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Israel Braces for Nuclear-Armed Iran

By Israel Faxx News Services

Israel is preparing for a nuclear-armed Iran. Despite repeated public warnings that it will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, the Olmert government has recently instructed Israeli authorities to prepare for the eventuality of the Jewish state's arch-enemy attaining the bomb, political sources said Tuesday.

The preparations include proposals for revamping Israel's civil defense system and for countering any new emigration trends or drops in tourism caused by fear of an Iranian nuclear attack. Jerusalem officials said only that Israel is preparing itself for a range of possible future threats.

Hamas Cracks Down on Fatah in Gaza Strip

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

Hamas terrorists said they have arrested about 50 members of the rival Fatah political faction in the Gaza Strip. The arrests came one day after seven people were killed in violence between the two factions. Monday's violence was the worst since Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah in June.

Hamas gunmen reportedly opened fire at a mass demonstration called to commemorate the third anniversary of the death of Palestinian President Yasir Arafat. In the ensuing violence, Hamas and Fatah gunmen exchanged fire, causing scenes of chaos reminiscent of the worst fighting between the two factions earlier this year.

On Tuesday, Hamas militants arrested Fatah supporters in Gaza they claim were responsible for some of the violence at the rally, which was attended by an estimated 200,000 people.

Yasser Abd Rabo, a senior Fatah official and a close aide to moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, accused Hamas of criminal behavior. He said Hamas is isolating themselves from ordinary Palestinians and behaving like the Israeli occupation forces.

Abbas, whose Fatah-led government controls the West Bank, declared three days of mourning in the Palestinian territories. Most businesses were closed in Gaza City Tuesday. Mohammed Dahlan, the senior Fatah leader in Gaza until he was forced to leave the territory in June, has called for more rallies to protest Hamas in Gaza, saying ordinary Palestinians have had enough of Hamas rule.

Rice Urges Israel to Make Compromises for Peace

By David Gollust (VOA-Washington)

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told American Jewish leaders Tuesday that Israel, confident of U.S. security backing, needs to make difficult choices necessary for peace with the Palestinians. Rice is preparing to host an international conference aimed at expediting Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

She said that what is at stake in the current diplomacy is nothing less that the future of the Middle East. And while reiterating that all the parties need to be prepared to compromise, she focused on Israel, which she said enjoys unquestionable and unshakable U.S. security support and needs to make hard decisions, confidently, for the sake of peace.

Addressing a conference of Jewish leaders and community activists in Nashville, Tenn., Rice said violent extremists led by Iran are doing all they can to impose what she termed their hate-filled ideologies on the people of the Middle East.

She said this makes the current quest for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict more urgent than ever, in order to give Palestinians a realistic prospect of statehood and to, as she put it, arrest their slide into despair.

"That ladies and gentlemen is my fear, that if Palestinian reformers cannot deliver on their peoples hope for an independent state, then the moderate center could collapse, and the next generation of Palestinians could become lost souls of unbridled extremism," she said.

Rice heaped praise on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a true partner for peace with Israel and said a responsible Palestinian state can be a bulwark against regional extremists. She said getting there will require hard choices from all the parties including the United States' Arab allies.

"Israelis and Palestinians alike need to recognize that peace will require difficult, painful sacrifices to some of their longest-held aspirations. The same is true for responsible Arab states. If our Arab friends of long-standing truly desire peace, then they need to demonstrate to their people and to the world that they believe that Israel has a permanent home in the Middle East," she said.

Rice, who returned from her latest mission to the Middle East last week, is trying to persuade key Arab moderates like Saudi Arabia to attend the U.S.-sponsored conference, planned for Annapolis, Md. as early as the last week of this month.

Aides say she may make yet another trip to the area before the conference that will focus on enlisting Arab support and participation. Rice said the Annapolis meeting would be serious and substantive but would neither replace the 2003 international Middle East peace road map nor supplant direct negotiations between the parties.

Who will Speak for the Jews at Annapolis?

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

Will it be Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice? I don't think so, given her prejudicial interests, having invited every enemy of the Jewish State to this conference. No, Rice will not speak for the Jews.

Will Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzippi Livni or President Shimon Peres speak for the Jews? Regrettably, the answer is no, given they have already made it plain they speak for their own ideology of giving up the Land and converting what's left into a secular State where Judaism is unwelcome.

We already know, as does the world at large, that Olmert is a low person without honor, ethics or a belief in God. We know that Livni is merely a witless grub who cannot point to one fruitful decision in her term of office. As for Peres, long an extension of Vatican policy for an International Jerusalem and abandonment of the Land of Israel. None of the above can or will speak for the Jews.

What about the United Nations? Will they speak for the Jews? If past performance is any indication, they will not only NOT speak for the Jews, but they will try (if they can) to void the vote for partitioning the Land of Israel on November 29, 1947 - which made it possible for the Jews to declare an Independent State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

Will the 27 nations who make up the European Union, speak for the Jews? Given their history beyond the Dark Ages, driven by Church doctrine to disenfranchise Jews, drive them out or provoke murderous pogroms throughout the ages, we can hardly expect them to speak for the Jews? Add to that their participants' guilt in assisting the Nazis to round up and kill their Jews, clearly, they have no vested interests to save the Jews or the Jewish nation. No, they will not speak for the Jews.

What about the Bush Administration and the pro-Arab U.S. State Department?

The Administration has a prejudicial interest in pacifying and appeasing the Arab Muslims for their oil so there's no help there. The prejudiced Arabist State Department, since its earliest days, has been anti-Semitic which gained even more strength when they made a deal with the Church of Rome to use Jesuit missionaries roaming the globe as diplomats where the State Department had none. Since the Vatican was obsessed with the policy to never have a Jewish State, which challenges their teachings and claims to be God's sole heir or representative on Earth. I do not see Bush, Rice or the State Department speaking out for Jewish sovereignty.

Needless to say, the Arab Muslims, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Palestinian, Iranian Muslims who either, on their own, or as a block within the U.N. will support any rights of Israel and the Jewish people.

So, who will speak for the Jews? I think God will have His say.

As Annapolis approaches, I see more and more things happening to the Planet Earth. I see the people in nations rising up and attacking their corrupt governments. I observe the Bush plans for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq blowing up in his face.

I see volcanic activity in Indonesia ramping up - with Yellowstone National Park, the largest volcano in the world starting to bulge as the lava presses upward. I observe America's money base eroding, awash in debt and sinking fast. I think God is, indeed, speaking but we have yet to understand his language and the message. Perhaps he is merely saying: "Leave My People Alone."

Sheetrit: 'Ben Gurion Made a Mistake'

By & Ha'aretz

Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit claimed Tuesday evening that the founder of the State of Israel made a critical error in his formulation of national policy.

"I believe that Ben Gurion made a mistake," he told the annual Conference of the Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development. "He brought the Arabs into a ghetto…when he decided not to draft them in the army."

The issue of whether Israeli Arab families should allow their sons and daughters to serve in the IDF or national service programs after high school, as do other citizens, has been hotly debated by Arab community leaders. Sheetrit maintained "Our forefathers' days have ended. We are living in a modern state in the 21st century;" adding that "Israeli citizens need to be equal in every sense, in their rights as well as in their obligations.

"We all live in one country; we're all in the same boat. Israeli citizens need to be equal in every aspect, in their rights and their obligations," Sheetrit said. He maintained that he does not think national service should be called "civil service," because all the citizens of Israel live in a state whose nationality is Israeli.

Sheetrit slammed the fact that in many Arab communities kindergartens have sprung up established by the Islamic Movement. "This, for me, is unacceptable. The state does not need to support private kindergarten, but only public kindergartens operated by local authorities." He also called on Arab schools to incorporate teaching Hebrew from the first grade.

Leaflets at Haifa U. Call for Arabs to Reoccupy Jerusalem


Arab students attending the Haifa University distributed on Tuesday a leaflet titles "The Palestinian Student's Journal," which featured texts regarding the reoccupying of Jerusalem.

The leaflet was distributed, they said, to mark both the anniversary of former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat's death, as well as the Arab Keffiyeh Day.

The fliers – unlike the university's Arab Students' Union's leaflets – were not sanctioned by the university and campus security was able to seize and confiscate a portion of them.

Knesset member Alex Miller (Yisrael Beiteinu) told Ynet that he had the material reviewed by a legal counsel and that he intended to file a police report against its distributors. "The students distributing this material are guilty of incitement and are not worthy to be neither the university's students nor citizens of Israel. I intend to demand President Shimon Peres' involvement in denouncing the leaflets' writers and distributors."

Preparing a Replacement Government for Israel

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

It seems amply clear that the present government of Israel, including its current Prime Minister, its current entire Cabinet and its support in the Knesset is engaged in subverting the country.

They have acted to weaken the IDF military thus allowing dedicated enemies of Israel to build their missile forces of huge proportions. Given its criminal malfeasance of office and fumbling during the Hizbullah missile attacks from Lebanon during July and August 2006, they should have been ousted by court proceedings and then gone to prison. Without a doubt the Olmert Kadima government has become a clear and present danger to the future existence of the Jewish nation.

In order to preserve the nation a pre-trial should be held with a stand-by judgment to arrest and sequester all of the present government triggered by the first salvo of missiles fired from Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and/or Iran.

A standby government of carefully selected people should be ready to occupy all posts previously held at the first sign of war.

The individuals of the present government should be put under house arrest as a first minimal step to remove them from power and insure they could not interfere with a military response and defense of the nation as happened during the Hizbullah attack from Lebanon July-August 2006.

Those selected as replacements must already have demonstrated competence in government positions. In addition, the courts that have shown a disposition to interfere with defense and to lean toward Islamic positions should similarly be immediately retired.

Israel has long ago crossed a crisis threshold of vulnerability under the governments first of Ariel Sharon and now followed by Olmert. I could easily add Rabin, Peres, Barak, Netanyahu - all of whom made vital mistakes in protecting the nation through appeasement which inevitably brought even more attacks. Each in his own time should have faced the equivalence of a Court Martial for their perfidy and endangering the people.

Given the pending gathering of nations at Annapolis, Olmert, Livni, Peres and Barak should be immediately replaced. At the very least the army and secret services should evolve a back up replacement plan to be instituted at the first signs of a collective attack against Israel.

Such laws of succession should be set aside for national emergencies where the fate of the nations rests on the ability of the government to respond.

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