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God is talking to one of his angels. He says, "I just created a 24-hour period of alternating light and darkness on Earth." The angel says, "What are you going to do now?" Replies God, "Call it a day."

Israel Purchases Pills to Protect Against Nuclear Radiation

By Ha'aretz

Israeli defense establishment officials reported on Sunday that Israel has recently purchased a new supply of "Logol" pills against nuclear radiation.

The pills were first experimentally distributed in 2004 to residents of Arad and Yavneh in southern Israel, and were met with strong opposition from the mayors of these Negev towns.

The initiative to repurchase the pills was reported by officials as part of a visiting delegation of Knesset members to the Soreq Nuclear Research Center, located southeast of Dimona. However, the defense establishment is still mulling whether to redistribute the pills to residents of communities located near the nuclear reactor or store them away for the time being.

Dr. Dan Berkovits, from the Soreq Nuclear Research Center, said during Sunday's visit to the site that an electrical particle accelerator would be activated March 10, and is supposed to take over all the functions currently being done by the Soreq reactor, including nuclear medicine and aviation.

"If Israel manages to adhere to the schedule, it would be the first country to replace a nuclear reactor with a particle accelerator," Berkovits said. However, he did not comment on whether the reactor would be shut down because of the new accelerator.

Ophir Pines-Paz, head of the Knesset's Interior Committee, said that the accelerator marks a "step in the right direction."

At Least 100 Palestinians Killed, Israel to Continue Offensive in Gaza

By VOA News &

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that Israel would expand its offensive against terrorists in the Gaza Strip - an operation that has killed at least 100 Palestinian militants and civilians since Wednesday.

At the start of his weekly Cabinet meeting, Olmert rejected international criticism that Israel was using excessive force in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Israeli spokesman Mark Regev said it is a legitimate response to daily Palestinian rocket attacks. "If you think of how the people in southern Israel have been living with these missiles coming in day after day, week after week, year after year, our response has indeed been proportionate. We will act to defend our people."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who has described the Israeli actions in Gaza as a "holocaust," said that any peace negotiations with Israel have been suspended. Abbas announced the suspension of peace talks, accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza.

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the Israeli assault on Gaza would only bring more violence. "We believe that the international community must help us in acquiring and getting a cessation of hostilities immediately," said Saeb Erekat.

The Palestinian Authority was responding to anger, which spilled on to the streets of the West Bank. Palestinians called for revenge, and in the biblical town of Hebron they clashed with Israeli troops, who fired tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition. A 14-year-old boy was killed. There were also protests in Lebanon.

An unidentified Saudi Arabian official announced Sunday that his nation would donate funds to rebuild each Palestinian Authority house "destroyed by the Nazism of Israel." The Saudi Press Agency quoted a government source that likened Israel's counter terrorism operations in Gaza to "Nazi war crimes."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared that Israel would be "uprooted" and its leaders tried for its counter-terror strikes on Gaza. Iran is a generous sponsor of terror activities and a primary patron of a number of terrorist organizations.

"I already said last year that the real Holocaust was in Palestine," Ahmadinejad told state television in an interview, alluding to his oft-repeated doubts about the magnitude of the mass slaughter of Jews in World War II.

The official Jordanian news agency Petra quoted King Abdullah II as saying in a phone conversation with Abbas that the IDF operations were "a violation of all international conventions." He termed the IDF counter terrorist operations "a massacre."

The Egyptian Foreign also criticized the attacks on Gaza terrorists. "It is regretful that Israel carries out these operations without calculating the consequences on the adopted peace efforts," read the statement.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing similar sentiments, calling on the Arab world to halt what it called an Israeli military campaign aimed at "wiping out the Palestinian people."

The Bush administration issued a statement in Washington urging Jerusalem to "consider the consequences" of its Gaza military activities.

Media Bias

By Ed Ziegler (Commentary)

Throughout history war was relatively simple compared to current days. For the most part one army fired at the other until one side relinquished territory or surrendered. The "War on Terrorism" is far more complex.

With the advancement of today's technology, surprisingly, war is much more sensitive to appearance and third party opinion. Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, an English novelist and dramatist of the 1800s is credited with the saying "The pen is mightier than the sword." Then Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States and general of Allied forces in Europe during World War II, said, "Public opinion wins wars." If they are correct then just imagine the power of today's media.

"Honest Reporting" has repeatedly denounced media outlets' categorical refusal to call terrorists 'terrorists' in news reports. On March 16, 2004 "Honest Reporting" stated that Reuters' top international editor openly acknowledged that the main reason the agency refuses to call terrorists 'terrorists' is in response to intimidation from thugs and their supporters.

In Nov 2002 "Jewish World" reported they found dishonest reporting in some of the world's leading media. In Britain, the London News, Reuters, Evening Standard, Britain's television network ITV and the Daily Mirror. In the United States, the worst offenders are CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the L.A. Times and Associated Press. In Canada, although not alone, the CBC provides the most slanted and biased information, and routinely practices dishonest reporting.

On March 27, 2002 CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting In America) issued an extensive report on NPR's partisanship, in the disproportionate reliance on Arab/Palestinian and pro-Arab speakers compared to Israeli and pro-Israeli speakers. During the two months of study more than 56 percent of the guests were Palestinian/Arab or pro-Arab.

Over a two month period, NPR labeled Ariel Sharon "hard line" or "right wing" 24 times and other Israelis another 11 times. But Yasir Arafat was never labeled hard-line or right wing, nor was Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin. Yassin, who was responsible for terrorist bombings against Israeli civilians, was respectfully identified as a "spiritual leader."

On March 1, 2003 Tom Gross of the "National Review" reported on The New York Times', one of the world's most important newspapers, bias tendencies. Gross stated one of the great myths of modern journalism, particularly outside the U.S., is that the New York Times is "pro-Israel." It would be truer to say that the opposite is the case - to a greater extent than most readers would think.

On March 1, 2006, Tom Paterson of the London Daily Telegraph, in addition to the Washington Times, reported that a sickening anti-Semitic film about the Iraq war was sold out to cheering audiences of Germany's 2.5-million-strong Turkish community within days of being released.

The Turkish director Serdan Akar directed "Valley of the Wolves," The film shows crazed American GIs massacring innocent guests at a wedding party. This film also shows scenes in which a Jewish surgeon removes organs from Iraqi prisoners in a style reminiscent of the Nazi death-camp doctor Josef Mengele.

Bias comes from all forms of media. Public Broadcasting Company (PBS) contracted for a film "Islam vs. Islamists" at a cost of $675,000. This documentary tells the story of several outspoken moderate Muslims who have waged a struggle against individuals and organizations that try to advance the Islamists social-political agenda.

Two of the moderates are a Syrian-born Danish parliamentarian and Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander. PBS faulted the film for being alarmist, one-sided, and short on context. And excluded it from its America at a Crossroads series.

Where does John Q and Mary Public turn when they want the news? Expecting to learn the truth they turn to the media. What could be easier? However media bias is not clearly apparent unless you have detailed knowledge about the Middle East. There are numerous, insidious ways bias is presented. One way, as noted above, with Ariel Sharon, is applying a negative label and then by comparison not applying any label, such as with Arafat or with Yassin, who was responsible for terrorist bombings against Israeli civilians.

You probably heard what Adolph Hitler said and used effectively. "If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough the people will believe it." The enemies of freedom are applying pressure every day to achieve their goals. To become more discerning one needs to find focused sources. Do not rely one just one source and not on most of the major media.

The first step in defending yourself and our freedom is to become knowledgeable. It is up to you to defend yourself via truthful knowledge. Write to me and I will be pleased in to send you a list of reliable sources.

(Ed Ziegler is a board member of the New Jewish Congregation in The Villages, FL, and president of its Brotherhood. He can be reached at

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