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Saudi Arabia Bans Bibles, Stars of David


Despite efforts to increase foreign tourism, Saudi Arabia continues to ban non-Muslim religious symbols and materials, including Bibles, crucifixes, and items with the Jewish Star of David. Anyone attempting to bring such materials into the country would be confronted by Saudi authorities, consulate officials said.

Saudi Arabian Airlines website explains the prohibition as covering "Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam." A consulate official defended the prohibition, saying that all countries have rules determining which objects can and cannot enter the country.

IDF Ready to Battle Hamas at Sea


The Israeli navy has been given new instructions in light of Hamas' establishment of naval forces in Gaza, military officials said.

"The new situation in the Gaza Strip obligates us to act differently at sea. There are threats that did not exist in the past. We recognize this, and are ready in accordance," a military source said Thursday night, responding to the report that Hamas had established a naval force in Gaza.

Hamas' navy is headed by senior Hamas commander Jamil al-Dahashan, who previously served as a Hamas special forces commander in south Gaza City.

Hamas officials told Ynet that newly-built force would secure the Gaza Strip's coast, fight off IDF vessels and drug dealers and prevent fishermen's collaboration with Israeli ships. Although the force does not as yet own any marine vessels, Israel is responding to the matter with the utmost gravity.

The Israeli navy suffered a difficult hit during the Second Lebanon War, when an anchored navy gunship was directly hit in a missile attack, killing four soldiers, and thus is taking no risks regarding Gaza.

According to military sources, new instructions have recently been handed down to Israeli patrol ship crews on how to deal with the threat of an attack by terror organizations using various marine vessels currently in their possession.

These instructions were given in light of intelligence information verifying the possibility of an attack on an Israeli navy ship. The sources said the navy's activity, which is aimed mainly at preventing the smuggling of arms from Egypt into Gaza and intercepting terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel by sea, has not been hindered.

"The security fence in Gaza serves as a serious barrier against terrorists, so it is only natural that they would try to reach Israel by sea," an IDF official told Ynet. He admitted that there has recently been an increase in "incidents" off the Gaza coastline.

The military sources added that Hamas might also attempt to open fire at Israeli ships from the Strip itself, use a booby-trapped fishing boat or even a diver with an explosive device. "We are not taking these threats lightly," one officer said. "We cannot determine whether the terror groups have established a navy or not, but they definitely intend to attack any Israeli target, including naval forces positioned the area."

Israeli Helicopter Fired Missiles at Abandoned Gaza Airport

By VOA News &

Palestinian Authority terrorists fired rockets and mortars at Jewish targets in the western Negev intermittently throughout Thursday.

An Israeli helicopter has fired several missiles at an abandoned airport control tower in the southern Gaza Strip. Witnesses said the Israeli missile strike at the former Rafah airport took place after nightfall Thursday. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Israel said it was firing at three armed men seen in the vicinity of the disused airport. The airfield at Rafah, at the border between Gaza and Egypt, has been closed for almost seven years, since the start of the Palestinian uprising against Israel.

Earlier Thursday, Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian near Kissufim a border crossing between Gaza and Israel. The Israeli military said soldiers suspected the man was planting a bomb. Palestinian medics said they did not find any weapons near the body.

In another development, a military court has indicted an Israeli officer in connection with the shooting of an unarmed Palestinian man in the West Bank last month. Army investigators said the Israeli officer ordered his squad to hijack a Palestinian taxi and use it to enter the town of Dahariya in search of wanted militants.

One of the soldiers shot a Palestinian, and the officer drove on without providing medical care. The wounded man was later treated at an Israeli hospital.

Palestinian Authority terrorists fired rockets and mortars at Jewish targets in the western Negev intermittently throughout Thursday. An IDF air strike the same night targeted PA terrorists who were using an abandoned air field in southern Gaza.

Also on Thursday night, PA Arabs threw at least one firebomb at an Israeli motorist driving southwest of Shechem, in Samaria. No injuries or damage were reported in the terrorist attack.

A resident of Sderot suffered from shock on Thursday afternoon after a PA rocket landed in the city's industrial zone. The man was taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon for treatment. A second Kassam rocket hit the Sycamore Farms ranch of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

More Eviction Notices in Hebron


On the heels of the forced eviction of two Jewish families from Hebron's Shalhevet neighborhood – four more Hebron families living in the area have received eviction notices.

In response to a petition by Peace Now, Israel's Civil Administration has issued expulsion orders against four Jewish-held storefronts in the "triangle" marketplace area of the city, located in close proximity to the area where two Jewish families were expelled by the IDF on Tuesday.

Like the wholesale market, the triangle marketplace was built by Hebron's Arabs on top of the ruins of the city's Jewish Quarter after the city's Arabs murdered nearly all Jewish residents during the 1929 pogroms.

The Jewish Community of Hebron has appealed the expulsion orders, and a hearing on the matter will be heard in two weeks. Until then, the order is on hold. Rabbi Danny Cohen, a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Hebron, received an eviction notice demanding he remove his mobile prayer structure from the city, WorldNetDaily reported.

Cohen teaches Torah and organizes prayer quorums for Hebron residents from his mobile trailer, which he parks in Hebron's Jewish neighborhood. He told, a Chabad news site, "We were compelled to buy this mobile unit because it is forbidden to erect new structures in Hebron and now they want us to move his too.

"In Hebron one can witness outright discrimination. While Arabs have been building as much as they want, Jews are forbidden to build even the smallest structure. This mobile unit is not a permanent building and still the authorities ordered the emissaries not to use it in the city," Cohen said.

Olmert: Israel's Latest Dictator

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

(Editor's Note: Mr. Winston's commentary does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Israel News Faxx or members of its staff.)

Like Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, and Arik Sharon before him, Olmert issues "diktats" as if he was not a temporary, elected official but, rather a conquering dictator.

Imagine this ridiculous little man who is merely one citizen in a land of six million Jews believes that he actually has sole title to the Land of Israel. In his self-styled role as sole owner of the Land, he believes he can transfer the assets of the Jewish State to the Muslim Arabs.

This "diktat" is both his and America's Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, neither of whom has the right to divide a sovereign nation and distribute what they wish to embezzle over to Israel's most hostile and dedicated enemies.

I would suggest this crookery be placed before the World Court in the Hague but, given that they have shown themselves typically hostile to and prejudiced against the Jewish nation in the best historical traditions of the European nations, I suppose it would be useless.

What nation would tolerate leaders who dictate out of their mouths the policy of giving away parts of their country, merely on their orders? Olmert is trying to do this now, mostly at the behest of the Bush Administration's State Department, following James Baker's plans for the dissolution of the State of Israel. Imagine if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez or any other of the world's dictators tried to give up their lands. I have little doubt that they would be hanged in their city squares.

Would Bush return Texas or California to Mexico? Would any sane leader of any country give up territory, especially to a pagan religion whose "Jihadist" followers swear on their Koran that they will conquer and eliminate every Jew?

Rabin and Peres did this with the secret negotiations leading to the failed Oslo Accords, betraying all of Israel's citizens. They decided this under-the-table deal without consulting either the Knesset or the citizens who would suffer from their unilateral "diktat."

Let us record Bibi Netanyahu's kingly "diktat" to give away 80 percent of the Holy city of Hebron, the burial place of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

Remember how Ehud Barak tried his best to surrender up to 97 percent of Israel's Land to Yasir Arafat, master terrorist - and then tried his best to give up all the Golan Heights to Hafez al Assad of Syria. Then along comes the great warrior, Arik Sharon, who on his own abandons 10,000 Jewish men, women and children in 21 communities from Gush Katif in Gaza and four communities in North Samaria. Now Gaza is a hellish terror base.

Finally, comes the most pathetic dunce, Ehud Olmert, to gift the rest of Israel's territories to Arafat's Mafia, the Fatah now under the useless Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen).

All of the above dictated divestment of Jewish Land (that) they did not own nor have any title to. How can the Jews of Israel or Jews anywhere in the world stand for this usurpation of power? The Land was gifted to the Jewish people in perpetuity by G-d. Along come these embezzlers of power, assuming that being elected somehow transferred the Land to their personal ownership.

Olmert is nothing more than a State Department mole or plant, pretending he is representing the Israeli people in their eternal struggle for survival. Olmert first represents himself, his personal interests and always the goal of de-Judaizing Israel. Then he has his own parasites to feed for their assistance in subverting the safety and sovereignty of their Land.

To further confirm that Olmert is a lying, scurrilous dictator, the Left wing Ha'aretz headlined a report that he had assigned the perfidious Peres to take a secret track with leading Palestinians. Olmert would offer 100 percent of Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank") or equivalent swap of other Israeli territories.

As an inveterate liar, Olmert denied colluding with Shimon Peres on this scam to abandon the Jewish Land. But, aides to Peres confirmed Olmert has indeed planned to abandon the Land and the Oslo-type secret planning was underway when Peres was Vice-Premier, with the plan presented to Olmert days before he (Peres) took office as President of Israel.

Dutch Lawmaker Calls on Netherlands to 'Ban the Koran'


The leader of Holland's extreme right-wing Freedom Party this week called for a ban on the Koran, the document upon which Islam is based. Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders made the call in a letter published in the De Volksrant newspaper that began, "I have been saying this for years: there is no such thing as a moderate Islam."

Wilders, whose Freedom Party holds nine of the 150 parliamentary seats in the Netherlands, added that sections of the Koran "call on Muslims to oppress, persecute or kill Christians, Jews, dissidents and non-believers, to beat and rape women and to establish an Islamic state by force."

Wilders wrote in his letter that he was "fed up with Islam in the Netherlands" and calling for an end to Muslim immigration. "I am fed up with the worship of Allah and Mohammed in the Netherlands. No more mosques!" he wrote.

The Dutch lawmaker's letter came after an attack on a young local politician who had founded a group to support people who leave Islam. According to the European Jewish Press, Eshan Jami was not "visibly injured" in the attack, but both he and Wilders are now protected by a special security detail.

Dutch attorney Els Lucas responded to the letter by filing a complaint against the legislator, charging him with "insulting a section of the community" – a crime that carries a prison term of up to two years along with a fine of up to 16,750 Euros. "I think he has gone too far. It is unseemly that a member of parliament expresses himself like this," Lucas told the ANP news agency.

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