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For Kosher Kitchen with Everything: Ham-Flavored Soda


A new kosher soda includes one with a ham flavor produced by an off-beat company in Seattle, Washington, according to the Associated Press.

Other flavors offered towards the Chanukah holiday are jelly doughnuts, Latkes and chocolate coins. "As always, the packs are kosher and contain zero caffeine," according to the Jones Soda Company.

Israel will Release More Than 400 Palestinian Prisoners

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem) &

Israel's prime minister said Monday that more than 400 Palestinian prisoners could be released this month before an upcoming Middle East peace conference.

Speaking before the parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said plans to release about 400 Palestinian prisoners are intended as a confidence-building measure.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said the goal is to boost Palestinian moderates like President Mahmoud Abbas. "We are of course interested in showing the Palestinian leadership that moderation pays and this sort of confidence-building measure can help to energize a process of reconciliation that we really want."

At the same time, Regev said Israel is unlikely to ease roadblocks and checkpoints in the West Bank that hinder the movement of Palestinians. "Everyone I think understands, including the Palestinian leadership that if Israel moves in an irresponsible way - if we move too quickly and a security vacuum is created - then extremists - groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad will come into the vacuum they will launch a whole series of extremist and terrorist operations and that will kill the peace process."

Palestinians have harshly criticized the restrictions on their movement. The head of the Palestinian negotiating team, former Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia, had to cancel a meeting Sunday with Israel's Foreign Minister because he could not pass through a West Bank checkpoint.

Saeb Erekat, another senior Palestinian negotiator told the Voice of Palestine radio that Palestinians would welcome their prisoners home, but negotiators had hoped that Israel would release up to 2,000 prisoners.

Erekat said unilateral actions like the prisoner release should be made in cooperation with the Palestinians as part of an overall agreement with the Palestinians to reduce tensions. Erekat also rejected a demand made by Olmert on Monday that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

This past summer, Olmert ordered the release of 256 terrorists from Israeli prisons, as well as amnesty for 178 wanted terrorists on the condition that they turn in their weapons and sign a document to change their violent ways.

Many of those were crossed off Israel's "wanted" list despite their not having actually signed their commitment signature, picked up new weapons and returned to work planning new attacks on Israeli civilians, according to a report in August by World Net Daily. They were also eligible to receive up to NIS 60,000 (approximately $15,000) from the PA government for turning in their weapons, depending on which type of gun it was.

The wanted men were given a three month "trial period" in which to avoid terrorist activities prior to being officially removed from the "fugitive" list. They later were to receive new weapons from the PA government after joining the PA security force, according to the report.

In July, Olmert released 255 Fatah prisoners from the Ketziot security prison where riots last month resulted in more than 100 people injured. The release was conditional upon the terrorists making a promise that they will not murder Israelis. Most of those had been convicted of attempted murder or placing bombs in hopes of murdering citizens of the Jewish State.

One terrorist in the July release declined to leave because he preferred to continue receiving free medication for his arthritis.

Meanwhile about six Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip on Monday when gunfire broke out at a rally called by the Fatah political organization to celebrate the third anniversary of the death former Palestinian President, Yasir Arafat. Fatah accused Hamas gunmen of firing on the rally, while Hamas accused Fatah of starting the shooting. It was the most serious outbreak of violence in the Gaza Strip since Hamas took over the territory in June.

Peres: Israel is Ready for Peace with Palestinians

By VOA News

Israeli President Shimon Peres said his country is ready to make peace with the Palestinians and is determined to make an upcoming Middle East peace conference a success.

Speaking Monday in the Turkish capital, Ankara, after talks with Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Peres said Israel welcomes the participation in the conference of moderate countries. But Peres cautioned that the U.S.-sponsored meeting in Annapolis, Md., is unlikely to achieve quick results.

In other news, Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will separately address the Turkish parliament on Tuesday. Abbas arrived in Ankara on Monday. Turkey is Israel's closest ally in the Muslim world and has in the past acted as a mediator between the Jewish state and its Arab neighbors.

Dear Activists

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

As you know, Rice, Bush, Livni, Baker, King Abdullah, the U.N., the E.U., Abu Abbas - are all trying to push the re-partition of the State of Israel down our throats. The media in America have been virtually silent as to the large number of Israeli and American Jews who have objected to Ehud Olmert's high handed (dictatorial) attitude toward gifting Israel's land to Mahmoud Abbas and the Muslim Arab Palestinians.

Please consider the following recommendation:

  1. All of you activists must contact each other - despite your usual differences.

  2. All of you agree on one statement as a petition to President Bush which will also be disseminated to the Media, Congress, TV and/or Radio Talk Shows.

  3. Let the world know that there is a large other side that disagrees and rejects Olmert's personal position in the coming Annapolis Conference.

  4. The petition/statement would plainly state that Olmert does NOT speak for the people of Israel or the nation.

  5. That the "Undersigned" reject the Bush/Rice interference in matters that should be discussed and decided by the Israeli people in the open and in a democratic fashion. Re-partitioning a nation is NOT up to our friends nor our dedicated enemies.

  6. As the United States could not return California or Texas to Mexico without the consent of the people of the United States and Congress, you cannot force the Israeli nation to abandon her Land, especially to a hostile people by the word of one man.

  7. Therefore, "We, The People" request that You, The President of the U.S. accord Israel the same sense and rules of democracy you take for yourself.

  8. Therefore, close down the Annapolis Kangaroo Court and allow reality to float to the surface without your arranged presence. Allow Olmert to be sacked by his own people for all the illegal, financial things he has done and then allow the judicial process to move forward without U.S. interference in the process or outcome.

Dear Activists, one and all, I know from long experience that sometimes the different groups of activists prefer to work on their own. We are, after all, an argumentative people and have strong opinions. However, this is one time you must put aside your differences and complete a (fast) nation-wide petition with as many signatures of the people as possible. I would also include any Knesset Members who agree to sign.

Set up a fast meeting, draft a petition at that meeting, have many copies printed and disseminated to all you know. Also send them out by Email with instructions for everyone to forward them to their full lists. Set a closing date and then hand it over to the U.S. Ambassador in Tel Aviv and the U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem. Invite the Media to cover your delivery.

Also, be sure and send copies to all the American Jewish organizations and American activists. We will see that they get to Congress, to the President, to the State Department and to the media - especially including our Christian friends who have already been knocking on the president's door.

If you think this a workable idea, spread it around. Time is of the essence. (The author's e-mail address is

University of Haifa Finds a 'Hole in Microsoft's Windows 2000'


University of Haifa researchers have discovered a security hole in the Windows 2000 operating system and have notified Microsoft. The team, headed by Dr. Benny Pinkas, said that the loophole in the system can allow emails, passwords and credit card numbers to be accessed for tracking.

Pinkas cited as an example, "In correspondence with a bank or any other website that requires typing in a password, or a credit card number, the random number generator creates a random encryption key, which is used to encrypt the communication so that only the relevant website can read the correspondence. The research team found a way to decipher how the random number generator works and thereby compute previous and future encryption keys used by the computer, and eavesdrop on private communication."

Although they only checked "Windows 2000" (which is currently the third most popular operating system in use), the research team assumes that newer versions of "Windows", such as XP and Vista, use similar random number generators and may also be vulnerable.

Israeli Scientist Uses Cinnamon to Save Lives


Cinnamon may spice up more than cuisine, perfume, air fresheners and pharmaceutical products, according to a study by Tel Aviv University Prof. Michael Ovadia. The Israeli scientist began his research into the medicinal properties of cinnamon after pondering the weekly Torah reading he heard at synagogue seven years ago.

"There is a passage that explains how the High Priests, the [Kohanim] would prepare a holy oil used on their bodies before they made a ritual animal sacrifice," recalled Ovadia in an interview published by Israel21c. "I had a hunch that this oil, which was prepared with cinnamon and other spices, played a role in preventing the spread of infectious agents to people."

Research by the university's Department of Zoology found the fragrant spice, used in everything from cooking to aromatherapy and perfume, could neutralize viruses and immunize against certain infections.

Avian Flu H9, Sendai virus, HIV and Herpes Simplex 1, and Newcastle disease virus were all found to respond in Ovadia's experiments. It is important to note, however, that the cinnamon extract used in the studies was from a particular variety of cinnamon: coumarin and cinnamon aldehyde, which are byproducts of the actual spice.

Most important: be aware that these substances can also be highly toxic and damage the liver if ingested in large quantities. "You cannot take high doses from the natural form of cinnamon," warns Ovadia. "If you used it several times a day to protect you from the flu, it would be toxic."

The essential oil produced from cinnamon bark has long been used by aroma therapists in a variety of ways, including as a stimulant and antiseptic.

In one of the best known books in the field of aromatherapy, famed French aroma therapist Jean Valnet, MD lists cinnamon as an effective element in remedies to combat the flu, as well as intestinal parasites, problems in the digestive system and other physical issues. Valnet's mentor, Robert Tisserand, warns that cinnamon oil is so powerful that it should not be used on the skin at all.

But it is not surprising that a Jewish scientist in the Land of Israel would be the one, however, to discover a way to fight life-threatening disease with cinnamon, given its history as one of the most powerful spices used in the most ancient Jewish rituals.

This month a patent-pending research and license deal on the extract was signed between Tel Aviv University's technology transfer company, Ramot, and Frutarom, an Israeli-based multi-national "nutraceutical" company. Frutarom expects to use the cinnamon extract in myriad applications, including an air spray to prevent the spread of Avian flu in airports and a daily supplement to be marketed as an anti-flu preparation.

Neo-Nazis Popular on German YouTube


YouTube has launched a new German site, which already has been inundated with neo-Nazi material.

YouTube allows people to publish their own material free of charge. The site began operating last week and includes videos from banned extremist groups that spread incitement against alleged Jewish conspiracies.

The Jewish Central Council has urged YouTube to install filters that would block illegal material just as they already block pornography.

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