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70 percent of Teens say Israeli Arabs Not Loyal


According to a poll by the Smith Institute, 70 percent of Israeli youth believe that Israeli Arabs are not loyal to the state.

Half said they would change their minds if Arabs participated in non-military national service. Seventy-three percent of respondents said they identified as Jewish first, with their Israeli identity in second place. The teens overwhelmingly trusted the IDF over the government, with 73 percent saying they have full confidence in the army and only 11 percent saying the same for the government.

Five percent said they had no trust in the army, while 54 percent said they had no trust in the government. Researchers questioned 400 Israeli teens between the ages of 14 and 18. The research was conducted for the Israeli Zionism Institute in advance of the National Zionist Youth Congress, which will begin on Monday.

Olmert: No Cease-Fire Talks with Hamas

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel has rejected a ceasefire offer from the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. At the same time, Israeli settlement construction is casting a shadow over new peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel has no intention of halting anti-terror operations in Gaza, despite a truce offer from Hamas. Olmert told the Cabinet that "what is happening in Gaza is a real war between the Israeli army and terrorist groups." And he said, "The war will continue."

Hamas offered a truce last week, after Israeli air strikes took heavy casualties among Palestinian militants. Olmert said Israel has no interest in holding negotiations with elements that refuse to accept the basic principles of the international community. He was referring to Hamas, which has rejected demands by the world powers to renounce violence and recognize Israel.

Hamas also appears to be divided between the military wing and the more pragmatic political wing of the movement, which offered the truce. Nizar Rayan, who has close ties to the military wing, said a ceasefire is unacceptable. Rayan told Hamas Television that there would not be a truce until all of Palestine is liberated from the Jews.

Hamas seized control of Gaza six months ago, routing the forces of western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He now heads a more moderate government in the West Bank, which resumed peace talks with Israel this month after a seven-year break.

But negotiations hit a glitch Sunday when Israel announced plans to build more than 700 new apartments in disputed East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Palestinians accused Israel of sabotaging the talks, saying settlement construction violates the internationally-backed "Roadmap" peace plan. Israel says it reserves the right to build in neighborhoods that will remain under Israeli control in any future peace agreement.

PA TV Brings Back Program Showcasing Martyrs' "70 Virgins"


A Palestinian Authority TV mainstay is back on the screen, with the Virgins of Paradise reminding would-be suicide bomber terrorist shahids (martyrs) of the reward that awaits them when they die fighting the Jews.

Palestinian Media Watch alerted the public to the return of the program, which has been broadcast regularly over the past month after a hiatus of more than a year. The constant reruns may signal the need to increase motivation among PA Arab men to join the terrorist ranks and donate their lives to fighting Israelis.

The music video depicts a lovely Arab woman being shot in the chest, as she runs forward to greet a PA terrorist being released by IDF soldiers on the other side of a barbed wire fence. The young woman is next seen dressed in a white robe dancing with other similar maidens in a shining pool of water, while her grief-stricken lover hunches over her tomb in the night, grim determination in his eyes. The terrorist is then seen getting up and being shot in the back by Israeli soldiers as he is running from the gravesite. The scene flashes to the dancing maidens, including his love welcoming him, presumably to Paradise in reward for his Shahada (Death for Allah).

This scenario is based on Islamic traditions described in the Muslim holy book, the Koran (Suras 42, 44, 52, 56 and others) which states that a man who dies as a martyr is rewarded with eternal Paradise and 72 virgins upon his arrival. To view the video go to

Poll: Israel Public Believes it Must Prepare for War


A large majority of the Israeli public believes there will be another war in their future and that citizens must prepare themselves for that eventuality. Approximately 80 percent expressed that concern in a poll conducted recently by the Home Front Command

The Home Front Command has launched an information campaign designed to heighten civilian readiness for the possibility of an attack on Israel using nonconventional weapons. Every single household in Israel can expect to receive a pamphlet from the HFC in the mail in the coming days. The pamphlet contains instructions on how to behave in emergency situations and is named "Being Protected and Ready." Citizens are instructed on how to find the safest area of their apartment, if there is no pre-designated safety zone or bomb shelter.

The pamphlet that will be mailed to citizens' homes is in Hebrew only. English-speakers can ask for an English language version to be mailed to their homes by dialing 1207 from any phone to the Home Front Command's information center. The campaign, which will shortly begin airing on TV and radio, tells citizens: "When you hear the siren, you should enter the room, sit next to an inner wall, and not opposite a window. Remember, following the instructions saves lives."

The IDF Spokesman's Office also announced Sunday that the Home Front Command has posted instructional videos for children on its website ( ) to teach them how to protect themselves in case of attack. As part of the children's civil defense education campaign, said the IDF in a statement to the media, "The campaign will be accompanied by an extensive study program in all elementary schools. Teachers will teach a lesson on how to behave in an emergency situation and will distribute a homework booklet to be filled in together with the students' parents."

Aliyah Numbers Lowest in 18 years


In 2007, less than 20,000 people left their places of residence to make a home in Israel – the lowest number of new immigrants to come to the Jewish State since 1989. The Ministry of Absorption published aliyah statistics for 2007 on Sunday which showed a decrease of 6 percent in immigration from last year. There was also a 15 percent drop in the number of immigrants from former Soviet Union states.

Absorption Minister Jacob Edery responded to the low numbers by saying that "the drop in aliyah should be a red light for all of us; we must do everything possible to increase the rate of aliyah to Israel in order to breathe life into the Zionist enterprise which is so important to the state's history."

Today, there are more than one million olim living in Israel – they make up about 15 percent of the general population. One third of the new immigrants that arrived in 2007 were from former Soviet states, 19 percent came from Ethiopia, 15 percent made aliyah from North America and France and the rest came from Western Europe and Central and Southern America.

Women made up 52 percent of the olim. Fifty-four percent of the immigrants were single and 35 percent came as married couples. Nearly a third of the newly arrived soon-to-be Israelis had training in the sciences, 15 percent were students and 9 percent were industrial workers.

The oldest new immigrant was 99 years-old and came from the UK. Fifty of the new immigrants were nonagenarians. Fourteen percent were planning to settle in Jerusalem – the most popular destination among the fresh recruits in recent years.

The Ministry of Absorption will invest NIS 19 million in organizations that work to convince Israelis who have left Israel to live abroad to return to their home. According to Edery, his ministry intends to invest "vast resources to increase the scope of aliyah, while developing detailed attractive programs for various target audiences and supporting organizations that encourage aliyah."

Emphasizing the 'Mitzvah' in Bar Mitzvah


A British family arrived in Israel over the weekend accompanied by the 160 guests to their son's bar mitzvah to celebrate the rite of passage in an unusual, yet commendable manner. Once the party cleared customs at Ben-Gurion airport, they headed to a soup kitchen in Jerusalem where they went into the kitchen, pulled up their sleeves and got to work serving the needy warm meals.

The altruistic gesture was initiated by the bar mitzvah boy himself, 13-year-old James Newman from London, with the help of his parents, Neville and Michelle.

James' family has been quite involved with pro-Israel activism for some time. Since he was a small child, James has traveled around England with his father who raises money for the Jewish National Fund in the UK. Unsurprisingly, some of his parents' activism rubbed off on James and, as preparations for his bar mitzvah neared, he asked his parents to organize a massive pilgrimage to Israel to give a hand to those in need to mark the event. "I wanted to actually help others for my bar mitzvah," James said. "We decided that we would contribute to a soup kitchen for the needy."

Last Friday morning, the bar mitzvah group arrived in Israel and the delegation headed to a Jerusalem soup kitchen which primarily offers assistance to Holocaust survivors. Everyone went into the kitchen, pulled up their sleeves and started peeling potatoes and cutting vegetables. After cooking a big meal for the soup kitchen's regulars, they prepared 500 care packages which were distributed to the disadvantaged.

The family then hosted a festive dinner for the bar mitzvah guests at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The good deeds continued there as well, as the family invited two needy children who were also celebrating their bar mitzvah – as well as their friends and family – to join in on the celebration. "We did this with a warm heart in order to help those who don't have a way of getting by. It's a big mitzvah. James is lucky and has a good life. We wanted him to be exposed to the lives of others that struggle with hardships so that he could help them," Neville said.

Entire Old Testament Written on a Pinhead

By Newswise

In a nanotechnology breakthrough, scientists from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have printed the entire Old Testament onto a silicone chip smaller than a pinhead (less than 1/1000th of an inch).The idea to write the Old Testament on such a tiny surface was conceived by Technion Professor Uri Sivan of the Faculty of Physics, who is also head of the university's Russell Berrrie Nanotechnology Institute.

The text was written using a focused ion beam (FIB) generator that shot tiny particles called Gallium ions onto a gold surface covering a base layer of silicone. In a process that can be likened to digging a hole in the earth using a water jet, the ion beam etched the surface of the gold layer, making the underlying silicone layer visible.

The actual "writing" of the full text took just 90 minutes. The computer program that guided the FIB, however, took more than three months. "The nano-bible project demonstrates the miniaturization at our disposal," said Sivan. "This research could lead to the creation of more advanced miniature structures -- and imaging -- on a nanometric scale, advances in storing information in very small spaces, and the use of DNA molecules to store information."

According to the researchers, the nano-bible will now be photographed and expand 10,000 times - and still be small enough to fit into a 75-square foot frame to be hung in the Technion Faculty of Physics. The photograph's size will make it possible to read the entire Old Testament with the naked eye. The height of each letter will be three millimeters. The original nano-bible will be displayed next to the photograph.

Chief Rabbi: Only Centralized Lineage Records can Prevent Forbidden Marriages


"A strictly observant, learned man who studied at a prestigious yeshiva recently applied for permission to marry. But a rabbinical examination revealed that he was not even Jewish - his father married had a gentile woman after the Holocaust and had been too ashamed to tell his children the truth."

The above is one of the examples Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger cited as leading him to begin working towards the establishment of a worldwide information center in which information on all Jewish marriages will be stored. "There is a need for a computerized center to gather information on all Jews who marry according to Jewish law," Metzger said last week at the 'World Conference on Jewish Civil Law' in Jerusalem. In his speech, the rabbi stressed the importance of marriage witnesses' testimony to prevent legal errors.

Metzger said that there is a need to correct stringent rulings on marriage registrations in Israel and abroad so as to avoid situations in which couples come before the rabbinate to marry and are rejected. Today, in Jewish communities across the world, anyone who wants to marry is forced to prove their Judaism by submitting to an in-depth investigation by a rabbinical court of Jewish law (Beit Din).

Report: German Man Jailed for Teaching his Dog to Perform Nazi Salute

By Ha'aretz

A German man with a Hitler obsession has been jailed for five months for teaching his pet dog to perform a Nazi salute, according to the British tabloid The Sun.

The paper reported that the dog, named Adolf, had been taught by owner "Roland T" to lift his paw sharply into the air when he heard the words "Heil Hitler." The former car salesman was reportedly caught after he boasted of the trick to police. Performing a Nazi salute is outlawed in Germany, as is Nazi insignia and Holocaust denial.

According to The Sun, "Roland T" planned to have Adolf put to sleep to mark the anniversary of Hitler's suicide in 1945. The dog has now been placed in an animal shelter, the reports said, where staff members are training him to raise his paw to shake hands, rather than perform a Nazi salute. "Roland T," meanwhile, fears that he will not get his pet back after he has completed his jail sentence.

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