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Algorithm Determines 'Ideal' VP for Obama, McCain

By IDG News Service

It turns out that the ideal vice presidential candidate for Sen. John McCain, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, is the same person as the ideal VP candidate for Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, according to a sophisticated online survey by Affinnova Inc.

For both candidates, the best running mate is Colin Powell, a former U.S. Army general and former secretary of state under President George Bush, according to the survey, which was powered by an Affinnova algorithm it calls "evolutionary optimization.

IDF: Rocket Fired from Gaza Hits Southern Israel

By VOA News

The Israeli military said Monday that a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip has landed in southern Israel, further straining the fragile cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Israeli officials did not report any injuries or damage from the rocket. No one has claimed responsibility for the incident. Hamas has warned it would take action against anyone who breaks the truce.

On Sunday, Israel re-opened a border crossing with Gaza to allow about 80 truckloads of commercial goods into the Palestinian territory. Israel closed the crossings after an Islamic Jihad rocket attack last week. The group said the attack was revenge for Israel's killing of one of its commanders in the West Bank. The West Bank is not included in a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip.

Obama Campaign Web Site: Free Islamic Terrorist!


A blog posting on Sen. Barack Obama's official campaign site urged Americans to take action to secure the release of imprisoned terrorist fundraiser Sami Al-Arian, comparing the controversial former professor to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

The posting, which has been removed since publication of this story, is just a sampling of a large volume of racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian rhetoric published on the user-friendly MyObama community blog pages. The Obama campaign does not monitor all blog material, which is posted by registered users, but says it removes offending posts that are brought to the attention of the administrators.

In a blog post on Obama's site titled, "We are all Palestinians," user Ulf Erlingsson lamented what he called the "harsh" conditions of Al-Arian's imprisonment – explaining he "lives in segregation … is not allowed any visitors and is given only two phone calls a month."

The posting quoted Agha Saeed, chair of the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections, comparing Al-Arian to King and Malcolm X, who "symbolized the struggle for human rights in the fifties and sixties. Dr. Sami Al-Arian has come to symbolize the current struggle for human rights."

Al-Arian, a former university professor was arrested in 2003 on multiple charges of funding terrorists, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization, which took credit for every suicide bombing in Israel since 2005. In 2006, Al-Arian accepted a plea bargain resulting in a conviction with conspiracy to aid Islamic Jihad.

He was sentenced to 57 months in prison including time served. He was to serve the remainder of 19 months and then be deported, but was held in contempt of court for refusing to testify in other related terrorism cases involving former associates. The contempt charges were overturned last year, but in March Al-Arian was subpoenaed to testify in front of another grand jury in a terrorist case, and he has so far refused.

One recently removed posting claims Jews control the media: "Jewish owners and managers of CNN, FOX NEWS, mainstream media and the press determine which person, which facts, which version of the facts, and which ideas shall reach the public," read the blog.

Another post referred to Jews as "puppet masters" and "war criminals." Yet another posting, titled "The Israeli connection to 9/11," claimed Israeli intelligence was involved in the mega-attack and planted "false flags" to blame Arab countries.

Other MyObama posts have warned of "Judeofacists and their Neocon comrades" who "already destroyed America ... The entire Congress should be overthrown by revolution for having sold America to the Israelis."

A popular topic on Obama's site seems to be the so-called Israel Lobby. An Obama site search under the key words "Israel lobby" brings up a large number of pages with titles such as "Bush uses Nazi history against Obama to pander to the Jewish lobby" and "The Israel Lobby: bad for the world."

In one recently removed posting, titled, "How the Jewish Lobby works," the page read, "No lobby is feared more" and claimed Jews "run the Federal Reserve Bank, US Homeland Security, and the US State Department. If a politician does not play ball with the Jewish Lobby, he will not get elected, or re-elected, and he will either be smeared or ignored by the Jewish-owned major media," read the posting.

Obama's campaign did not return a WND e-mail request for comment before press time, but Obama spokesmen have previously stated the campaign cannot monitor all content but it promptly removes content brought to its attention that is deemed inappropriate or hateful.

German Sports Expert: Munich Athletes 'Sacrificed Themselves'

By Israel Faxx News Services

A German sports expert has raised hackles for saying that Israeli Olympic athletes wanted to die to gain sympathy for Israel.

Arnd Krueger, director of the Sport Sciences institute at the University of Goettingen, said at a recent conference that this was the only way he could explain why the athletes killed by Palestinian terrorists in the 1972 Munich Olympic Village did not leave the village, even though they had felt insecure there. He later told Ha'aretz that he had been at the Munich games as a young reporter, and that one of the Israeli athletes had told him the village did not seem safe.

Participants at the academic conference were so shocked by Krueger's words that they demanded the university president take action, according to a June 28 report in Der Spiegel magazine. The university reportedly was waiting to hear from the German Association for Sport Sciences.

At the conference, Krueger also suggested that Israelis had a "different concept of the body" from that in other western countries, which he also linked to their supposed "self-sacrifice." According to his thesis, Israel tries "with all possible means" to avoid disabilities and he added that Israel has a higher abortion rate than other western countries.

The comments drew a sharp reaction from Israel's deputy ambassador to Germany, Ilan Mor. In Der Spiegel, he called Krueger's comments "one of the worst examples of the dehumanization of the State of Israel, and an example of the new flare-up of anti-Semitism in Germany, disguised as criticism of Israel."

According to Der Spiegel, Krueger repeated his theories in a written statement to the university, with the disclaimer that he is not an anti-Semite.

Poll: 76% of Israelis Feel Safer Living as Jews in Israel Than in Diaspora

By Ha'aretz

A vast majority of Israeli Jews - 76 percent - said they believed it is safer to live as a Jew in Israel than in the Diaspora, with only 10 percent choosing the Diaspora as being safer, according to a recent survey.

The third annual Survey of Contemporary Israeli Attitudes toward World Jewry was conducted by the B'nai B'rith World Center in Jerusalem June 24-25, among a representative sample of 500 Jewish Israelis over the age of 18.

Forty percent of Jewish Israelis said they believed that Diaspora Jews should continue to be allowed to legally fund political campaigns and personally support Israeli politicians. Half of respondents said such funding should be disallowed.

Israel Prepares for a Major Earthquake


Increased seismic activity in the region has prompted the Health Ministry to advise hospitals in the north of the country to prepare for a major earthquake.

The prospect didn't seem to faze National Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer, who kibitzed Monday on Voice of Israel government radio's midday news program, saying he's "more afraid of a political earthquake" than of a major natural disaster.

Nonetheless, the issue is one that Ben Eliezer takes seriously, as do others. The Health Ministry warning came in response to a government report that a major earthquake in the Galilee may be on the way.

Ben Eliezer noted that literally hundreds of very weak tremors have been registered in the past decades. The minister also warned cabinet ministers a little over a week ago that the irregular seismic activity has been affecting southern Lebanon.

According to Rami Hopsteter, director of the Geophysical Institute of Israel, hundreds of tremors have hit the region since February 15, in a series of four waves that emanated from southern Lebanon. The tremors were felt in an area some 10 to 15 kilometers west of Metulla and Kiryat Shmona in Israel, and 20 kilometers east of Tyre, in Lebanon.

In an exclusive interview with Israel National News, Hopsteter said the pattern of the quakes was unusual, one that had never been seen before in the region. "Had you been checking the activity in early February you would have seen that the average was one or two events per year, really low activity," he said. "Then suddenly there was this very pronounced activity, with the strength going up and down, and this has happened four times. Such activity, the up and down activity, sometimes ends with a strong event," he noted.

Hopsteter said the pattern is one that is sometimes seen by seismologists in New Zealand and Japan "and elsewhere, particularly in the Pacific region, where it is much more active." But along the Dead Sea Fault, where Israel is located, the pattern has never before been recorded.

So how likely is it that Israel will get hit with a major earthquake? "We cannot say numbers," Hopsteter stressed. "But it is clear that the probability is now much higher. It may occur. And different organizations should do what they can to minimize damage in any event. The Health Ministry decided, look, there is this report and let's just make sure everything is in order. That was smart."

There is no reason to break out the alarm bells, however, he hastened to emphasize. "In any case, you have to do it, to prepare for natural disasters. Look, there is a chance that a strong quake could occur. So do something about it and get ready.

More than 500 tremors have been recorded by seismic registers in the region since mid-February, and among them have been a number of significant earthquakes in Israel.

Four moderate quakes shook the northern region on June 12, all originating in southern Lebanon and ranging from 3.9 to 4.2 on the Richter scale. Those were followed by another wave of more than 70 aftershocks, all within a two or three-day period, according to Hopsteter. There were also seven tremors since June 13, which were felt by residents of the Galilee.

In March 2008, an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale was felt throughout much of northern and central Israel, the strongest quake to hit the country in years. Several days prior to it, a temblor measuring 4 on the Richter scale shook the Jewish State from Kiryat Shmona to Jerusalem, also originating in Lebanon.

On July 11, 1927, an earthquake that registered 6.2 on the Richter scale caused major havoc on both sides of the Jordan River, in the northern Dead Sea area, said Hopsteter. He explained that 285 people were killed, 985 others were wounded and thousands of buildings were damaged and destroyed. "A similar event would affect all neighboring areas," he commented.

Unique Israeli Milk-Bag Container Undergoes Revolutionary Change


Following a new invention by a pair of yeshiva students, Israel's famous milk bags can be cut by a knife built-in to the plastic container.

Israel has long been famous for its unique approach to milk. Instead of throw-away milk cartons, milk in Israel - both the 1% and 3% fat varieties - comes in bags. Because they clearly lack the ability to support themselves upright on a table, plastic containers specially designed to hold one-liter milk bags are sold widely throughout the country.

Though the system works, as proven by its popularity over the course of decades and across the width and breadth of the land, it still has one small drawback - namely, the occasional absence of a handy knife or scissors with which to cut an opening in the bag. Teeth have been known to be used when people are thought not to be looking, usually leaving a jagged hole and inaccurate milk-dispensing.

This problem has now been solved. Two yeshiva student brothers, Shimon and Yitzchak Cohen of Tiberias, have invented Kankomat - an improved version of the milk container in that it comes complete with its own knife. The name stems from a combination of the words kankan (container) and automatic. "Cry over hard-to-spill milk no more," recommend the Cohen brothers, who are selling the container for ten shekels.

The knife is actually located at the top of the container, corresponding to the spot on the bag at which the milk is to be poured out. The bag is placed in the container, with the desired corner sliding into the sharp scissors-like aperture. Safely and cleanly, a snippet of the bag is removed, leaving a permanent opening via which the milk can be dispensed.

"Cry over hard-to-spill milk no more," recommend the Cohen brothers, who are selling the container for 10 shekels. They claim that families that have until now refrained from buying milk bags and choose the more expensive milk containers instead can save up to 900 shekels a year with the new invention.

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