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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0201.txt
Israelis Not Allowed To Land In Damascus
Israel's New TESCAR Spy Satellite Transmits First Top Quality Images
Court Rejects Nazi Guard Demjanjuk's Appeal
Brazilian Judge Bans Holocaust Float
Exposé Links Olmert, Lieberman and Sharon to Jericho Casino
A Chinese Jewish Wedding -- in Jerusalem newsletter: 8fax0204.txt
Diskin: Long Range Rockets Moved into Gaza
Egypt Seals Border with Gaza after 11 Days
Barak Withdraws Threat to Topple Government
Britain Fears al-Qaida Retaliation
European Jewish leader: World Jews Should Have Say in Israeli Politics
Orthodox Rabbis Call For Day of Prayer to Save Israel
Free Virtual Tour Offers Glimpse of Temple Mount
Three IDF troops Jailed for Mooning Palestinians newsletter: 8fax0205.txt
PA Blames Israel for Dimona Blast
Suicide Bomber Strikes in Dimona Near Israel's Nuclear Reactor
Alert Level Raised Nationwide as PA Terrorists Step Up Attacks
Rabbi Aviner: Divorcees Are Just As Valuable, If Not More So
Germany Launches Comic Book on Holocaust newsletter: 8fax0206.txt
Hamas Recruitment Center in Jerusalem Shut Down
Israel Beefs Up Security after Suicide Bombing
Israeli Forces Kill Nine Hamas Terrorists in Gaza
'Another Bomber Infiltrated, Ready for Attack'
Police to Investigate Olmert for Negotiating Jerusalem's Future
U.S.: Iran May be Able to Make Nukes by 2009
Pope Nixes Reference to Jews` `Blindness` Over Jesus in Prayer newsletter: 8fax0207.txt
'Israel's Walter Cronkite' Retires
Israeli Leaders Approve Reinforcing Barrier on Israel-Egypt Border
Hamas: More Suicide Attacks on Israel to Come
IDF Butts to the Rescue
Broadcast Workers Raise Funds for Mezuzot
Paris Spotlights Moroccan Judaism newsletter: 8fax0208.txt
Beijing Olympics Go Kosher
Israeli Forces Kill 7 Palestinians in Gaza Raid
Syria Acquiring Russian Rockets at 'Furious' Pace
'Sharia Law in UK Unavoidable'
Israeli Mathematician Solves 38-Year-Old Math Problem
Jewish Pirates in Jamaica? newsletter: 8fax0211.txt
Sderot Boy, 8, Loses Leg to Kassam
Olmert Resists Pressure to Invade Gaza after Rocket Attack
Bodies of Dimona Bombers to be Returned to Hamas
Is Someone Lying About Dividing Jerusalem?
'Resign,' Clergy Tell Archbishop of Canterbury
Tel Aviv, Gaza City No Longer Sister Cities
Italian Anti-Semitic Blog Stirs Row newsletter: 8fax0212.txt
Tom Lantos Dies
Palestinian Population Grows by 30 Percent in Past Decade
Tunisian-Israelis Win Holocaust Survivor Payments
Google Earth: Israel 'Stole Palestinian Land'
Hamas Reveals New Genocidal Character newsletter: 8fax0213.txt
Israeli Woman Claims to be 120
US Seeks Clarification of Israeli Housing Plans
Olmert: Iran Building Nuclear Weapons
Palestinians Try to Torch Patriarch Joseph's Tomb
Polish Anti-Semitism Promoted at Warsaw Church newsletter: 8fax0214.txt
Ex-CIA Man: Mossad Killed Mughniyeh
Top Hizbullah Commander Killed in Damascus Car Bombing
Iran Reported Making Nuke Warhead Component
Kuwait: Gulf States Assuming Israel will Destroy Iran's Nukes
'Civil Union' Goes Down Knesset Drain
Single Mothers to Choose Father's Name
'Beaufort' Director Reveals Next Film newsletter: 8fax0215.txt
Woman Gets Death Penalty for Witchcraft
Hizbullah Leader Declares 'Open War' on Israel
Mughniyeh Was in Midst of Planning Mass Terror Attack
Eliminate Israel: Poof, World Peace newsletter: 8fax0218.txt
Israeli Shekel to Become Globally Convertible
Earthquake Measuring 5.3 Damages Temple Mount
Olmert: Electricity, Fuel Cuts to Gaza Will Continue
Iran Hints It May Help in Mughniyeh Revenge
Hizbullah, Israel Forces on Alert for New War newsletter: 8fax0219.txt
Iran Warns Dutch MP: Don't Show Film on Koran as Terror
Iran: Cancerous Israel to be Destroyed by Radiation
'Palestinian Government' in Israel Within Weeks
Vatican: Pius XII Sainthood Process Not Stalled newsletter: 8fax0220.txt
Report: Defense Ministry Stops Collecting Gas Masks
Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Meet in Jerusalem
German Professors: No More Preferential Treatment for Israel
Castro's Anti-Israel Regime Ends
Israeli Scientist Links Cell Phones, Cancer
IDF Building Longest Landing Strip in Middle East newsletter: 8fax0221.txt
Home Front Command Has Its Own TV Studio
UN Chief: Ahmadinejad's Verbal Attacks on Israel Intolerable
Abbas Nixes Independent PA Declaration of Independence
Netanyahu: Olmert Government Taking Measures to Cede Jerusalem
Poll: 75% of Young Israeli Arabs Support Voluntary National Service
Shas Knesset Member: Homosexuality Causes Earthquakes newsletter: 8fax0222.txt
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Israel Opposed US Lawmakers' Offer to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
Report: Barak Plans War on Hamas, Hizbullah
Woman Who Allegedly Killed Prisoners at Nazi Concentration Camp Dies
Something New for the Shabbat Table newsletter: 8fax0225.txt
Israeli Firefighters Can Leave if Attacked
Israel: Hamas to Blame if Civilians are Hurt in Gaza Border March
Israeli Mayor Calls for Truce Talks with Hamas
Obama Helped Fund Organization That Rejects 'Racist' Israel's Existence
A Hole in the Temple Mount: God Made It
Rebel Catholics: Pope Caved on Prayer to Convert Jews newsletter: 8fax0226.txt
Holocaust Film from Austria Wins Oscar
Two IDF Officers Injured While Testing Captured Hizbullah Weapons
Obama: Don't Equate 'Pro-Israel' and 'Pro-Likud'
`Observer' Prints Pictures of Anne Frank Love Interest
Securing Jerusalem's Place on the Monopoly Board
Sinatra Reportedly Helped Run Guns to Israel
Clinton: Israel's Birth Proved OK to Ignore Laws newsletter: 8fax0228.txt
JCPA Endorses 2-State Solution
New Poll Finds Majority of Israelis Support Talks with Hamas
IDF Air Strikes Kill 6 Terrorists in Gaza
Is Hamas Kids' TV Rabbit Encouraging Cannibalism?
Obama Vows To be Friend of Israel, Disowns Farrakhan
Ayalon's Goal: 100,000 Immigrants in 10 Years newsletter: 8fax0229.txt
Hamas Thinks Israel will Soon Fold
Violence Escalates Along Gaza Border
Ashkelon Under Rocket Attack
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