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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0911.txt
On Eve of Jewish New Year: 5.45 Million Jews in Israel
Israeli Police Arrest Neo-Nazi Gang
Netanyahu: We're in 1939
Syrian Complaint to U.N. on Alleged IAF Incident
Archeological Jackpot in Jerusalem: Ancient Canal Uncovered
Israel News Faxx 9/12/2001: Bush Vows Punishment for Terror Attacks newsletter: 7fax0912.txt
Palestinian Rocket Attack Wounds at Least 66 Israeli Soldiers
Israeli Media Confirms IAF Struck Near Euphrates
PA: Israel Agrees to Destroy Jewish Towns, Starting in November newsletter: 7fax0917.txt
Hamas Trying to Carry Out Large Terror Attack
Israel Lowers Expectations Before Rice Visit
Terrorist Infiltration Foiled as Increased PA Attacks Continue
Kouchner: Prepare for War over Iran
Foreign Press Reports Speculate on IAF's Syrian Operation
`Jewish' Tribes Want to Make Aliyah newsletter: 7fax0918.txt
Hamas Trains for Israeli Invasion
Iran Claims 600 Missiles Pointed at Israel, US Targets
Haifa: Neo-Nazis Brutalize 70 Year Old Woman
British Newspaper: Israel Destroyed Nuclear Cache in Syria
Israel Fears Terror Attack at Sea
Warning: Iranian SCUD Could Do $771 Billion Damage newsletter: 7fax0919.txt
Warning: Dead Sea Hotels Could Flood
Bolton: U.S. Backs Israeli Pre-emption
NY Times: Israel Told U.S. of Impending Syrian Raid
Terror Group Broadcasts from Temple Mount
Wednesday in Jerusalem: Protest Rally Against Olmert Plan
Survey: Immigrants Earn Less than Native Israelis newsletter: 7fax0920.txt
Israel Brands Gaza 'Enemy'
Iran Promises `Final Response' to US and Israel on October 12
Israel's Chief Negotiator Favors Division of Jerusalem, Including Old City
Woman Sues for NIS 4.65 Million Over Delayed Get
Memory Machine newsletter: 7fax0921.txt
Housewives May be Taxed if They Stay Home
Palestinians: Israeli Troops Kill 3 in Gaza Raid
Close Assad Aide: Syria will Respond to Israeli Attack
`Assad is a Joke'
Netanyahu Breaks Silence on Syria
'Convert-or-Die' Minister to Lead Visit to IDF Army Base
Israel Expels American Evangelical Missionary
Support for Israel Not Universal Among American Jews newsletter: 7fax0924.txt
Archeologists Find Temple Mount Quarry
Report: Cheney Mulled Israeli Strike on Iran
Iranian President Visits New York for UN Summit: 'A Modern Hitler Honored'
Israel to Release 90 Palestinian Prisoners This Week
Father of Israeli Arrested in Lebanon Says His Son is No Spy
New Web Site Prepares Israelis for Missile Attack
Marcel Marceau, World Famous Mime Artist, Dead at 84
Israeli Consulate Holds Film Contest newsletter: 7fax0925.txt
Dichter: No Reason to Release Jewish Prisoners
Iranian President: If Holocaust Happened, Why Must Palestinians Pay?
JNF to Tell Court It Will Market Land to Non-Jews
Jerusalem Municipality to Erect Sukkah Made Entirely of Candy newsletter: 7fax0926.txt
U.S. Allows Carrying 'Four Species' on Airplanes
Israel to Release 87 Palestinian Prisoners
Livni: 'Israel is Committed to Establishing Palestine'
Abbas: Olmert Agreed to Make Jerusalem Arab Capital
Neturei Karta Praises Ahmadinejad as a Man of Peace newsletter: 7fax0927.txt
U. S. Arab Journalist: Saudi Lobby Dangerous
IDF Downplays Jerusalem Rocket Threat
Eight Palestinians Killed in IDF Strikes on Gaza Strip
Report: Arafat Aide Seriously Ill
Iranian Jewish Community Slams US Protest Against Ahmadinejad's Visit newsletter: 7fax0928.txt
Sukkot Miracle: Baby Survives 3-Story Fall
Heightened Security Alert Declared in Jerusalem
IAF Dispatches Jets in Response to Syrian Helicopter Activity
Livni Denies Report She Met with Syrian Counterpart in N.Y.
JNF Names Chesley as New President
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