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Thief Electrocuted in Bat Yam


Residents of an apartment complex in Bat Yam called a technician on Monday after hearing a loud noise from the elevator shaft.

The technician arrived and found the body of a man who had clearly been electrocuted. Police said the man, a resident of Ashdod in his 30s, was supposed to be at home under house arrest due to suspicions that he was responsible for a series of break-ins.

The man was wearing socks on his hands at the time of his death, and police suspect he was attempting to break into apartments in the building in which he died

Bush Meets Olmert, Abbas Ahead of Mideast Conference

By Paula Wolfson (VOA-White House)

President Bush has met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders at the White House to set the stage for Tuesday's Mideast Conference in nearby Annapolis, Md. Bush says he is optimistic about the chances for progress in the peace process.

The three days of intensive Mideast diplomacy began with a handshake at the White House, as Bush sat down for one-on-one talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The president said he is looking forward to working with both Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to advance the peace process.

"I am looking forward to continuing our serious dialogue with you and the president of the Palestinian Authority to see whether or not peace is possible. I am optimistic. I know you are optimistic. And I thank you for your courage," he said.

White House officials said the president called the Mideast conference because he feels there are now leaders in place in Israel and the Palestinian Authority who are determined to tackle the tough issues and move forward, creating a launch pad for renewed negotiations, and mobilizing international support for the process.

Olmert said the presence of so many delegations in Annapolis is sure to make a difference. "This time it is different, because we are going to have lots of participants in what I hope will launch a serious process of negotiations between us and the Palestinians," he said. "This will be a bilateral process, but the international support is very important for us."

Later, at the start of a separate meeting with Abbas, Bush reaffirmed he does not see his role as that of a peacemaker, but stressed that he has no intention of imposing a solution but hoped to act as a facilitator.

President Abbas welcomed the gesture, and said he is hopeful about the prospects for peace. "We have a great deal of hope that this conference would produce permanent status negotiations - expanded negotiations - over all permanent status issues that would lead to a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian people - an agreement to secure security and stability," Abbas said.

The Annapolis Conference will mark the first time in more than a decade that Israelis will sit around a table with representatives of 16 Arab nations and the Arab league. Among the Arab states pledging to attend the conference are Saudi Arabia and Syria - neither of which recognizes the state of Israel.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, has condemned the meeting, as has the government of Iran, which has predicted it will end in failure.

Olmert: Israel, not U.S. Jews, will Decide the Future of Jerusalem

By Ha'aretz

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Monday categorically rejected assertions by U.S. Jewish leaders that Jerusalem is not an Israeli issue but "a Jewish one." The Jewish leaders are demanding that American Jews should have a say in any discussion about dividing Jerusalem.

Speaking at a news briefing Monday, Olmert said that the Jerusalem issue had "been determined long ago" and that "Israel is sovereign to decide on any issue regarding Israel." He said that at this stage, the matter was a theoretical rather than practical one, as the subject of Jerusalem was not yet on the negotiating table.

In recent weeks, as the Annapolis summit approached and rumors and leaks of future compromises in Jerusalem increased, several Jewish American figures, mainly from the Orthodox community, coalesced to present a hard line against the possibility of the capital's division.

Among other things they set up the Coordinating Council on Jerusalem, an umbrella organization identified with Jewish Republican circles, to resist any compromise regarding the city. The Orthodox Union (OU), the umbrella organization of Orthodox communities in the U.S., set up a Web site intended to mobilize people "to protect Jerusalem from being divided."

The OU adopted a resolution after the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza, breaking with its tradition of refraining from intervention in controversial political issues in Israel. It announced that it would no longer desist from expressing positions opposed to those of Israel's government when it believed this was called for.

A number of Jewish leaders have been saying lately, mostly off the record, that they do not believe Olmert's government would make what one of them called "irreversible decisions" concerning Jerusalem without consulting world Jewry.

Commenting on Olmert's statement Monday, the OU issued a statement saying that the organization's activity for Jerusalem was not intended to "dictate" moves to Israel, but to express the OU's "resolute stand" that all the Jews in the world had a share in "the holy city of Jerusalem" and that its partition was a move the Israeli government should not agree to.

Hamas, Hardline Israelis Denounce Annapolis Conference

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

Hamas terrorists and Israeli opposition leaders and their supporters on Monday denounced the Mideast peace conference set to get under way Tuesday in Annapolis, Md. It was also another violent day along the Israeli Gaza Strip border with four Palestinians killed in two separate incidents with Israeli troops.

About 15,000 Israelis marched through the streets of Jerusalem Monday night, gathering just outside the residence of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to denounce the Annapolis peace conference. Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who heads the right wing Likud Party, called the peace conference a continuation of one sided concessions.

Meanwhile, Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, who were not invited to the conference, stepped up their criticism of both the conference and of moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who they called a traitor to the Palestinian people.

Hamas, which refuses to recognize Israel, seized power in Gaza in June, ousting Abbas' Fatah movement from the territory. Ismail Haniyeh, a leading Hamas figure, said any agreements that come out of the Annapolis conference would be rejected by Palestinians. He said Abbas has no right to make concessions at Annapolis, and any agreements that come out of the conference would only be binding for those who sign them.

And later Monday evening, an estimated 25,000 people took part in a mass prayer service at the Western Wall against the positions that Israeli government leaders plan to take in Annapolis.

Annapolis Aids Islam's March to World Conquest

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

When the time comes for Peoples' Court in Israel, there will be numerous cases to adjudicate. In no particular order of importance or with accumulated charges, I would mention the following:

Ehud Olmert: Treason against the Jewish State of Israel by conspiring with foreign governments against the best interests of Israel's include collusion with her enemies to weaken the fabric of Israel's society thus making her more vulnerable to attack.

Shimon Peres: For colluding with Yasir Arafat at least since 1989 to create and implement a plan to drive the Jews out of Israel, starting with the territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria, including the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. These territories were all won in wars of defense when the Muslim Arabs committed acts of war against Israel and the Jews won. Shimon Peres' list of malfeasance and collusions include many more - especially the secret planning for Oslo I and 2, etc. with yet-to-be named co-conspirators.

Arik Sharon: Should be tried in absentia for his abandonment of 10,000 men, women and children from Gush Katif/Gaza and four communities in Northern Samaria and the destruction of all their homes, farms, factories, schools, yeshivas, synagogues and even their cemetery. Sharon's worst sin against the Jewish people of Israel was creating the atmosphere of surrender, retreat, abandonment of the Jewish Land (aided by Olmert). Sharon's motivation was to avoid personal investigation and indictment for misuse of his office to acquire family wealth illegally.

Tzipi Livni, Israel's current Foreign Minister: For her involvement in the Gush Katif/Gaza abandonment and later collusion with foreign powers to force abandonment of half of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and 2/3rds of Israel's potable water supply. This same charge should also be applied to Olmert, Peres, Barak and other named conspirators.

Ehud Barak, Israel's current Defense Minister: Was appointed by Ehud Olmert because when he was Prime Minister he ordered the IDF to run out of the Security Zone in South Lebanon leaving arms, vehicles and the South Lebanese Army allies. That move led to Hizbullah filling the vacuum and setting up forces that eventually attacked Israel last summer with 4000 Russian Katyusha missiles.

Is this a reason to be appointed Defense Minister by Olmert? Then there's the matter of Barak's attempt to turn over the Golan Heights to Syria. For all of the above and his current collaboration with the anti-Israel nationalism and abandonment of the Land, Barak was influenced by foreign interests. Such collusion should to be defined as Treason during a war.

Aharon Barak, former Chief Justice of Israel's Supreme Court, would be charged with misuse of his status in order to mold the Court as a "de facto" Knesset (Parliament). The use (misuse) of the Court to further Leftist doctrine thus weakened the State through ruthless and illegal use of Court powers.

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert seems prepared to make statements of commitments to abandon Israeli Land without affirmation of the Knesset. Therefore, the assembly at large will accept those statements as legally binding on the whole State of Israel, thus bringing the full force of most nations against Israel. Clearly, this is pre-meditated treason and a crime against the Jews of Israel and the world.

Calling Jerusalem! State Department's Strange Listing


The latest unclassified telephone directory of the U.S. State Department lists contacts in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem separately from those of the Jewish state.

The move comes as the U.S. promotes a political division of Jerusalem to accommodate demands of the Palestinian Authority, which seeks to base the capital of a future Palestinian Arab state in the city. The split of the Israeli capital is on the table at the Annapolis Middle East peace summit beginning Tuesday.

WND has obtained a draft Israeli-Palestinian declaration to be presented at the Annapolis conference and to serve as an official outline of a final settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian leaders have asked the U.S. to support a demand that the Palestinian Authority be allowed to open official representative institutions in eastern sections of Jerusalem, including a sanctioned headquarters in Israel's capital, WND has learned.

Political sources in Jerusalem said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is studying the request. The opening of PA offices in Jerusalem would serve as a major statement that the city would become the capital of a future Palestinian state, said senior Palestinian negotiators speaking to WND.

In line with previous Israeli-Palestinian accords, the PA until now has been barred from conducting political activity in Jerusalem, although it maintained an office, called Orient House, in an eastern Jerusalem neighborhood that previously functioned as a de facto PA headquarters.

Orient House was closed down by Israel in 2001 following a series of suicide bombings in Jerusalem and information Israel said indicated it was used to plan and fund terrorism. Thousands of documents and copies of bank certificates and checks captured by Israel from Orient House – including many documents obtained by WND – showed the offices were used to finance terrorism, including direct payments to the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group.

At the Annapolis summit, Olmert is widely expected to outline a Palestinian state in most of the West Bank, which borders Jerusalem and is within rocket range of Tel Aviv and Israel's international airport. Hamas leaders, including the group's chief in Gaza, repeatedly have vowed to take over the West Bank if Israel withdraws from the strategic territory. Hamas in June seized the Gaza Strip, overrunning all U.S.-backed compounds of Abbas' Fatah organization.

There have been reports – denied by Olmert – the prime minister will also seek to hand over eastern sections of Jerusalem to Abbas. Last month, Olmert hinted he would be willing to divide Jerusalem, asking during a speech whether it was "really necessary" to retain certain Arab neighborhoods in Judaism's capital.

Vice Premier Haim Ramon, a member of Olmert's ruling Kadima party, last month reportedly mapped out a future partition of Jerusalem under a deal with the Palestinians.

Ramon wrote in a letter to Jerusalem City Councilman Nir Barkat, according to the Israeli web site, that under his plan, "The Jewish neighborhoods (of Jerusalem) will be recognized as Israeli and under Israeli sovereignty. Accordingly, the Arab neighborhoods will be recognized as Palestinian."

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