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World's Oldest Person - Israeli?

By Israel Faxx News Services

The world's oldest person may be Israeli. Authorities believe that an Israeli Arab living in a Pardes Hana mental health asylum is 120 years old, which would make him the world record-holder, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The man, whose name was withheld from publication, has been institutionalized since the 1920s, rarely speaks and is not known to have any surviving relatives. The Guinness Book of World Records lists a 114-year-old American woman as the oldest living person.

Hamas Setting Up West Bank Takeover


Security organizations affiliated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization were "astonished" to discover Hamas has, during the past few months, been setting up a so-called military wing in a West Bank city long dominated by Fatah, according to security sources speaking to WND.

Hamas leaders in recent weeks vowed their organization would seize the West Bank if Israel hands the territory to Abbas, just as Hamas seized the Gaza Strip last June, overtaking all U.S.-backed Fatah security compounds in less than one week.

At last month's U.S.-backed Annapolis summit, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert committed to aim at concluding an agreement to create a Palestinian state by the end of 2008, with Israel widely expected to evacuate most of the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

According to Palestinian security officials, a recent Fatah investigation discovered Hamas during the past two months attempted with some success to establish a military wing in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, a longtime Fatah stronghold, although the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad terror group also has a presence there.

Hamas gunmen in Jenin were thought to number in the dozens, but the PA found out Hamas purchased over 600 high-powered assault rifles and distributed them to fighters in the city, the security officials said. The officials said Fatah raids confiscated about 100 rifles, but they believe 500 more were handed out by Hamas in Jenin.

Fatah's investigation also found that members of its declared military wing, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group, were recruited by Hamas in Jenin with higher paychecks, security officials said.

The issue is significant since Hamas' infiltration of Fatah in the Gaza Strip was thought to have been the Achilles heel that led to the terror group's takeover last summer of the entire Gaza Strip.

The investigation also found many Fatah Brigades gunmen granted amnesty last June by Olmert sold their weapons to Hamas, which stockpiled and distributed the rifles in Jenin, said the Palestinian security officials. The amnesty was granted as an Israeli gesture to bolster Abbas against Hamas and was conditioned on Brigades terrorists handing in their weapons to the PA for a fee.

Fatah's investigation was initially sparked because of a noticeable spike in the price of assault rifles in the West Bank, the security officials told WND. The officials said Fatah also confiscated $350,000 in cash from a Hamas official in the West Bank city of Ramallah last week. They said the cash was meant to purchase more weapons for Hamas gunmen in the West Bank. The investigation comes amid multiple signs Hamas is preparing for an eventual West Bank takeover.

Hours before the start of last month's Annapolis summit aimed at handing the West Bank to Abbas' organization, WND reported Israel cracked down on a cell of leading Palestinians suspected of setting up a Hamas military arm for the terror group to take over the strategic territory.

Israeli security officials said they were concerned Abbas' Fatah organization in the West Bank is "heavily infiltrated" by Hamas just as it was in Gaza.

Hamas' infiltration of Fatah in Gaza was so extensive, according to top Palestinian intelligence sources, it included the chiefs of several prominent Fatah security forces, including Yussef Issa, director of the Preventative Security Services, the main Fatah police force. Issa regularly coordinated security with the U.S. and Israel.

Israeli security officials said they were also concerned Abbas is not strong enough in the West Bank to impose law and order without the help of the Israeli army. According to the officials, Fatah's intelligence apparatus routinely hands the Israel Defense Forces lists of Hamas militants that threaten Fatah rule, requesting that Israel make arrests.

Hamas leaders in recent weeks warned they would take over the West Bank if Israel pulls out. At a Gaza rally last month, Hamas' leader in Gaza, Mahmoud al-Zahar, said, "Israel thinks Fatah in the West Bank is there to serve it, but we will take over the West Bank the way we took over Gaza."

Nizar Rayyan, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza, stated Hamas will soon control Abbas' office in the West Bank. "In the autumn, Hamas supporters will be praying in the Muqata compound in Ramallah (the site of Abbas' presidential office)," he said. "We are now praying at the presidential compound in Gaza, just as we said we would. Abbas' regime will fall like a leaf come autumn."

Report: Nuclear Bunker Being Built at Olmert's Home


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's residence is being outfitted with a bunker that can withstand a nuclear or chemical attack, an Israeli daily reported Thursday.

Workers at Olmert's official Jerusalem residence are thickening walls, digging, and installing air purification equipment capable of countering chemical agents, according to the report in Yedioth Ahronoth. Mark Regev, a spokesman for Olmert, would not comment on the report. "But obviously all governments have an obligation to guarantee the ongoing and efficient functioning of the government in a crisis situation," he said.

The Yedioth report quoted anonymous Olmert representatives as denying the construction of a bunker, saying the workers were merely adding a "safe room," a room with thick concrete walls and metal-shuttered windows that is a feature of many Israeli buildings. Israeli construction codes require such rooms to protect residents in case of rocket attacks.

The work at Olmert's residence follows the renovation of a bunker underneath the building housing his office, where Cabinet ministers are supposed to convene in case of an attack on Israel's government center in Jerusalem, the paper reported.

As part of the push to protect Israel's leaders from a non-conventional attack, the paper wrote, Israel is also building a giant nuclear bunker in the hills several kilometers (miles) outside Jerusalem that will be accessible via a tunnel leading from government offices inside the city.

The bunker is supposed to house the military's headquarters and top government officials if the country comes under nuclear attack. Work on the bunker began several years ago and is expected to end in 2011, the report said.

Israel concerns about a nuclear attack are focused mainly on Iran, its most bitter enemy. Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has said Israel should be "wiped off the map."

Iran is pursuing a nuclear program, but insists it isn't for military purposes. A US Intelligence report this month said Iran had abandoned its push to become a nuclear power. But Israel believes Iran is still trying to develop nuclear weapons and fears the Jewish state - which also has a sizable nuclear arsenal, according to foreign reports - would be the primary target.

The Fly That Visited Olmert's Residence

By Nadia Matar (Commentary)

I dreamed a dream. I dreamed about a fly who understood human speech. In my dream I see the fly coming through a window into the Prime Minister's residence, where it encounters Ehud Olmert and his guest, President Shimon Peres. This is the conversation between those two Israeli leaders:

Peres: Listen, Ehud, Abu Mazen will be arriving here shortly with Condoleezza Rice, and they expect you to explain to them how to solve the problem of the settlers. They want to hear a detailed program of how we will throw the 250,000 settlers from their homes, in order to transfer them from the territories to little Israel. Have you prepared such a program?

Olmert: Shimon, listen, we have a problem. Only Ariel Sharon was capable of carrying out a program of loading settlers on trucks and expelling them, as he did in Yamit and later in Gush Katif and northern Samaria. I don't have Sharon's strength, charisma, and backing to carry out such a plan. So what do you suggest? What should I do?

Peres: My dear friend, I have an idea.

The fly sees how Shimon Peres draws close to Olmert and whispers into his ear at length, at length. Olmert listens, internalizes, and smiles, satisfied. Peres leaves the room, Abu Mazen and Condoleezza Rice enter.

Abu Mazen approaches Olmert and says: Ehud, let's get right down to business. The only obstacle in the way of establishing a Palestinian state is the settlement enterprise. As long as there are settlers in the territories, we will not be able to establish our state. You promised us a plan for their removal. What is it?

Ehud Olmert: My dear Abu, due to various circumstances, we cannot repeat the scenario of Sharon's disengagement. This simply won't work. And so, the plan is that we will create a situation in which the settlers will leave of their own free will.

Abu Mazen: Dir balak [a common curse in Arabic], what a lot of nonsense. You know very well that most of the settlers are idealists, they love what they call their land, and it doesn't matter how much money you offer, they will never leave.

Olmert: But if we cause them to leave....Let me explain the details of the plan. The architects of the plan are Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, who have already been hard at work on it for a long time: we intend to transfer to you as the head of the Palestinian Authority, dozens of armored cars, thousands of rifles, and two million bullets. We will explain to Israel's citizens that you need this weaponry in order to contend with the enemies of the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli citizens will assume that we mean the members of Hamas.

But you and I know that it is the settlers who are both your and our enemies. They are in your way because they are an obstacle to the Palestinian state. They bother us, because they and their camp represent the Jews who cleave to the values of Zionism and their Jewish heritage. Once and for all, we must finish what we began with the Altalena, and ensure that this camp will never again take power. The elimination of the settlement enterprise will be such a great blow for them that they will never be able to recover from it. With our weapons you will be able to launch numerous terror attacks against the settlers and against the IDF soldiers who serve in the territories.

Day after day we will hear the news about terror victims and funerals - and so we will create a situation in which the settlers' lives will turn into a hell on earth. At the same time, the Four Mothers' movement will come to life and demand that the IDF be removed from the territories. The Israeli media, which is mobilized on behalf of the establishment of a Palestinian state, will do its part, as usual, and so, I hope, after a few months, most of the settlers will leave the hell we will make for them, of their own free will. We will know how to deal with the hard core that will remain under any conditions, with determination, and without sensitivity.

Abu Mazen: Wow, Ehud, you little genius! Now I understand why you agreed to release hundreds of our soldiers whom you had imprisoned. In this way, they will have another chance to carry out their mission: to kill Jews! However, the settlers have guns. Don't you think that they will oppose us and fight back?

Olmert: Don't worry. We thought about this, too. In about two months, in the beginning of February, a direct order will be issued to all the settlers who have been given blue documents (those who have been given permission to bear weapons in their settlement for guarding) that they have to return their permits. This will greatly reduce the number of settlers permitted to bear arms, and so you will be able to act almost unhindered. So that the settlers won't understand that this is a death trap, we have decided to give those with yellow documents permission to bear their weapons. Those settlers will be permitted to take their weapon and go anywhere with it. But the number of yellow document holders is minuscule, and so you don't have anything to worry about. I am certain that you will be able to take care of them.

But my dear Abu Mazen, before you become too enthusiastic - there is a condition and limitation to this entire plan.

Abu Mazen: And what is that?

Olmert: That this time, you will use the weapons we give you only against settlers and soldiers in the territories. And, of course, against the inhabitants of Jerusalem, because we realize that you also want Jerusalem, as well. But don't repeat the mistake you made in the past, when you began to murder us Israelis in Tel Aviv. You remember what happened in the nineties. Peres and Rabin signed the Oslo Accords. They brought Arafat and his gang, and gave them weapons for the clear purpose that this weaponry would be directed exclusively against the settlers, so that they would leave the territories. But Arafat's people were too happy and excited, and they began to use the weapons against the inhabitants of Gush Dan as well. This greatly annoyed Peres and Rabin. What, just like that, to murder the inhabitants of Gush Dan? That's going too far! And so we were forced to set aside the Oslo Accords.

Now we are giving you another chance. This time, you will honor the understanding between us: you are receiving weapons on condition that they will be directed only against settlers and soldiers in the territories and in Jerusalem. If, Heaven forbid, you dare to touch a single hair of a single Tel Avivian - we will not agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Right, Ms. Condoleezza Rice? You, too, agree to this plan?

Condoleezza Rice: Yes, sir! Very good! I like it!

Olmert: Obviously, the details of this plan cannot leave this room. Because unfortunately, according to all the polls, a majority of the Israeli public vehemently opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state. So I must take a different tack in order to lull the public. For example, I will soon have to allow the IDF to enter Gaza, in order to pretend that I am fighting terror. Don't worry. We won't kill more than a few low-level Kassam launch teams and then we will leave. This will divert the public's attention from our plan in the territories.

And so I beg you: don't leak what was spoken here. If the contents of our meeting are leaked to the public, the settler community and their many supporters in Israel are still liable to rise up, storm the barricades, and bring down the government - which will stop the establishment of the Palestinian state.

Condoleezza: Don't worry! There's no one in the room with us, except a little fly....

Condoleezza Rice and Abu Mazen shake Olmert's hand and leave the room. The fly follows them. In the corridor Condoleezza tells Abu Mazen: Great! Olmert is acting just as we expected. We will use him to establish your Palestinian state with Jerusalem as your capital. When this is accomplished, we will move on to Phase Two of our plan: the elimination of the State of Israel. I recommend beginning Phase Two with Kassam launches at the Ben-Gurion airport. You will be able to launch the Kassams from the ruins of the settlements, just as you are doing now in Gaza. This stage will come in the future.

Clearly, we must be patient. Today, we must focus on the war against the Zionist entity, within the '48 borders, as well. Don't forget to monetarily reward the 25 Arab families from Um-El-Faham that want to build houses within the Jewish settlement of Mei-Ami. They, too, are taking action for the elimination of the State of Israel as a Jewish state, and we must reward them, just the same as we reward the Kassam launch teams.

Abu Mazen hugs Condoleezza, smiles, and goes out to his automobile. The fly follows him to the car. From his car, Abu Mazen calls someone, and says:

Osama ... everything is going according to plan. Condoleezza is putting pressure on Olmert, and the plan for the elimination of Israel is being implemented. She thinks that she will thereby save the United States from the Islamic jihad. As if the elimination of Israel will satisfy us! She isn't any smarter than Olmert. Go for it - you can begin to plan our intifada in Europe and the United States. They will yet long for 9/11! Allah Akhbar!

Abu Mazen closes his cell phone, brushes away the fly, and crushes it against the window. He starts his car and drives away.

I woke up, and I turned on the radio. The Israel Radio News announced that the Olmert government plans to give the Palestinian Authority 50 armored cars, thousands of rifles, and two million bullets....

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