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Geneva Synagogue Attacked on Shavuot


A large fire, suspected to be a case of anti-Semitism vandalism, burnt the library of a large Geneva synagogue on the second day of Shavuot. The fire was discovered shortly after 5 a.m. at the Heichal HaNess synagogue in eastern Geneva. More than 40 firefighters were needed to extinguish the blaze, which police said appeared to have several sources. No one was hurt in the fire.

Israel Arrests More Than 30 Hamas Members

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli security forces arrested 33 senior members of Hamas, Thursday, in the occupied West Bank - part of a continuing crackdown against Hamas for launching rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The most prominent Hamas leader arrested is Nasser Shaer, the education minister in the Hamas-dominated Palestinian unity government. Israeli forces also detained the mayors of the West Bank towns of Nablus, Qalqiliya and Beita, as well as at least one former cabinet minister and several sitting members of the Palestinian legislature.

Speaking on Israeli Radio, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said the arrests are part of an ongoing crackdown on Hamas for its continued rocket attacks against the southern Israeli city, Sderot, from the Gaza Strip. He said arrests are preferable to bloodshed, adding that detentions send a message to Hamas leaders that Israel will not tolerate the rocket attacks.

IAF air strikes targeted currency exchange shops in the Gaza Strip that Israeli military authorities said were being used to funnel money to Hamas terrorists. The arrests and ongoing Israeli strikes in Gaza were condemned by Palestinian officials, like presidential spokesman Nabil Aburdeneh speaking on Palestinian radio.

Aburdeneh said the Israeli actions would not help Israel's security and could only provoke Palestinians - saying international mediation is needed to end the current crisis.

The Israeli actions on Thursday followed a meeting in Gaza between Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Media reports said the two men discussed declaring a unilateral truce with Israel and the truce between the Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah that went into effect a few days ago.

Palestinian in-fighting, in the past two weeks, has led to the deaths of about 50 people and sparked a surge in the firing of rockets against Israel by Hamas - which in turn has led to Israeli reprisals in the form of air strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

U.S. State Department spokesman Tom Casey said Thursday evening that the US is "concerned" by Israel's arrests. His announcement was similar to that of United Nations representative Michael Williams.

While Hamas is a terrorist organization, Casey said, the arrest of Palestinian Authority members of Parliament is always "a process arousing concern." Several of the 33 detainees are MPs in the PA.

Fatwa Against Hamas for Having 'Jewish Characteristics'


A Muslim cleric, Sheikh Al-Hiran, apparently from the Palestinian Authority, has released a fatwa (religious ruling) permitting the killing of members of the Hamas terrorist organization. In support of his position, the heretofore unknown sheikh declared Hamas to have "Jewish characteristics;" and "You should kill them cold-bloodedly."

The fatwa and accompanying argumentation appeared in two articles, one in the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan and the other published on the website of the Fatah terrorist organization, headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

According to a report and translation of the articles provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the Islamic cleric labeled Hamas "Khawarij." This term is a reference to a group of Muslims that rebelled against the leadership of seventh-century Islam.

Among other affronts, the Fatah-backed sheikh declared, Hamas is willing to ally itself with non-Muslims and to battle co-religionists. Al-Hiran then said that Hamas-backed scholars should be confronted about the activities of their organization. "If they say that what they [i.e., Hamas members] do is prohibited, then you should kill them cold-bloodedly, [and you will] be rewarded by Allah for ridding Muslims of their influence and evil.

"Jews have more mercy towards our nation than [Hamas]. If they [i.e., the scholars] say that their conduct is permitted, then kill their scholars.... They are all the same."

In his article entitled "The Common Characteristics of Hamas and the Jews," Al-Hiran wrote that the Islamist group has "Jewish characteristics." For the PA sheikh, this means hypocrisy and a lack of trustworthiness, including breaking agreements reached with the Fatah leadership of the PA.

MEMRI analysts noted, "The articles triggered condemnation, such as a statement by Palestinian Authority Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, who labeled Al-Hiran's articles as a clear call for fitna (civil strife)." In particular, MEMRI reported that the article comparing Hamas to the Jews "triggered harsh reactions and prompted online messages from readers questioning Al-Hiran's existence."

Legal Intimidation

By Ed Ziegler (Commentary)

The saying is "All's fair in love and war." This has been proven to be true time and time again. Our sworn enemies, Muslim terrorists, are attacking the U.S. with assorted techniques.

Very few, if any, relish the thought of being sued. The idea of being sued conjures up negative emotions of frustration, aggravation, inconvenience and possibly huge expenses. If you knew you might be sued for speaking out, would you?

Muslims across the world, even in the United States, are employing legal action to gain control. Their desire is to intimidate people to give in to their wishes. Their ultimate goal is to change our living environment to conform to their religious beliefs and customs.

On March 31, 2004, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a defamation lawsuit against Andrew Whitehead, one of the founders of Anti-CAIR, for making multiple libelous remarks about CAIR. Whitehead acknowledges he made statements such as "Let there be no doubt that CAIR is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of Islamic law in America."

And "CAIR is a fundamentalist organization dedicated to the overthrow of the United States Constitution and the installation of an Islamic theocracy in America."

On June 20, 2005 CAIR reduced the number of the alleged libelous statements to just two. Then on March 23, 2006 Whitehead reported that CAIR's lawsuit has been dismissed. Whitehead also stated "The policies and procedures of Anti-CAIR have not changed in any way as a result of the CAIR lawsuit settlement."

On March 29, 2007 The Detroit News reported that a Muslim woman, Ginnah Muhammad, filed a lawsuit against Judge Paul Paruk. Ginnah claims the judge violated her religious rights. There was no mention of her civil rights.

Muhammad had gone to court, in October 2006 in a dispute with a car rental company. Judge Paruk said she could not testify unless she removed her veil. Ginnah refused to remove the veil of her hajib that covered her from head to toe except for her eyes. From her picture this writer could not tell if she was a man or a woman no less which woman.

On March 29, 2007, 35 Bosnian Muslims filed a lawsuit, in St. Louis, claiming the U.S. government is unlawfully delaying their applications to become United States citizens. And on Nov. 21, 2006, six Imams were ejected from a US Airway plane in Minneapolis. An Imam can simply be a highly respected individual or a teacher or a religious leader.

One or more passengers alerted the crew that the Imams were spouting anti-American rhetoric. The airplane crew and an air marshal claimed that the Imams did not take their assigned seats but separated into groups of two and took other seats. Imams who did not appear to need larger seat belts requested seat belt extenders. As a result of these suspicious actions the six Imams were asked to leave the airplane.

Subsequent to this event CAIR assisted the six Imams in filing lawsuits against the airport, US Airways and the crew. Furthermore they have threatened to sue the passengers who complained. The Imams claim it was discrimination against them for praying in the airport.

On March 21, 2007 The Washington Times reported that Dr. Zuhdi Jasser told The Washington Times that his group would raise money for legal fees for passengers if the Imams sue them. Dr. Jasser is a Phoenix-area physician and director of American Islamic Forum for Democracy ( a group founded in 2003 to promote moderate Muslim ideas.

Dr. Jasser has also stated "Organizations like CAIR and the Muslim American Society began whipping up the drums of victimization the very next day."

Fred Thompson, former United States senator from Tennessee, has stated that the passengers' only offense was reporting suspicious behavior by the six Imams. If the lawsuit goes forward, airline passengers will be far less willing to share information that might prevent another 9/11 terrorist tragedy.

Thompson said this problem pales in comparison to what's going on in much of Europe today where the courts are being used to criminalize politically incorrect debate about Islam. One notable victim was Italian author and ex-resistance fighter, Oriana Fallaci. A Swiss court ordered her arrest for criticizing Islamic violence. Later, an Italian court ordered her tried as well.

Thompson further stated a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives to protect passengers from being sued for reporting fishy behavior. The good news is that the vote will help keep America's courts from being used to squelch free speech. The bad news is that 121 U.S. representatives opposed it.

So what are we looking at? A devious enemy who is using our legal system in an attempt to intimidate Americans into silence. The questions are. Are you going to look the other way? Or, are you going to help defend the USA and our freedom? It is up to you. Remember Never Again.

(Ed Ziegler is a Board Member of the New Jewish Congregation in The Villages, Florida, and past president of its Brotherhood. He can be reached at.

Sonia Peres Rushed to Hospital

By Ha'aretz

Sonia Peres, the wife of Vice Premier Shimon Peres, was rushed to Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, late Thursday and it is reported that her life may be in danger.

A medical team was summoned to the couple's apartment after the 81-year-old Peres suffered from heart failure. After paramedics gave her initial treatment, she was rushed to Sheba Hospital by ambulance and treated in the cardiology wing of the intensive care unit.

Peres' heart failure appears to be the worsening of a pre-existing condition. She has been sedated so that the medical staff could better treat her. While Shimon Peres has been a prominent figure in the Israeli political world for almost five decades, Sonia has stayed largely out of the spotlight.

Vietnam Hosts Bar Mitzvah


A Bar Mitzvah ceremony was held last Saturday in Vietnam, for the first time in the country's history. The Bar Mitzvah boy, Omri Rafaeli, has been traveling with his family across Southeast Asia in the past nine months. When his 13th birthday was approaching, his father asked the Israeli embassy in Hanoi to help organize the ceremony.

In light of the difficulty to arrange a minyan (a quorum of 10 men required for public prayer service according to Jewish law), the ambassador's deputy Nati Brooks suggested to hold the event at the same hotel where a delegation of Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon was staying. In honor of the occasion, Brooks also brought a 150-year-old Torah scroll that belongs to him, to be used at the ceremony.

And so last Saturday Omri's family, the embassy staff, the minister and his entourage gathered at the hotel together with the members of the small local Jewish community, in order to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah. "To hold a Bar Mitzvah in a country where there are no Jews…. is really exciting," Minister Simhon said. "Seeing the Torah scroll was especially moving for everyone.

"My Vietnamese hosts were a little surprised by what they saw, and didn't understand why we threw candy at the kid. We explained to them that this was a Jewish tradition," he added.

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