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Hizbullah Leader: US Has Declared War


Hizbullah leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah said Sunday that the United States had issued a "declaration of war."

The US Senate's decision to label Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group was a declaration of war, Fadlallah said, because the guard is an integral part of the Iranian army. He did not say how Hizbullah or Iran would react to the perceived "declaration of war."

Bolton: Bomb Iranian Nukes


Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton told Conservative Party delegates in Britain Sunday that efforts by the UN to negotiate with Iran had failed and that he saw no alternative to a pre-emptive strike on suspected nuclear facilities in the country.

Bolton said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was "pushing out" and "is not receiving adequate push-back" from the West. He added that any strike should be followed by an attempt to remove "the source of the problem," President Ahmadinejad.

"If we were to strike Iran it should be accompanied by an effort at regime change as well, because I think that really sends the signal that we are not attacking the people, we are attacking the nuclear weapons program," he said. "The US once had the capability to engineer the clandestine overthrow of governments. I wish we could get it back," he said, and received applause and cheers.

Bolton said that the fact that only partial intelligence about Iran's nuclear activity existed is not an excuse for inaction. "Intelligence can be wrong in more than one direction," he explained. He asked how the British government would respond if terrorists exploded a nuclear device at home. "'It's only Manchester?'... Responding after [nuclear devices] are used is unacceptable."

Bolton also said the UN's involvement with Iran was "fundamentally irrelevant".

Israeli, Palestinian Leaders to Meet on Wednesday

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli and Palestinian leaders will hold another summit meeting on Wednesday in a bid to advance the peace process. But despite some signs of progress, serious differences remain.

The summit will be the sixth in recent months between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Mahmoud Abbas. They are trying to hammer out a document on Palestinian statehood to be presented at an international peace conference in the United States planned for November.

Israeli analyst Jonathan Spyer said both leaders are trying to please Washington. "Everybody wants to give the impression of progress, so everybody is going to turn up, everyone is going to say things which sound conciliatory, everyone is going to try and not be the one who spoils things."

In a goodwill gesture to Abbas for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Israel plans to release 87 Palestinian prisoners on Monday.

Nevertheless, the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have drastically differing visions for the document on Palestinian statehood. Olmert wants a vague statement, while Abbas wants to tackle core issues of the Mideast conflict, such as the status of Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees and final borders. "So once you look beyond the spin, and beyond the small gestures, the very wide gaps are still very apparent," Spyer said.

Israel is reluctant to offer major territorial concessions to Abbas, after his Fatah forces were routed by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas in a civil war in the Gaza Strip three months ago. But Abbas, who heads a government in the West Bank, says he needs a concrete achievement from the international conference to win the support of his people. He believes an Israeli commitment on Palestinian statehood would strengthen the forces of moderation and weaken Hamas.

Methodist Group Urges Divestment from Israel


The United Methodist Church's official lobby office is urging church agencies and members to divest their holdings in Caterpillar Inc. because the company sells bulldozers to Israel. United Methodist General Board of Church and Society sponsored the resolution, accusing Caterpillar of facilitating Israel's destruction of Palestinian property.

Caterpillar, along with Israel, was the target of a lawsuit by the family of Rachel Corrie after the activist was crushed by a bulldozer in 2003 while attempting to block the destruction of a Palestinian home used to facilitate arms smuggling. The resolution will go before the United Methodist General Conference in April 2008.

The 7.9 million member church's pension agency reportedly has $5 million in Caterpillar stock out of $15 billion in assets. Other mainline churches, including the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Church of England, recently have rejected similar measures.

However, WND reported earlier when the Presbyterian Church hosted a three-day meeting to justify to denomination leaders its decision to divest from Israel, presenting what one church elder described as a panel of "full-time, paid, anti-Israel propagandists."

The denomination's General Assembly had voted 431-62 to divest from the Jewish state. At the time, the PCUSA was believed to be the largest organization or institution to join the divestment campaign against the Jewish state. It was the first Christian denomination to do so, but later decisions reversed that.

As WND reported in June, the United Church of Christ's General Synod adopted a resolution "in support of a renewed and balanced study and response to the conflict between Palestine and Israel."

Previously, the United Church of Christ had approved resolutions calling for the tearing down of walls constructed by Israel to protect itself from terrorist attacks coming from the Palestinian Authority territories and for divestment from the Jewish state.

Mark Tooley of the IRD said the Methodist Church is out of step. "How bizarre that the United Methodist Board of Church and Society now is jumping aboard a long-stalled bandwagon by endorsing anti-Israel divestment against Caterpillar, when other churches are moving in the opposite direction," he said. "And does anyone really think that punishing Caterpillar will help create a peace in the Middle East?"

Tooley urged the Methodist board to examine a 2006 resolution approved by the church's Pacific Northwest Conference noting "some church groups have selectively advocated divestment of firms doing business with Israel while ignoring severe human rights abuses by the governments of Israel's neighbors."

The Northwest resolution affirmed the Jewish state as "nearly the only long-standing democracy among its neighbors in the Middle East" and declared that "selective attention to Israel's mistakes will not create peace in the Middle East."

Indian Jews Outraged After Local Firm Labels Product `NAZI'

By Reuters

India's small Jewish community is up in arms against an Indian home furnishing maker that has named its new line of bedspreads "NAZI" and used the swastika in its promotional brochure.

The furnishings dealer says the word "NAZI" stands for New Arrival Zone of India, but local Jewish leaders insisted the name rang of Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic regime. "We will ask him to stop this nonsense," Jonathan Solomon, head of the Indian Jewish Federation told Reuters on Sunday. "We don't want Nazism to arrive in any zone in India or the world."

The NAZI-named bedspread is being sold at stores in India's financial capital Mumbai. The new product is promoted with a brochure that displays two red swastikas against a black background.

The brochure reads "Bed and Beyond presents the NAZI collection" with the expanded form of the word written in a very small font. The cover has a picture of two red cushions and a red bedspread. "The name has nothing to do with Hitler," said the dealer Kapil Kumar Todi, denying he had chosen the name for free publicity. "It's just an abbreviation."

But Indian Jews - only about 5,000 remain after most immigrated to Israel and the West over the years - say they are outraged by the gimmick. Solomon said they would take legal recourse if Todi did not change the name.

Holocaust awareness in India is limited and Hitler is regarded by many as just another historical figure. "What this says is there is a severe lack of awareness of what millions of Jews were subjected to by one man," said Solomon. "We will stop all attempts to rehabilitate Hitler in any form, anywhere."

The bedspread line is not yet on sale, but brochures were handed out in a mall in a northern Mumbai suburb, the Times of India newspaper reported Sunday.

Furnishing dealer Kapil Kumar Todi said he chose the name because "that's what came to my mind," according to the paper. "It really does not matter to me who feels bad about it," he said.

Nazi ideas are largely rejected in India, but a rightist Hindu fringe deifies Hitler's rabid nationalism. In 2005, the western state of Gujarat, ruled by Hindu nationalists, introduced a high-school book that eulogized Hitler as a strong administrator.

Last year, a small restaurant in Mumbai was forced to change its name from "Hitler's Cross" to "Cross Cafe" after strong protests. The eatery had its interior done in the Nazi colors of red, white and black, used red swastikas and a huge portrait of Hitler as promotional material.

New Online Business Directory for Olim


Nefesh B'Nefesh, the organization dedicated to revitalizing aliyah from the US, Canada and the UK, has launched a new online business directory, providing local English speakers with a comprehensive listing of services nationwide, as well as special discounts for Nefesh B'Nefesh olim.

The site highlights businesses operated by Nefesh B'Nefesh olim and enables all Israeli businesses to advertise their services to olim free of charge.

The website contains a Services Directory in English, which is a yellow-pages type listing of businesses and services run by Nefesh B'Nefesh olim. Businesses not owned by Nefesh B'Nefesh olim who wish to be listed on the site may also do so free of charge, provided they offer discounts to new immigrants.

The directory is intended to help people obtain a wide range of services at the most affordable prices, including gardening, health, shopping and even party-planning. Additionally, the site enables olim to connect with American Jewish business owners who may be interested in hiring Israeli employees.

In the future, Nefesh B'Nefesh intends to avail this service to the entire English-speaking community in Israel. A special aliyah gift shop has also been included on the site, allowing users to have gifts such as specialty food baskets, Judaica items and floral arrangements delivered to family and friends living in Israel.

"The exciting part of this new Nefesh B'Nefesh endeavor is for us to be able to help our olim connect with Israeli service providers in a far more efficient way than ever before," said Danny Oberman, Executive VP of Israel Operations for Nefesh B'Nefesh. "This new service opens up a whole new gateway to information and services at no charge which is a win-win situation for any oleh or business owner in Israel," he added.

The Nefesh B'Nefesh website provides information and resources on education, employment, financial planning, ulpans and a wide variety of other topics useful for olim. To visit and /or to register for the directory, go to

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