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Gas in Israel: $7.19 a Gallon
Israeli Teenagers See Increased Threat to State
Peres: 'What if Hitler had Nukes?'
Olmert, King Abdullah Discuss Middle East Peace Efforts
"Jerusalem of Gold" to be Israel's 60th Birthday Song
Leading Zionist Rabbi: Let All Jews Become Citizens newsletter: 8fax0502.txt
Iran Deplores Clinton Threat
Hamas TV Claims 'Satanic Jews' Planned, Perpetrated Holocaust
Court Approves Anti-Israel Independence Day Ceremony
Obama Adviser: Israel Must Give Up its Nukes
Minister Uses NASA Forecasting to Study Signals of Jesus' Return
Tel Aviv to Honor Gay Holocaust Victims newsletter: 8fax0505.txt
Salah Urges EU Arabs to `Return' to Israel
Sunday Times Hints Israel's Evidence on Iran Justifies Strike
Obama: U.S. Would Defend Israel in Attack, 'Nuclear or Otherwise'
Hizbullah Says 'Proud' to Be on the U.S. Terrorist List
Israel Hints at Uprooting Settlements in Peace Deal
US-Trained Fatah Force Deployed in Jenin, France Offers to Join
Monday Declared 'International Aliyah Day' newsletter: 8fax0506.txt
Israel to Build Reform Synagogues
Israel: 'Significant Progress' in Talks with Palestinians on Borders
New Missionary Campaign in Shadow of Bible Contest Controversy
Russian Deacon Calls for Proselytizing Jews
Foreign Paratroopers Fly in Israel's Friendly Skies
Poll: Virtually All Israeli Jews like Living in Israel
Oldest Immigrant Couple to Israel Wed newsletter: 8fax0507.txt
Let's All Sing Hatikva
Memorial Day 5768 (2008) Honors Israel's Brave Soldiers
Israel Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary Amid New-Found Security
Gaza PA TV Show Educates Kids to Conquer Tel Aviv
Israel's Oldest Kibbutz Votes to Privatize
New Web Yeshiva Brings the Whole World Into the Study Hall
Majority of Israelis Don't Believe PA Peace Will Come newsletter: 8fax0508.txt
Israel is Home to 41% of World's Jews
Israel Celebrates 60 Years of Statehood
Olmert Suspected of Illicit Ties to U.S. Financier
Report: Olmert Willing to Surrender 90% of Territory
Revised Prayer for Israel newsletter: 8fax0509.txt
Jewish Agency Launches Virtual Birthday Card
Blood Runs in the Streets of Beirut
US Christian Evangelicals Lend Support to Israel
Israel Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Ahmadinejad: Israel Heading for Destruction newsletter: 8fax0512.txt
JNF Plans a Tree for Every Jew on Earth
Hamas Rocket Nearly Hits Busload of Students in Sderot
Israel Considers Truce Offer from Hamas
Despite Junta's Ban, an Israeli Aid Crew Lands in Myanmar
Ark of the Covenant Altar Found in Sheba's Palace
Nakba Cartoon Describes Jews as 'Enemies of Homeland'
`Israel at 60' High School Video Contest newsletter: 8fax0513.txt
Rescuer of Warsaw Ghetto Children Dies
PA Terrorists in Gaza Kill 70-Year-Old Israeli Woman
Poll: Majority of Israelis Want Olmert to Resign
If the Nazis had Come
Is Europe Lost to Islamization? newsletter: 8fax0514.txt
Trump's Daughter Eyes Five-Star Hotels in Israel
Bush Begins Mideast Trip
Obama Adviser: Divide Jerusalem
Feds: Kosher Meat Plant had a Meth Lab
Einstein Letter: Belief in God 'Childish,' Jews Not Chosen People newsletter: 8fax0515.txt
Ahmadinejad: Mideast Hates Israel
Ashkelon Mall Rocket Launched from Evacuated Jewish Town in Gaza
Obama: Israel is a 'Constant Sore'
Fayyad Raps Israel on Birthday Bash
Jews Abroad Love Israel, But Fewer Call it Home newsletter: 8fax0516.txt
MI Chief Expects Terrorists to Target Be'er Sheva Within Two Years
Bush Says US, Israel United Against Iran's Nuclear Ambitions
Palestinians Express Anger on 60th Anniversary of Israel's Creation
Why Israelis Love Life
UK `Apprentice' Contestant: The Hunt for Kosher Chicken
PA Children's TV: Tel Aviv Doesn't Exist newsletter: 8fax0519.txt
Hamas Blocks `Licentious' Websites
Olmert Threatens Gaza Offensive as Truce Efforts Continue
Bush Urges Israel to Make 'Tough Sacrifices'
Jordanian Professor Advocates Suicide Terrorists Use Nuke Bombs
McCain Blasted for 'Hypocrisy' on Hamas
Arab Who 'Died' Over Permit Makes 'Miraculous' Recovery
Google Co-founder: My Family Left Russia Because of Anti-Semitism newsletter: 8fax0520.txt
IDF Prevents Suicide Bombing – Kills Terrorist
Barak Discusses Hamas Truce with Mubarak
Jerusalem-Area Arabs Accused of Selling Weapons to PA
Obama Pooh-Poohs Danger from 'Tiny' Iran
Convicted Nazi Guard Demjanjuk Loses US Court Appeal on Extradition
Vatican: Space Aliens Might Actually Exist newsletter: 8fax0521.txt
Peres: Israel Should Focus on Solar Energy
Bush Denies Iran Attack Report
Elie Wiesel: First Iranian Nuke Would Hit Tel Aviv
Christians Targeted in Gaza newsletter: 8fax0522.txt
70% of Public: Don't Give Golan for Peace
Report: Olmert Calls for U.S. Naval Blockade Against Iran
Israel, Syria Confirm Holding Peace Talks Mediated by Turkey
Palestinian Media: 1948 Refugees Were Dispatched by Arabs
Shmuel Katz's Legacy newsletter: 8fax0523.txt
Israeli Tourist Strips for New Zealand Construction Workers
Olmert: Syria Peace Talks will Not Detract from Palestinians
Florida's GOP Governor: Hamas Nod Dooms Obama in Sunshine State
French Court Rules Gaza `Martyrdom' a Hoax
Iranian Conference to Focus on 'Israel's End'
Pelosi Denies Olmert Proposed U.S. Naval Blockade Against Iran
600 Missiles Daily Threatened by Hizbullah Against Israel newsletter: 8fax0526.txt
Israeli Charged with Passing Defense Secrets to Iran
Shin Bet: Hamas Rockets Could Hit Far Beyond Ashkelon
Israel 'Paper Tiger' for Erez Retreat
Carter: Israel's Gaza Blockade is 'Human Rights Crime'
Iran: Syria Must Regain Control of Golan newsletter: 8fax0527.txt
Electric Cars Popular in Gaza
Iran's Nuke Plans Spark Race
Carter Claims Israel Has 150 Nuclear Weapons
Knesset's Eldad: Death Penalty for Golan Land Concessions
Olmert: Israel Has Not Made Any Commitments to Syria on Peace Agreement
Sources: Israel, Hizbullah Strike Prisoner Swap Deal
The Resurrected Hidden Hero of the Holocaust newsletter: 8fax0528.txt
Newsweek: Hizbullah Preparing for War on Israel
Archbishop Tutu to Haniyeh: Stop Kassam fire
Genetics Confirm Oral Traditions of Druze in Israel
Obama Commits Holocaust Gaffe?
Hitler Jokes from the 1930s Hebrew Press newsletter: 8fax0529.txt
Blogger Threatens Knesset's Eldad: 'I Will Murder You'
U.S.: Iran's Nuclear Program Could Produce Disaster
Israel's Defense Minister Calls on Olmert to Step Down
Orthodox Jews Burn Hundreds of New Testaments in Israel
Obama Explains Goof on Claim His Uncle Freed Auschwitz
Updated Halakhic Pre-Nuptial Agreement Available
West Side Story, Mea Shearim Style newsletter: 8fax0530.txt
Israeli Flag Flies Atop Mount Everest
Report: U.S. Eyes Syrian Nuclear Sites
Fearing Olmert Collapse, Palestinians Rush for a Deal
U.S. Homeland Security Seeks to Adopt Israeli Airport Standards
France to Announce Involvement in Israel-Jordan Peace Canal
Does Birthright Deliver?
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