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JCPA Endorses 2-State Solution

By Israel Faxx News Services

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs endorsed for the first time a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At its annual plenum in Atlanta , the body, an umbrella group representing 14 national Jewish groups and 125 local Jewish community relations councils, resolved that "the organized American Jewish community should affirm its support for two independent, democratic and economically viable states -- the Jewish state of Israel and a state of Palestine-- living side-by-side in peace and security."

The resolution also included compromise language reflecting American Jewry's "diverse views about current and future policies of the Israeli government towards settlements," and blamed the standstill in the peace process on Palestinian intransigence.

New Poll Finds Majority of Israelis Support Talks with Hamas

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem) &

A new poll in Israel said a majority of Israelis would support holding talks with Hamas Islamic terrorists who control the Gaza Strip.

According to the poll that was commissioned by the left-of-center Ha'aretz newspaper, 64 percent of Israelis said their government should hold talks with Hamas - to end the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip and obtain the release of an Israeli soldier held by Hamas.

Camille Fuchs, who heads the Department of Statistics at Tel Aviv University, supervised the poll of 500 Israelis. He said the data indicates people want to find a solution to the problem of Gaza.

"The feeling is the people would like to see some kind of movement, some kind of solution. It does not mean that Hamas is less of a terrorist organization than they thought before," Fuchs said. "The rockets falling indiscriminately in Sderot do not make them think good things about Hamas but probably people want a solution."

According to the poll, 55 percent of voters who identify with the center-right Kadima Party, and 72 percent of Labor Party voters, would support holding talks with Hamas if that led to an end to violence emanating from Gaza. Forty-eight percent of voters who support the right-wing Likud Party would also support such talks.

Camille Fuchs says a broad majority of Israelis have also come to believe that peace with the Palestinians will only come about if Israel disengages from settlements it has built in the occupied West Bank

"The public opinion is today in to a direction that it is for a solution," Fuchs said. "That is clear to people even in the right wing who are talking about a two-state solution. They know more or less what kind of solution we are talking about. It is quite clear to the great majority of the population that the great majority of the settlements are going to be given up and now it is taking just too long to get that solution."

In a stark reminder of just how vulnerable Israelis living in southern Israel feel, an Israeli man was killed at a college near the town of Sderot by a rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza, another Israeli man was wounded in the attack. Hamas terrorists claimed to have fired more than 20 rockets at southern Israel, including eight at Sderot.

Roni Yahya, 47, a father of four, is the man killed by the Kassam rocket in Sapir College Wednesday. Yahya was from Moshav Bitcha, a Yemenite moshav (agricultural community) Bitcha, located near Ofakim.

Yahya was mortally wounded when a rocket landed near him in the Sapir College parking lot. He died of his wounds shortly afterwards. A second man was wounded in the attack.

Yahya underwent a kidney transplant several years ago, after he quit working as a cement truck driver due to a kidney ailment. A neighbor told Ma'ariv/NRG that Yahya was attending a course given by the National Insurance Institute in Sapir College, when the rocket struck next to him.

The death is likely to increase pressure on the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to carry out a large-scale military operation against militants in Gaza.

Earlier in the day five Hamas militants were killed as they drove in a van near the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis. Israeli forces in the northern and central Gaza Strip killed three other terrorists.

Fifteen people were hospitalized at Ashkelon's Barzilai hospital following a large scale Kassam attack launched by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. One rocket landed near the Carlsberg beer factory and hit a power line. This, in turn, caused intermittent local blackouts.

Israel was bombarded with close to 30 rockets between 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., and another four hit the Ashkelon area around 6 p.m. One of the latter landed in an open area just outside Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, north of Gaza, and several people were treated for shock. Electricity in parts of the city was knocked out for short periods by the rockets.

IDF officials reported Wednesday that the rockets fired at Ashkelon were Russian "Grad" Katyushas. The Grad rockets have almost double the range and payload of the smaller Kassam rockets usually used by Gaza terrorists. Gaza terrorists have rarely used Katyushas, although intelligence officials estimate that they possess Katyushas and other long-range rockets

IDF Air Strikes Kill 6 Terrorists in Gaza

By VOA News

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas said five of its members were killed in an Israeli air strike in southern Gaza Wednesday. Hamas said the strike targeted a vehicle near the town of Khan Younis. Israel's army confirmed the incident.

Separately, Palestinian militants and medical sources said an Islamic Jihad member was killed Wednesday in a similar pre-dawn air strike in the central Gaza Strip. That incident was not immediately confirmed by Israel.

Is Hamas Kids' TV Rabbit Encouraging Cannibalism?


A Hamas-run children's TV program aired recently encouraging hatred of Denmark, the West and Israel. The show's star, a rabbit named Assud, threatened to "bite and eat" the Danish if they republish cartoons of Islam's founder, Mohammed. The video can be seen at

"If they repeat it we will kill them," Assud explains to the young viewers. "I will bite them and eat them!"

The program focuses on the call to boycott Danish and Israeli products. "Denmark and the West are targeted because of the Mohammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper," Palestinian Media Watch Director Itamar Marcus points out in a recent dispatch. "Israel is targeted because it exists."

Saraa, the young TV hostess of the program, describes the publication of the Mohammad cartoons as "the West's attack against [Mohammed]." The program then features children phoning into the program to condemn the "cowardly infidels" and vow to fight them.

"The children's show, Tomorrow's Pioneers, has used its previous animal character co-hosts, the Mickey Mouse look-alike Farfur and the bee Nahul, to champion violence, promote hatred of Israel and preach about world Islamic supremacy," Marcus said. "To further reinforce its anti-Israel message, Hamas has killed off both characters and blamed Israel."

Obama Vows To be Friend of Israel, Disowns Farrakhan


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama stressed his "stalwart support" of Israel. He has been trying to overcome a massive e-mail campaign that has characterized him as pro-Muslim, with one series of e-mails falsely labeling him as a Muslim who wears the disguise of a Christian.

Obama declared, "I have been a stalwart friend of Israel. I think they are one of our most important allies in the region, and I think that their security is sacrosanct." He condemned anti-Israel and anti-Jewish tirades by Nation of Islam preacher Louis Farrakhan, who earlier this week gave the senator an unwelcome endorsement.

Ayalon's Goal: 100,000 Immigrants in 10 Years


Former Ambassador to the United States Danny Ayalon, co-chairman of the Nefesh B'Nefesh aliyah (immigration) organization, said recently that that his group's goal is to assist 100,000 Jews in making aliyah over the next decade.

The group plans to bring 6,000 immigrants in 2008, its largest number of immigrants in a single year to date.

Ayalon explained that Nefesh B'Nefesh does not convince US Jews to make aliyah. Instead, he said, "We find those who are already convinced due to religious reasons, Zionism, family, or any other factor, and we help them handle the difficulties of absorption and social and financial difficulties, and deal with Israeli bureaucracy."

In addition to bringing Jews to Israel, Ayalon said, groups must help them to remain in Israel. He pointed out that while 54 percent of immigrants from the US did not remain in Israel in 2002, only 0.5 percent left in 2007. Of the 14,000 Jews who have immigrated with Nefesh B'Nefesh, he said, only 187 have left the country.

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