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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0401.txt
LiveLeak Reposts Movie on Muslim Violence
PA Terrorist Shot Dead By Quick-Thinking Civilian
75 Percent of Israelis See at Least Partial Transfer for Arabs
Wrong Again
Hamas Chief: Holocaust 'Exaggerated'
Report: Olmert Admits Israel Struck Syrian Nuclear Facility
'Bush Killed' in Palestinian Kids TV show newsletter: 8fax0402.txt
Woody Allen Sues Over Rabbi Billboard
Fatah's Terror Group Says it Tried to Kidnap Jewish Youth
Animal Rights Group Challenges Instructional Pesach Sacrifice
Pope's Use of Latin Mass 'Not a Call on Jews to Convert'
Jews Worry That Obama is Another Jimmy Carter
Penguin in Israel? April Fool's Hits Gov't Radio newsletter: 8fax0403.txt
Unpopularity Contest: Iran First, Israel Second
Russia `Alarmed' As U.S. Readies April Nuclear Attack on Iran
Israel to Redistribute Gas Masks Amid Fears of War with Iran
IDF Vows 'Painful' Response to Any Attack on Israel
Congress Recognizes Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands
Israel Wants YOU to Upload Videos to YouTube newsletter: 8fax0404.txt
Al-Qaida Ups Threats Against Jews
Cabinet Approves Large-Scale Emergency Army Drill Next Week
Israeli Intelligence: Hizbullah May Strike Israel Via Third Party
Obama Was 'Quite Religious in Islam'
Yoffie Blasts Palestinians, Christian Zionists
Pope to Visit U.S. Synagogue
Jerusalem Court Allows Sale of Chametz newsletter: 8fax0407.txt
Report: Mazuz Says Only One Biological Mother
Israel Begins 5-Day Civil Defense Drill Amid War Fears
Israel: Security Forces Fear Plane Attacks\
Tunisian Envoy to Address Holocaust Conference
Ultra-Orthodox Passengers Riot Aboard El Al Plane over Screening of Film
IDF Spurns Blue and White, Buys Chinese newsletter: 8fax0408.txt
Hamas Official Threatens Shalit's Life
Israel: We'll 'Destroy' Iran
The Fight for Jerusalem Begins
Jerusalem Mayor: Change Airport's Code from TLV to JLM
A Soul in the Wind (Excerpts from the Book of Life) newsletter: 8fax0409.txt
Obama Hosts Anti-Israel Blogger
Hamas Threatens to Breach Gaza's Borders
Former Israeli President Rejects Plea Deal
Civilians Join Nationwide Emergency Drill
Judenrein Palestine
Messianic Jews Stir Controversy in Jerusalem newsletter: 8fax0410.txt
Carter Plans to Meet Hamas Head
Palestinian Gunmen Kill Two Israelis in Cross-Border Attack
Amid Fear of War with Israel, Syria Plans Emergency Drill
Rice Tips Her Hand
Vatican Cardinal: Jews Too 'Emotional' Over Good Friday Prayer
70% of Israeli Jews Ban Bread on Passover newsletter: 8fax0411.txt
Ahmadinejad: Israel Weak, Collapsing
USA Drafts Plan to Cut J'lem in Two, PA Planes to be Based in Holy City
Report: Western Wall Too 'Controversial' For Bush Visit
Olmert Vows to Strike Hard Against Hamas
Temple Movements Request Passover Sacrifice
Ashdod Teen Flees Hospital to Enlist
Two Palestinians Arrested in Plot to Poison Diners newsletter: 8fax0414.txt
Iran May Ship Arms to Hizbullah by Sea
Jimmy Carter Gets Cold Reception in Israel
Israel Accuses Hamas of Fabricating Humanitarian Crisis
Jewish Refugees' Losses Outweigh Arabs'
Kibbutz Receives Letters Asking to Vacate Arab Land
Through A Lens, Darkly newsletter: 8fax0415.txt
Sources: Israel Proposes Gaza Truce
Hamas Parliamentarian Envisions Islamic Conquest 'Very Soon'
Israel Snubs Carter, Declines Security Help
Training to be Ready for any Emergency
David Marash: Why I Quit Al Jazeera's English TV Service
Shin Bet Launches Sites in English, Arabic newsletter: 8fax0416.txt
Arrow Successfully Simulates Mock Shihab Missile Intercept
Carter Kisses Hamas Terrorist al-Shaer, Carter Lays Wreath at Arafat's Gravesite. Terrorist Endorses Obama'a Presidential Bid
Polish, Israeli Presidents Commemorate 65th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Claims Conference to Compile Database of Holocaust Memories
Scientists: Human Skin Acts as Antenna
Survey: US Christians Love Israel newsletter: 8fax0417.txt
Iran Threatens to Destroy Aggressor Israel
Carter Initiated Hamas Meeting
At Least 20 Palestinians, 3 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Gaza Clashes
80% of Gaza Residents Considering Emigrating
Western Wall Stones Crumbling
Rabbi: Send Johns to Jail
Keeping Children Involved (and Rested) During Seder newsletter: 8fax0418.txt
Israeli Arab Teen Wins Haggadah Art Contest
Obama Camp 'Flattered' by Hamas Compliment
Clinton Vows 'Massive' U.S. Retaliation if Iran Attacks Israel
Zahar: Gazans Can Do 'No Less' Than Emulate Warsaw Ghetto Jews
Hizbullah will Dispatch Israeli Arabs to Attack from Rear in War
Ahmadinejad: 'Satanic Forces' Do Not Dare Threaten Iran
Rabbinical Court Forces Woman to Divorce over Medical Condition newsletter: 8fax0421.txt
Jewish Web Site Targets National Day of Prayer
Israel Launches Deadly Air Strikes on Gaza
Assad Confirms Ongoing Negotiations with Israel
Could Israel Use Submarines Against Iran?
Provocative Play Evokes Sympathy for Jews, Palestinians newsletter: 8fax0422.txt
Forbes: Israel Is Most Up-and-Coming Real Estate Market
Carter: Hamas Would Accept Peace Agreement with Israel But Would Not Recognize Israel's Right to Exist
Gazan Arabs Support More Terrorism Against Israel
China Good for the Jews
Nude Yeshiva Student Protests Sale of Chametz newsletter: 8fax0423.txt
Matzah Shortage in USA
American Accused of Giving Nuclear Secrets to Israel
Hitler Farce Marching to Big Screen
JNF Owns Large Amount of Land in Gaza and Syria
Streisand Cancels Attendance at Israel's 60th
12-Year-Old Buried Alive Boy Saves Five People in Death
Parents Clash: Burial or Cremation? newsletter: 8fax0424.txt
Argentinean Neo-Nazis Hold Secret Rock Concert
Syrian Reports Say Olmert Willing to Cede Entire Golan
New Spy Case Seen as Attempt to Delay Pollard Release
Bush to Meet With Palestinian President Abbas Thursday
Israel Resumes Fuel Delivery to Gaza
Rabbi Calls for 'Rehabilitation of Gays' newsletter: 8fax0425.txt
TSA Guards Allegedly Curse Jew for Trying To Bring Passover Water on Plane
UN Halts Food Aid in Gaza Due to Lack of Fuel
Bush, Abbas Meet on Mideast Peace Efforts
PA: Israel Pardoned 30 Terrorists
Olmert Sets Off Political Storm after Reportedly Offering Golan to Syria
Big Oil and the State Department
Libyan Holocaust Comparison at UN Spurs Walkout newsletter: 8fax0428.txt
Bank of Israel Site Sabotaged
IAF Chief: Hitler Wasn't Believed, We Can't Make That Mistake with Ahmadinejad
World Bank: Israeli Restrictions Stifle Palestinian Economy
Yossi Harel, Commander of 'Illegal' Pre-State Aliyah, Dies at 90
Reasons to Bring Olmert to Trial for Treason
Hizbullah Reportedly Preparing for Next War
Another Struggle over 'Mein Kampf' newsletter: 8fax0429.txt
Report: North Koreans Killed in Syria
As Hamas Negotiates Truce, 'Peace Partner' Attacks Israel
Abbas' PA Sentences Man to Death for Fighting Terrorism
After Syria Strike, Olmert Upbeat
Amos-3 Satellite Successfully Launched
Talk Radio from the Temple Mount
HaTikvah Anthem Headed for Guinness Book of Records newsletter: 8fax0430.txt
Messianic Jew to be Allowed to Compete in Bible Quiz
CIA: Syria Could Have Made 2 Nukes
Olmert Voices Regret About Killing of Palestinian Family
Hamas: Hundred of Thousands Ready to Become Martyrs
Holocaust Memorial Day on Thursday
Remember the Holocaust
Yad Vashem on YouTube
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