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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0601.txt
Israeli Gay Political Party Founded
Livni: Middle Eastern Nations Share a Common Threat
Officials: Israel is Ready to Transfer Withheld Tax Revenues to PA
The Wandering Jewish Archive
'Hi, Mom? I'm Calling from the Gas Chambers'
Ruth's Story – The Japanese Version newsletter: 7fax0604.txt
Hamas Reaffirms Commitment to Wipe Out Israel
Iranian President Predicts Israel's Destruction
Gaza Kindergarten Kids Primed for Jihad
Gaza Female Telecasters Must Dress Up or Die
Israeli Report Warns Against Maritime Terrorism
The Blue Bird Legend newsletter: 7fax0605.txt
Spielberg Archive Expanded
Israeli Military Orders 3 Hamas Members Held for 6 Months
German Jews Resist Aliyah Body
Newly-Surfaced Holocaust Diary Made Public
Making Water from Thin Air
Iranian TV Series Casts Israel as European Problem
Israeli Physician: 'I Was Put in a Gas Chamber'
Visa Credit Card Bill: Arab Jerusalem Outside of Israel newsletter: 7fax0606.txt
IDF Training Exercises in North and South
40th Anniversary of 1967 Middle East War
Abbas Warns of Civil War
Golan Heights Residents 'Ready for Resistance' newsletter: 7fax0607.txt
Palestinian-Israeli Summit Postponed
Olmert Plays Down Syria Tensions
US Cool to Israeli Dialogue with Syria
In Egypt, Legacy of 1967 Defeat Still Burns
Vatican: Pope Tried to Help Jews
Ben-Gurion Airport Strike Cancelled
Gay 'Cruising' Tips Provided by Tourism Ministry newsletter: 7fax0608.txt
Palestinian Factional Clash in Gaza Kills One
Herzog: Israel is Ready for Talks with Syria
Netanyahu: Hafez Assad Conceded Mt Hermon
Hebrew University Doctoral Student Develops Anti-Obesity Drug
Church of Scientology Targets Israeli Camp Directors
'Israel Dissolution Rally' Planned for Washington
"Children of Abraham" Links Muslim and Jewish Youth newsletter: 7fax0611.txt
Lieberman: US Should Strike Iran Militarily
Israel: Military Action Against Iran is Possible
Report: Olmert Offers Golan Heights to Syria
Israel Launches Air Strikes on Targets in Gaza City
Israeli Baseball Season Opens in Two Weeks newsletter: 7fax0612.txt
Peretz Invites Assad to Jerusalem
Iran Threatens Blitz If Attacked
Ofek-7, Israel's Eye in the Sky, Successfully Reaches Orbit
17 die in Gaza Infighting
Israeli Researcher Pioneers New Cancer Treatment
`Jewskimos' Welcome Novel Highlighting Alaska Jews newsletter: 7fax0613.txt
Indonesian Leader Opposes Ahmadinejad
Israel Won't Intervene as PA Civil War Claims More Lives
ADL Backs Calls to End Anti-Semitic Liturgy
Jerusalem by Ear newsletter: 7fax0614.txt
Global Jewish TV Network Planned
Peres Elected Israel's President
Hamas, Fatah Fighting Spreads in Gaza Strip
Mother of 8 Planned Suicide Terror Attack in Israel
Religious Freedom Advocate Alleges Anti-Semitism at U.S. Army Base
Biblical Basis: Seven is Lucky Number for Brides newsletter: 7fax0615.txt
PA Government Dissolved, Abbas to Declare 'State of Emergency'
Fictitious Memory newsletter: 7fax0618.txt
Teen Survives Eight-Story Fall
Katyusha Rockets Slam into Kiryat Shmona
Abbas Swears In Emergency Palestinian Government
Netanyahu: Encircle Gaza, Topple Hamas Government
Sir Isaac Newton Calculated World will End in 2060 newsletter: 7fax0619.txt
Report: Israel Plans Gaza Invasion
PA Terrorists Attack at Gaza's Erez Crossing
Western Nations Back New Palestinian Government
Palestinian Split Raises Questions about a Two-State Solution in Middle East
Dog Neutering Arouses Halakhic Controversy newsletter: 7fax0620.txt
PA Blasts Iran over Gaza
Bush, Olmert Back Palestinian President
First Aid Trucks Since Hamas Takeover Arrive in Gaza
Iran Accuses UN Security Council of Ignoring Israeli Threats to Tehran
Terrorists' Plot to Attack Modi'in Synagogue Thwarted
Jimmy Carter: Failure to Support Hamas 'Criminal'
Broadcast Authority Bans Anti-Substance Abuse Ad Clip
Remembering One of the World's Greatest Jews newsletter: 7fax0621.txt
Olmert Daughter Defends Gay Parade
PA President Denounces Hamas, Rejects Dialogue
Hamas Warns Christians to Accept Islamic Law
Israeli Government and Nefesh B'Nefesh Prepare For Next Wave of Aliyah newsletter: 7fax0622.txt
Pipe Bomb Carrying Mea Shearim Man Arrested at Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade
Abbas, Olmert to Meet in Egypt
Netanyahu: Let Jordanian Troops Patrol the West Bank
Israel Transfers Busloads of Gaza Arabs to Egypt
New Immigrant Explores Comedic Side of Aliyah Process
Kosher Grasshoppers, Quail and Red Deer, Oh My
Al Jazeera: A Reality Show for the Arab World newsletter: 7fax0625.txt
Report: Israeli Combat Aircraft Train for Iran Runs
Diplomats Discuss Prospects for Mideast Peace
Iran: Fatah and Hamas - Turn Your Guns Against Israel
Israel to Release Frozen Tax Funds to Palestinian President Abbas
Researchers: Masada remains were Romans
Son of Nazi Commander Converted to Judaism newsletter: 7fax0626.txt
Al-Qaeda Leader Calls on Muslims to Support Hamas
Olmert Makes Appeasement Speech at Sharm El-Sheikh
Jordanian King Pre-empts 4-Way Summit with Direct Call to Olmert
Hamas Releases Audiotape of Captured Israeli Soldier
Egyptian Court Sentences Nuclear Engineer to Life in Prison for Espionage
Israeli Researchers Rediscover Copper Cures
Poll: Immigrant Assimilation in Israeli Society Poor newsletter: 7fax0627.txt
Tibi: No Leather in Knesset
Yadlin Warns What Happened In Gaza Will Happen in Judea, Samaria
Abbas in January: 'All Our Guns are Aimed at Israel'
Blair to be Appointed Mideast Envoy
Palestinian Kidnappers Threaten to Kill BBC Reporter
Purchasing Israeli Real Estate newsletter: 7fax0628.txt
Former Mossad Spy Ashraf Marwan Dies Mysteriously
At Least 12 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raids in Gaza
Negev Armor Authorized But Not Funded
Report: Israel to Release Terrorist if U.S. Frees Pollard
Israeli Researchers Map the Internet
Methodists 'Bordering on Anti-Semitism' newsletter: 7fax0629.txt
Bush Praises Israeli Democracy as Model for Iraq
Israel's President Pleads Guilty to Sexual Harassment Charges
Counter-Terror Operation in Shechem Continues Thursday Night
Palestinians Back an Iranian Nuclear Bomb
Why Wear a Kippah?
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