egyptian Men Harass Women newsletter: 8fax0721.txt
Solar Energy in Israel
Barak: Israel Will Do All It Can To Bring Shalit Home
Betancourt Calls for Shalit's Release
Ahmadinejad's Deputy: Iran is a Friend of Israel
Exodus Ship Survivor Making Aliyah at Age 88
Kosher Food in Jeopardy at Beijing Olympic Games
Model Zionist: Bar Refaeli Poses for Jewish Swimsuit Issue newsletter: 8fax0728.txt
Report: U.S. Army Engineer Targeted for Religion
Israel Kills Top Hamas Terrorist
Poll: 1 in 3 Muslim Students Approve Killing for Islam
Ma'ariv's Publication of Obama's Western Wall Note Spurs Outrage
JNF Building Jerusalem -Tel Aviv Bike Trail newsletter: 8fax0729.txt
Olmert's Amnesty Included Killer of Florida Teen
Palestinian Fatah Forces Arrest Hamas Activists in West Bank
Olmert: Living with 270,000 Arabs in Jerusalem Means More Terror
Israel Fears Leftist European Ship May Sail to Gaza to 'Break Siege'
Latest PA Libel Exposed: Israel Dispatches Anti-Arab Rats
Obama, McCain Supporters Have Kippot on the Brain newsletter: 8fax0730.txt
Hamas Slams 'Zionists' for Campaign Against Website
Peres: Separate Jerusalem with a Wall
Rice Prepares for a Three-Way on Wednesday
Report: Obama Kotel Note Leak was Campaign PR Stunt
Bible-Thumping Joe Lieberman Connects Esau with Iran
Jewish Group Takes Over Anti-Semitic Facebook Group newsletter: 8fax0731.txt
Child Refuses to Return to Israel
Olmert to Quit as Israeli PM in September
Olmert Ready to Give Away Golan in Exchange for Direct Talks
Al-Quds U Head: Swap 'Right of Return' for Jerusalem
Chabad Temple Course 'Scares' Muslim Groups
Gaza Summer Camps Teach Kids to Fire Rockets
Inside The Jewish Internet Defense Force
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