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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax1203.txt
US Church Dumps 'Negative' Nazi Imagery
Israel Lowers Expectations for Peace Deal by End of 2008
Study: U.S., Israel Should Plan Iran Strike
Temple Institute: High Priest's Crown is Ready!
Putin Wins Big in Be'er Sheva
U.S. Holocaust Museum to have Public Access to ITS Records This Month newsletter: 7fax1204.txt
IDF Seeks Stand-Up Comedians
Report: Israel's Syrian Bombing Hit Nuclear Bombs
Israel Releases 429 Palestinian Prisoners
Increased Cancer Awareness among Holocaust Survivors Recommended
New Tourist Bus Line Launched in Tel Aviv newsletter: 7fax1205.txt
Israeli Minister Rebuffs Report on Iran Nuke Freeze
Accusation: Olmert Long Planned Dividing Jerusalem
Bush to Visit Israel in January
Imus to Huckabee: Can Jews go to Heaven? newsletter: 7fax1206.txt
$900 Million to be Invested in Two New PA Cities
Israel Air Force Head Draws Iran-Hitler Link
Hitler a Hero on Palestinian Authority Radio
Israeli Troops Ready to Move into Gaza
Judea and Samaria: IDF Rounding Up Jews' Weapons
Chanukah in Iraq Calls for a Little Creativity
Promoters: Evel Knievel was Anti-Semite
Knesset's Menorah Sculpture to Relocate newsletter: 7fax1207.txt
Flag and Anthem for a New Jewish Nation
Fatah 'Peace Partner' Ready to Unite with Hamas
New PA Law: Negotiating Jerusalem is an Act of Treason
Israel to Disclose Secrets of Citizenship Process
Text '1' to be Saved by Jesus, '2' for St. Lucy... newsletter: 7fax1210.txt
Olmert: Israel will Expose Iranian Nuke Plan
Israel Plans to Keep Jewish Neighborhoods in Disputed E. Jerusalem
Gates Calls Iran Threat to Middle East, US
Israeli Doctor Links Cell Phone Use to Cancer
Study: Israelis Don't Trust Reporters
Study: Expatriate Children of Israelis
Chabad Joins Second Life
Chabad's New Israel Awareness Course
Two Shekel Coin Makes Appearance newsletter: 7fax1211.txt
Russia Wants Jews to Return
Israeli Official: Palestinians Can Rename Jerusalem 'Whatever They Want'
Egypt, Saudi Arabia Attempt Another Fatah-Hamas Unity Government
Olmert: Israel Works to Expose Iran Nuclear Program
US Joint Chiefs Chairman in Tel Aviv for Talks on Iran Threat
Palestinians Expand Rocket Range
New List of Holocaust Victims' Stolen Assets Available newsletter: 7fax1212.txt
Hamas' Mashaal Agrees to Return Control of Gaza to Abbas
Israeli Forces Launch Gaza Offensive, 6 Terrorists Killed
Palestinian Song Praises Attacks Eliciting 'Chunks of Flesh of Jews'
Support Sought for Temple Mount Synagogue
Avoid the Middle East? On the Contrary newsletter: 7fax1213.txt
Muslim Hero Saves Jews in Subway Attack
Sarkozy: Israel Could Attack Iran
Israeli-Palestinian Meeting Ends in Acrimony
IDF Rabbi Opposes Women in Combat Units
By by Gil Ronen
Unrepentant Nazi, 84, Calls Auschwitz a '10-Star Hotel' newsletter: 7fax1214.txt
Woman Strips at Kotel
Barak Agreed To Hand Temple Mount & Yesha to Arabs in 2000 Talks
Russia, France, Germany, Algeria and USA Training Fatah Commandos
PA Children Promise to 'Wipe Out' Zionists
Poll: 63 Percent of Israelis would Welcome Ethiopian into their Family
Record Number of Students to Take Part in Birthright Israel newsletter: 7fax1217.txt
Poll: Americans Have Overwhelming Support for Israel
Israeli Delegation to Tell US Iran Still Pursuing Nuclear Arms
Israeli Air Force is Training Abroad 'for Iran'
Abbas Leads Fatah - to Terrorism
Exposed: U.S. Funded Hamas University
Demanding By Ed Ziegler (Commentary) newsletter: 7fax1218.txt
No Papal Visit to Israel in '08
Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorist Eliminated in Airstrike
Dershowitz Blasts U.S. Intelligence Report on Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program
Israel Approves 'No Land for Jews' Patriarch
Ultra-Orthodox Jews Get a Dispensation for Limited Internet Use newsletter: 7fax1219.txt
Technion Scientists Create Nano-Bible
13 Palestinian Terrorists Killed in Israeli Air Strikes
Hamas Plans Temple Mount Broadcast on Jewish Holiday
White House Announces Bush Mideast Itinerary
Deputy PM Ramon: We Will Swap Pre-1967 Land with the PA
Treasure-Hunting Sisters Find Human Remains from Roman Era newsletter: 7fax1220.txt
Germans Make Kosher 'Simcha' Beer
Israel Rejects Hamas Truce Offer
Arabs Desecrate Grave of Biblical Prime Minister Joshua
Israel Worried about Hamas Hajjis
New Patriot Anti-Aircraft System Passes Test With Flying Colors
Privileging Equality Rights over Religious Freedom
Catholic Leader Rejects Israel's Jewish Identity newsletter: 7fax1221.txt
World's Oldest Person - Israeli?
Hamas Setting Up West Bank Takeover
Report: Nuclear Bunker Being Built at Olmert's Home
The Fly That Visited Olmert's Residence newsletter: 7fax1224.txt
70 percent of Teens say Israeli Arabs Not Loyal
Olmert: No Cease-Fire Talks with Hamas
PA TV Brings Back Program Showcasing Martyrs' "70 Virgins"
Poll: Israel Public Believes it Must Prepare for War
Aliyah Numbers Lowest in 18 years
Emphasizing the 'Mitzvah' in Bar Mitzvah
Entire Old Testament Written on a Pinhead
Chief Rabbi: Only Centralized Lineage Records can Prevent Forbidden Marriages
Report: German Man Jailed for Teaching his Dog to Perform Nazi Salute newsletter: 7fax1225.txt
Barak: We'll Win the Next War
US Issues Nuclear War Predictions for Israel
Israel to Relax Criteria for Release of Terrorist Murderers
Arafat Founded 1970s Black September International Terror Group
Will Smith Sees 'Good' in Hitler
Short Story by Gilad Shalit at Age 11 to be Published
Israeli TV Series Puts Comedic Spin on Arab-Jewish Relations newsletter: 7fax1226.txt
40 Jews Make Secret Aliyah from Iran
Amid Diplomatic Row Israeli Defense Minister Heads to Egypt
Was Jesus Really Born in Another Bethlehem?
Grains of Sand: A Novel by 16-Year-old Gush Katif Historian newsletter: 7fax1228.txt
Officials Defend Decision to Publicize Iranian Aliyah
Iranian Jewish Organization Denies Involvement in Jewish Emigration
The Unthinkable Consequences of an Iran-Israel Nuclear Exchange newsletter: 7fax1231.txt
Jerusalem Square to be Renamed For Pollard Before Bush Visit
IDF Intercepts Explosives Agent Marked as EU Aid
Al-Qaeda Threatens Israel Directly
Huckabee's Plan
Chabad Messianists Lose Court Ruling
Their Way or Die
Prisoner Gets Cockroach Compensation
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