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Yigal Amir Banned from Attending Son's Brit Milah


Prison officials have rejected a request by Yigal Amir to leave his jail cell and attend the brit milah (circumcision) of his son who is expected to be born soon.

The Prisons Authority cited Amir, who was convicted for assassinating Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, as being "a danger to the public" as well as being in danger if he were released. Officials also rejected his request that the ceremony be held in the prison, where he is serving a life sentence. The Hebrew anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister Rabin is next week.

Olmert Questions Israeli Control of Jerusalem's Arab Neighborhoods

By VOA News &

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has raised questions about Israel's control of Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem. His remarks Monday came in a speech remembering a prominent right-wing parliamentarian who was killed by Palestinian terrorists. Olmert asked if it was necessary for Israel to control Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

His comments came a day after he met Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Israel, and on the same day Rice held talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Rice spoke Monday in Ramallah at a joint news conference with Abbas. She said Israelis and Palestinians are making their most serious effort in years to end the conflict, adding President Bush has made resolving the conflict "one of the highest priorities of his administration."

Olmert and Abbas have been working on a joint document ahead of a U.S.-sponsored peace conference in November, in Annapolis, Maryland to lay the groundwork for an eventual Palestinian state. (Editor: See below for story about a possible postponement.)

Abbas said he believes Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will be able to reach agreement on a joint declaration of principles before the conference. But Olmert said an agreement on a joint document is not a prerequisite for the conference.

In a related story, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said that the United States will risk God's wrath if it forces Israel to surrender part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

"He that touches Jerusalem touches the apple of God's eye," Robertson said on "The 700 Club," the daily religious news-and-talk television program he hosts from his Christian Broadcasting Network. "And if we decide we're going to wrest East Jerusalem away from the Jews and give it over to the Palestinians, we're risking the wrath of God on this nation, and I think it's very dangerous."

The Associated Press reported Monday that a U.S. State Department official said that the Middle East conference, scheduled by President George W. Bush for late November in Annapolis, Md., might be delayed.

"This is going to take some time," the official said after Jerusalem meetings between Israeli leaders and visiting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. "This is going to require a lot of hands-on American diplomacy. These are really tough issues."

Mini-Earthquake Sets Off Predictions of a Larger One


The Patzael region in the central Jordan Valley, just 12 miles north of Jericho, was touched by a small earthquake on Saturday night, registering 3.0 on the Richter scale. A similar quake occurred in the same area two months ago.

On Sunday morning, researchers at Tel Aviv University presented a new study on the timeline of earthquakes throughout history. No precise future earthquake dates can be extrapolated from the data, but the researchers said one is on the way - as no major quake has hit the danger area between the Dead Sea and the Kinneret in centuries.

"It's like the first winter rain," said Dr. Shmuel Marko, who took part in the study. "The longer the dry summer lasts, the closer the first rain is. Here, as well: The quiet is worrisome. The longer we go without a large quake, the more we can expect one."

On the other hand, experts have said that Israel's earthquakes are in general less frequent than those in other quake-prone regions such as California, Japan and Turkey. Israel is located along the Syria-Africa rift, a friction point between two subterranean plates and is therefore considered earthquake-prone.

In 1927, some 250 people were killed in an earthquake that hit Jericho and central Israel. In November 1995, a 6.2 quake caused injuries to several people in Eilat. A minor quake, 5.0 on the Richter scale, hit Israel in February 2004, shaking buildings in many cities and even causing damage to the Knesset building. No one was reported hurt.

The northern city of Tzfat was hit by two earthquakes in recent centuries, in 1759 and in 1837. The latter one killed at least 2,000 people, when residents were buried under the ruins of their homes and help did not arrive for days.

Churchill Stopped Nazi Missiles at British Jews' Expense

By Joseph Farah (

With Nazi "flying bombs" raining down on the nation's capital and largest population center, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a fateful and agonizing decision to use a double agent to redirect the missiles toward the Jewish sector of the city, secret MI6 files reveal for the first time.

The exclusive report is detailed in the latest issue of Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

On June 14, 1944, Churchill gathered his top military advisers, including John Cecil Masterman, who ran the double-agents – spies recruited by the Nazis and sent to England only to be "turned" by the intelligence service to work for Britain.

Among the most daring recruits was Eddie Chapman, a Londoner who before the war had led a devil-may-care life as a safecracker. He had fled to (the British island of) Jersey to avoid arrest for his latest crime – only to arrive there at the time the Germans invaded the island.

On that June night, the Air Ministry analysts had calculated the flying bombs, or doodlebugs, as they would be called, would continue to be aimed at Central London – at the Air Ministry headquarters in Kingsway and on Whitehall.

The still secret minutes of that June meeting show Churchill's question to Masterman was blunt. Could one of his double-agents successfully feed information to the German doodlebug controllers which would make the technicians at the rocket launch sites adjust the target coordinates? To move the coordinates too far from central London would arouse immediate suspicion among the Germans.

"The credibility of a double agent would be compromised," Masterman explained. But if the German technicians at the launch sites could be persuaded to shorten their ranges in the belief they were over-shooting the original target, it would make a significant difference.

It would mean the rockets would fall on an already battered East End of the city and the countryside beyond, which had so far largely escaped death and destruction.

Was Churchill ready to dramatically reduce the threat to central London – the seat of government – by approving a plan which, if it became public, would have enormous political repercussions for allowing one part of the city to be spared and another area sacrificed?

The eastern part of the city had a large Jewish population of tailors, shirt and shoemakers, pastry cooks and their families. Already Churchill and his air chiefs had so far refused to direct Royal Air Force Lancaster bombers to target the gas chambers in the concentration camps along their routes to destroy German cities. A secret Cabinet decision had been taken that the camps were not a priority target.

If they learned of it, would British Jews see the decision to divert the doodlebugs as another example of what they regarded as indifference to the fate of their relations in Auschwitz, Dachau and Belsen-Bergen, whose liberation had begun to unmask the first horrors of the Holocaust?

Documents stored in MI6's Y-Files – the most secret of all its millions of files in its registry – reveal for the first time that Churchill authorized the doodlebug deception to proceed. Masterman assigned Eddie Chapman to carry it out. "I began to transmit false target coordinates," Chapman told G2B.

The urgency of his mission intensified daily. On July 1, 1944, Chapman had sent his first radio message to his Abwehr controller, insisting the rockets "are still overshooting their targets."

The next silos of doodlebugs began to fall short, plummeting into the east of the city and the farmland beyond. Chapman was exultant. "The deception was a very real triumph, saving many thousands of lives," he said later.

Chapman's messages to his controller ended up in the MI6 Y-Files, their existence unknown until now. They contain evidence that Churchill had been only too well aware he would have to sacrifice the inhabitants of the East End – whose bravery had impressed the Queen Mother to call it "my personal symbol of courage."

Hitler's campaign ended in August 1944. The doodlebugs had killed 6,184 people. In one of the documents in the Y-Files, Masterman noted: "This was one of the most difficult decisions Winston Churchill made."

(This report is excerpted from the latest issue of Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, the premium online intelligence newsletter published by the founder of WND. Annual subscriptions to G2B are $99. Monthly trial subscriptions are just $9.95.)

Israel's Postal Service Refuses to Print Stamp with Nazi Insignia

By Ha'aretz

The Israel Postal Company's security department recently filed a complaint with the police against a young man from Haifa who had asked the national postal service to issue a personalized stamp of himself wearing a Nazi insignia.

The postal company's "My Stamp" service allows customers to order a personalized stamp carrying their own picture. Customers interested in the service may send their pictures via e-mail. The service is particularly popular with couples sending wedding invitations.

But the man against whom the postal service complained sent a picture of himself dressed in black, wearing a swastika armband on his left arm. He also had a Hitler-style moustache. The security department made the complaint at the Tel Aviv District Police Headquarters.

Israel Post's president and CEO, Avi Hochman, told Ha'aretz that he was shocked to see the picture, and that he ordered the service's security unit to investigate the case right away, and to involve the police. "My parents survived the Holocaust. I was shocked to see this cynical attempt to abuse our services," he said.

Hochman added that the man's request to print the stamp was refused because it did not meet the postal service's conditions for personalized stamps of "upholding the dignity of the State of Israel and of the Jewish tradition." Personalized stamps are regarded as official documents of the State of Israel.

Nearly 90 percent of Children Reported Sexual Assault

By Newswise

Nearly 90 percent of teenagers aged 12-18 claim to have been victims of some level of sexual violence, according to a study conducted jointly by the University of Haifa and Ben Gurion University. The research surveyed 1,036 high school students. Additionally, 82 percent of the boys and 76 percent of the girls reported said that they had been subjects of violent physical assault.

Prof. Rachel Lev-Wiesel from the University of Haifa's School of Social Work, one of the authors of the study, noted that the results showed a distressing increase in the incidence of violence – both sexual and physical - over the past few years. The number of criminal files opened by the police for assault against children rose from 6,370 in 1998 to 8,805 in 2005.

According to the National Council for the Child, the number of children treated for suspected violent attacks or abuse in 2005 stood at more than 37,000, a rise of 120 percent over the past decade. Of the 37,000, 30.5 percent were reported physical violence, 9.9 percent sexual, 13 percent psychological and 36.8 percent varying degrees of neglect.

Lev-Wiesel stressed that the aim of the research was to examine the personal and social factors that help adolescents cope with the trauma of a violent assault. A questionnaire was completed anonymously by over 1,000 high school students. The questionnaire measured six variables: demography, physical and sexual assaults, PTSD, potency and social support from family and friends.

According to the researchers, there is a distinct correlation between a child's feeling of potency and the level of traumatic symptoms exhibited following a violent attack. The study found a distinctive difference in the personal resources and the level of psychological distress of the children who suffered violent attacks as opposed to those who did not – whether the violence was limited to one incident or continuing and whether the attack was considered minor or severe. Boys in the study reported a higher incidence of sexual and physical violence than girls.

"The results of the research show that a feeling of potency and support of family and friends are important resources which have the potential to reduce the resulting trauma following assault. In addition to the importance of developing programs to decrease the incidence of violence, these is a need for programs for empowerment and strengthening personal resources that will protect those who have already fallen victim to violence," summarized Lev-Wiesel.

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