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2008 in Israel Begins with Removal of Guards from Buses
Four Palestinians Killed in Hamas-Fatah Gun Battles in Gaza
Olmert Curbs West Bank Settlement Construction
Israel Eyes Al-Qaida Threat
Israelis to Bush: Bring Pollard with You
MEMRI: Hamas TV Cartoon of Hareidis Undermining Al-Aqsa
Call to Murder Jews is Distributed in Ukraine Churches
Selling Falafel to Eskimos newsletter: 8fax0102.txt
The Poster Awaiting President Bush in Jerusalem
Olmert Calls on Hamas to Accept Early Elections
Arab Israeli Arrested for Cyber-Sabotage of Israeli Websites newsletter: 8fax0103.txt
Libya Named President of UN Security Council
Olmert Regime Bans Jewish Prayer from Temple Mount
More Israelis Relinquish Citizenship in 2007
Jewish Soldiers Say They Feel Secure Serving in German Army
Program Allows Jews to Give Immigration a Chance
2,200 Palestinian Pilgrims Re-Enter Gaza Despite Israeli Objections
At Least 7 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Strike in Gaza newsletter: 8fax0104.txt
Israel: H5N1 Bird Flu Strain Found at Kindergarten Zoo
Katyusha Lands Past Ashkelon
Netanyahu: 1948 Borders Mean Missiles in All of Israel
Rabbi Reportedly Wants Olmert Hanged
Israeli Arabs: Count Us Out of Palestinian State
Would-be Chabad Convert Turned Down
London-Tel Aviv Airline Takes Off as Fares Hurtle Down newsletter: 8fax0107.txt
Muslim Pilgrims to Receive Unemployment Payments
Israeli Regime to Welcome Bush with 'Open Arms'
Al Qaeda Tape Calls for Attacks on President Bush
Israeli Politicians Line Up for Barghouti's Release from Jail
Olmert Warned: 'Talk About Jerusalem - Break the Law'
Bush: US Would Defend Israel if Iran Attacks
Israel Warns of Iranian Missile Peril for Europe
World Jewry Living in Israel Hits 41 Percent in 2007 newsletter: 8fax0108.txt
Protest in Downtown Jerusalem on Thursday
Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Meet Before Bush Visit
Bush to Encourage Peace Efforts During Mideast Tour
Bush to Snub Netanyahu on Israel Visit
A Hypothetical Conversation Between Olmert and Bush
Scroll to Bush Reminds Him of His Historic Role newsletter: 8fax0109.txt
Bush: Iranian Navy Move Provocative, Dangerous
Abbas, Olmert Meet Before Bush Visit
Israel Files UN Complaint over Rocket Fire from Lebanon
A Hamas Ideologue Bares His Movement's Secret Designs and Dilemmas newsletter: 8fax0110.txt
Hizbullah: Bush Gave Olmert Green Light to Kill
Bush Says Now Is Time for Mideast Peace
GOP Candidate Ron Paul's Newsletters Vilify Israel
Coming Soon: Anne Frank the Musical
The French Anne Frank newsletter: 8fax0111.txt
Military Option Against Iran Persists
Bush Gets Mixed Welcome in West Bank
Three Arrested as Hundreds Hold Emergency Rally for Jerusalem
Berlin Investigates: Whatever Happened to Jewish Businesses?
North Carolina School Halts Nazi Role-Play
'Israeli Initiative' Film Trailer Stars on YouTube newsletter: 8fax0114.txt
Abbas: Israeli-Palestinian Talks on Core Issues to Begin Monday
Report: Olmert Agrees to Allow in 50,000 Arab 'Refugees'
Israel, US Agree on Security Issues during Bush Visit
Israel Military Up in Arms over Bush-Olmert Plan
Iran Plans on Destroying Tomb of King Cyrus, Friend of the Jews
Jewish Musician Receives "Palestinian" Citizenship newsletter: 8fax0115.txt
Yellow Star Protest in Germany Sparks Furor
US to Sell Precision-Guided Bombs to Saudi Arabia. (Are They Really Aimed at Iran?)
Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Hold Talks on Core Issues
High Court to Rule on Falash Mura Aliyah
Divorce Bill Aims to Prevent Extortion
Israeli Cowboys Take on American Wilderness newsletter: 8fax0116.txt
Jerusalem Gets First Solar-Powered Dumpster
At Least 18 Dead in Gaza Border Violence; 40 Kassam Rockets Hit Sderot
PA Chairman with PLO Flag That Erases Israel
The Untold Story of U.S.-Israel Secret Nuclear Deal
Ms. Magazine Refuses Ad Focusing on Israel's Women Leaders newsletter: 8fax0117.txt
Israelis Try to Keep Warm
Bush Ends Mideast Tour; Mubarak Endorses Peace Effort
Israeli Troops Kill Islamic Jihad Commander in West Bank
Right Wing Party Pulls Out of Israeli Government
Olmert Flip Flops: Says Diaspora Jews Should Speak Out
Nazi Archives' Opening Helps Israeli Man Track Father's Holocaust Death newsletter: 8fax0118.txt
Ahmadinejad: Israelis Afraid to Strike Us: Israel Tests New missile
Sderot: As Rockets Continue to Fall, Protesters Get Arrested
Olmert Vows 'War' Against Gaza
U.S. Peace Partner's Group Shoots at Jew
'Syrian Spy' Busted Before Israel's Nuke Attack
The White House's Travel Blog newsletter: 8fax0121.txt
Beaming Up a 60th Anniversary Communications Satellite
Israeli Cabinet Ministers Call for Assassination of Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah
UN Condemns Israel's Tightening of Sanctions on Gaza
Pardoned Terrorists Planning Suicide Attacks
Saudi Prince: If Israel Quits Arab Land, It Could Join Arab World
Rome's Jewish Vendors of Souvenirs Protest Against Their Expulsion from Vatican newsletter: 8fax0122.txt
German Jews Warned Of Imminent Terror Attacks
Israel to Allow Limited Food, Fuel into Gaza
Israeli Jews: No Voice for Diaspora Jews on Status of Jerusalem
New Israeli Satellite 'Sees' Through Clouds
West Bank Rabbi: Don't Sell Mezuzahs to Reform Jews
Saudi Arabia to Let Women Drive
Dalia Rabin Backtracks in Row with Academic over Speech in Arabic newsletter: 8fax0123.txt
Stars to Celebrate Israel's 60th Birthday
Bolton: Israel May Have to Strike Iran Soon
Israel Unveils Plans for Missile to Counter Hizbullah Missiles
Should Israel Kill Her Killers?
Why GOP Candidate Mike Huckabee Worries Jewish Voters newsletter: 8fax0124.txt
Amazon Halts Sale of 'I Love Heinrich Himmler' T-Shirts
Palestinians Rushed into Egypt's Sinai to Buy Food, Fuel
Statement on Gaza Stalls in UN Security Council
Rice Offers Iran Prospect of Normal Ties
Children in the Ghetto newsletter: 8fax0125.txt
Gaza Journalists: Hamas Faked Blackout Scenes
Terror Attacks North and South of Jerusalem
Palestinians Savor Open Gaza Border
Bush Spokeswoman: 'Israel to Work Out Land Return to Palestinians'
And Out of Zion Shall Come Forth the Electric Car
'Three Little Pigs' Rejected as Offensive to Muslims newsletter: 8fax0128.txt
Israeli Children to Collect Marbles for Memorial
Barak: Iran Preparing Nuclear Warheads
Bomb Auschwitz Today—It's Located in Iran
20 Years of Research Reveals: Jerusalem Belongs to Jews
World Remembers Victims of Holocaust newsletter: 8fax0129.txt
Israel Apologizes to the Beatles
Olmert: `Jews Will Never Again be Powerless.' Abbas: No PA State Without Jerusalem
Report: Chief Rabbi Says Move Gazans to a Palestine in Sinai
Egypt Tightens Control Along Gaza Border
Iran: We are Close to Restoring Ties with Egypt
Dutch Jewish Group Slams Postcard of Anne Frank in Kaffiyeh newsletter: 8fax0130.txt
Wednesday is 75th Anniversary of Hitler's Rise to Power
'Palestinian State (is) Temporary Ruse to Destroy Israel'
Fatah TV Broadcasts Daily Call For Ethnic Cleansing of Jews
Abbas, Hamas Due in Cairo for Talks on Gaza Border
Methodists Back Call for Ending 'Siege'
Israeli Company Developing Hydrogen-Powered Car
Obama tells Jews: 'I Never Practiced Islam'
Stormy Weather Sweeps Across Israel newsletter: 8fax0131.txt
Jerusalem Snowed In
Israeli War Commission Finds 2006 Lebanon War Marked by Failure
Ahmadinejad to West: Accept Israel's 'Imminent Collapse'
'Intimidation Forces' Work to Divide Jerusalem
Study: Cracks Spread in Berlin Holocaust Memorial
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