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IDF Identifies Bodies from 1948 Independence Battle

By Israel Faxx News Services

According to YeshaNet, IDF workers have identified the bodies of five Haganah fighters. The fighters were killed in the War of Independence in 1948, during a battle in Tel Arish, south of Tel Aviv. The fighters have been identified as: Yechiel Rosenfeld, David Kochavi, Yitzchak Hamami, and Yehoshua Lustig. The identity of the fifth man will not be published until his family has been contacted.

Hamas Uses Force to Prevent Factional Gaza Protest

By VOA News

Hamas terrorists in control of the Gaza Strip have used force to break up a demonstration by other Palestinian factions. Hamas' Executive Force fired into the air and used clubs on supporters of Fatah and other groups as they gathered in the center of Gaza City Monday.

Several protesters were detained as they defied new regulations announced by Hamas late Sunday banning all rallies without a permit.

Hamas militiamen confiscated equipment from news photographers and cameramen covering the rally. They also entered the offices of Al-Arabiya and seized videotapes of the event. Hamas seized Gaza in mid-June after defeating Fatah forces in weeks of fighting.

Also Monday, a Palestinian bank in Gaza froze the accounts of Hamas security men, prompting Hamas to summon the bank manager for questioning. T he Fatah-led Palestinian government in the West Bank apparently ordered the bank to freeze the accounts after it accidentally paid their salaries to Hamas members through the bank earlier this month.

Media Plays Down DEBKAfile's NY, LA & Miami Al Qaeda Nuclear Attack Warning

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

The DEBKA alert about a possible radioactive bomb being exploded in New York's financial district is being played down as a "false alert" by the uninformed Media.

Since U.S. and European intelligence has been right a few times and wrong even more times about Muslim "Jihadist" attacks, the media is in no position to throw stones from their glass house (the U.N.). This heightened alert with Gamma counters on many street corners in New York may have very well changed the terrorists' timing and targets. Terrorists are free to choose their targets and timing rather casually.

Is there anyone who doubts that the mix of Muslim terrorists is planning another 9/11? We have had higher and lower alerts from the so-called Homeland Security. When the Muslims begin to chatter on the Internet about their intentions to nuke any or all of three American cities, it is time to go to a higher alert.

We have grown complacent because the anticipated attack(s) have not occurred as yet. London has had its attacks, with more promised by the Muslim terrorist "Jihadists." Even Glasgow was hit. Should either have had Cessium or Strontium 90 in the explosives, it would have been an area-wide calamity.

It would have been even worse if the terrorists had acquired Russian suitcase nukes, given that Vladimir Putin has a rather cavalier attitude about providing terrorist nations with nuclear capability (claiming it was for peaceful purposes.) Putin would shed no tears if a nuclear device was exploded in an American city - or in Israel. Putin could deny culpability - despite the fact that Russia was the prime source of the nuclear materials and technology.

The DEBKA alert on a scale of 1 to 10 was probably about seven with respect to its accuracy. They weren't the only country whose leaders are picking up the increased Muslim "Jihadist" chatter. We could ask the Big Ear, i.e. America's National Security Council what they had picked up in the "ether" (air) they monitor electronically. But, of course they wouldn't tell.

I heard some ditzy blond so-called news anchor chortle about how they knew DEBKA would be proven wrong. I wonder, however, if those "knees-on-display" would be pressed together among other puckers until the day of warning had passed. Just keep in mind that one day is as good as another when it comes to triggering a bomb. All intelligence agencies know this. Too bad the media haven't gotten up to speed on analyzing American and international terror.

Foxman: CBS TV 'facilitating' anti-Semitism

By Israel Faxx News Services

The Anti-Defamation League accused the CBS Network of 'facilitating' anti-Semitism for comments made on a reality television show.

"Big Brother" features strangers living together in a house, with an Internet feed providing live, round-the-clock coverage of their conversations. In one conversation posted last week, a resident named Amber said the majority of Jews she knows are "selfish." Amber also said that one can tell who is Jewish based "their last name" and "by their nose."

In a statement to the entertainment web site TMZ, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said the network was "giving license" to expressions of anti-Semitism. "I want CBS to understand they are facilitating anti-Semitism. They should act responsibly to the community, they are legitimizing bigoted conversations."

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