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Jewish Agency: 50,000 Skinheads in Russia, Ukraine


The Jewish Agency warned that there has been a spike in anti-Jewish incidents in Russia lately. The warning follows the killing of a young Jewish man on Saturday in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Amos Hermon, who is in charge of the JA's counter-anti-Semitic operations, said Russian authorities know of about 50,000 skinheads in Russia and the Ukraine who victimize foreigners in general and Jews in particular.

U.S.A Boycotts Jerusalem Reunification Day Despite Congressional Mandate


The United States will avoid Jerusalem Reunification Day festivities this week despite a 12-year-old Congressional bill calling for the American embassy to be located in the capital. Since then, every president has exercised a waiver in the bill allowing the move to be deferred for a renewable period of six months.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni insisted that the "connection between Israel and Jerusalem is inseparable" despite the boycott by the U.S. and most of the international community. Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski went further and declared, "Anyone who doesn't recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel does not recognize the State of Israel."

American officials, including former Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk, have stated that moving the embassy is not likely to happen until there is a final peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

The U.S. did not issue an official statement explaining why the current Ambassador, Richard Jones would not be attending the ceremonies, but Ambassador Dr. Harald Kindermann from Germany, which heads the European Union (EU) this year, specifically said EU countries would not participate because of Arab claims of sovereignty over eastern Jerusalem, which includes the Old City.

The Foreign Ministry said Sunday it is "unhappy and disappointed" that most delegations announced they were not coming to the festivities but added that officials from several embassies will attend.

Two American lawmakers have launched an effort to put a stop to the continuing deferral of the Congressional bill to move the embassy from Tel Aviv. Republican House of Representatives members Joe Wilson and Mike Pence recently introduced a resolution stating that Jerusalem "must remain an undivided city in which the rights of every ethnic and religious group are protected as they have been by Israel during the past 40 years."

The new resolution "strongly urges" President George W. Bush to stop exercising the waiver to delay the move of the embassy. It also calls on him and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to "repeatedly affirm publicly, as a matter of United States policy, that Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of the State of Israel."

The congressmen also noted that the 2003 Foreign Relations Authorization Act directs that the birth of any U.S. citizen born in Jerusalem should be recorded as "Jerusalem, Israel" upon the request of the citizen or his or her guardian. That requirement has never been implemented, and the city is listed without its being designated that it is in Israel.

Israel officially incorporated all of Jerusalem into the municipality in 1980, a move that caused virtually all of the embassies that had been located in Jerusalem to move away. The last holdouts were El Salvador and Costa Rica, which pulled out several months ago.

Poll: 96% of Israeli Jews Won't Give Up Western Wall for Peace Israel Faxx News Services

Ninety-six percent of Israeli Jews are against Israel relinquishing the Western Wall, even in exchange for lasting peace and ending the dispute over Jerusalem, a new poll suggests. According to the poll, most Israeli Jews do not believe territorial concessions in Jerusalem would bring peace.

The poll, performed at the request of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, also reveals that 89 percent of Israeli Jews are unwilling to give up the Temple Mount for a similar arrangement.

The poll, which was performed by the Tazpit Research Institute headed by Dr. Aharon Fein, found that Israeli Jews were far more willing to give up the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, as long as Israel keeps the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter - an arrangement favored by 43 percent of them.

Forty-three percent of participants said they were opposed to any form of concession in Jerusalem for real peace and the termination of the dispute. In the previous survey on the matter, only 37 percent of the participants were opposed to all forms of territorial concession in Jerusalem.

Religious and ultra-Orthodox participants expressed less willingness for concessions than their secular and traditional counterparts. For example, the survey showed that 76 percent of the religious participants were opposed to territorial concessions, as opposed to 24percent of secular responders.

Despite the relatively high willingness among participants to give up the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, most participants nonetheless indicated they did not believe such concessions would bring peace. In total, 75.7 percent believe peace is unattainable.

Only 20.3 said they believed peace could be reached in return for territorial concessions in Jerusalem. In addition, 91.5 percent indicated they believed that maintaining a large Jewish majority in Jerusalem was imperative. Some 81.3 percent said they believed that a mostly-Jewish Jerusalem would complement Israel's moral fortitude. Another 62.4 percent said they believed that Jewish settlement in Ma'aleh Adumim and Gush Etzion serve to strengthen Jerusalem.

Sixty-six percent said the same about settlement west of the city. Some 61.3 percent expressed support for prioritizing Jerusalem so as to strengthen its status and standing.

According to the survey, the majority of Israelis regard Jerusalem as the most beautiful city in Israel. Some 81.4 of the Jerusalemites who participated said they perceived it as such, along with 67.5 of non-Jerusalemites. Despite this, 51.8 percent of Jerusalemites define the city as dirty, opposed to only 30 percent of non-Jerusalemites.

Some 47.3 percent of the Jerusalemites who participated in the poll defined the city as impoverished. Another 54 percent said they believed Jerusalem was gradually becoming more ultra-Orthodox. However, despite their critical approach of their city, only 5.3 of Jerusalemites said they considered it dangerous to visit.

By contrast, non-Jerusalemites appear to be more wary of visiting the city, with 14.5 percent indicating it as a dangerous place to visit.

At Least 4 Palestinians Killed in Factional Fighting in Gaza

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem)

At least four Palestinians have been killed in a surge of fighting between rival factions in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian officials said Egyptian mediators have brokered a deal to end fighting.

The clashes erupted as the Israeli Cabinet discussed a response to Palestinian rocket attacks. An ambush that killed a senior terrorist from the Fatah faction and his bodyguard set off a wave of violence in Gaza.

A gun battle erupted at the funeral as Fatah militants called for revenge against Hamas, which was blamed for the shooting. Retaliation came quickly. First, Fatah gunmen killed two Hamas men outside a mosque. Then, a well-known religious scholar from Hamas was abducted as he returned from evening prayers, one of about 10 reported kidnappings. It was the worst fighting since Hamas and Fatah agreed to a national unity government two months ago.

Tensions rose last week, when the Fatah-dominated security forces deployed 3,000 men in Gaza City under a new security plan aimed at restoring law and order. That angered Hamas which charged that Fatah did not coordinate the move with them.

The tension in Gaza coincided with a meeting of Israel's Security Cabinet, which discussed a military response to continuing Palestinian rocket attacks. The army presented a series of options, but the government decided against a major offensive in Gaza.

"It will be a mistake to make a huge military operation, but I think that we should react to the terror that is launching from Gaza towards Israeli settlements," said Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim.

The army said some 240 rockets have been fired at Israel since the ceasefire began five months ago. And Israeli officials have made it clear that they are running out of patience.

Hamas Lied About Taking `Jihad Mickey' Off PA TV


According to a report by Palestinian Media Watch, Hamas Palestinian Authority Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti lied about removing a Mickey Mouse preaching global Jihad from PA TV.

The Mickey Mouse look-alike, named Farfur, regularly appeared on PA's Al-Aksa TV station until last week, when Palestinian Media Watch reported on the Islamist mouse. Its report was reprinted around the globe and drew condemnations from politicians as well as members of Walt Disney's family.

Barghouti issued a public statement that the show would be taken off the Hamas TV network until it could be reviewed. His commitment was reported worldwide, but Farfur appeared Friday on his regularly scheduled "Tomorrow's Pioneers" program, preaching global domination of Islam.

Farfur was joined by a young girl names Saraa, as well as Hazim, an adult "who delivered most of the show's messages about Islamic supremacy," according to PMW. Hazim told the viewers of the children's television show that Islam will spread all over the world, "including Spain," and that the spread of Islam is for the world's benefit. He said the "massacres in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine will be replaced by love and justice under Islamic rule."

"It appears from today's broadcast that the Hamas or PA officials who oversaw today's show were concerned only with neutralizing the dialogue spoken by the Mickey Mouse character, Farfur, and not with moderating the show's content," PMW's Itamar Marcus and Barbra Crook said. "It is as if they decided that the show's messages, which also promote hatred of Israel and the US, are completely acceptable – as long as the more inflammatory comments are not coming from the knockoff of Disney's beloved mouse."

Holocaust Survivors' Trauma is not Passed Down to the Second Generation

By Newswise

New research at the University of Haifa contradicts the accepted theory and popular belief that Holocaust survivors pass down the effects of the trauma they endured to their children and grandchildren.

The research, which was conducted by Prof. Avi Sagi-Schwartz of the Department of Psychology and director of the Center for the Study of Child Development at the University of Haifa, found that second and third generation Holocaust survivors exhibit the same normative behaviors those who are not the children or grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.

"We know that people working in the field who are used to the old theories and popular beliefs will have difficulty accepting the conclusions of this research, but additional research done in other parts of the world yielded similar results," said Sagi-Schwartz.

According to Sagi-Schwartz, mental health professionals have been under the perception that Holocaust survivors transmit their traumas to their children who in turn transmit them to their children. Even among those who do not believe survivors transmitted their traumas to their children, there is a school of thought that traumas "skipped a generation" and that the effects of trauma could be found among grandchildren of survivors.

This recent research examined the reciprocal relations of 50 mothers, who are themselves children of Holocaust child survivors whose parents were both killed in the Holocaust, and their one-year-old children.

As the research evaluated the effects and transmission of trauma, it was essential to base the research on participants who had undergone severe trauma, which is the case when both parents are killed. The research revealed that the traumas of the Holocaust were not passed down from generation to generation nor did they "skip" a generation.

"It was clear to us that our results would be viewed with skepticism. One specific theory has been accepted for years and it is difficult for people to accept a new theory," explained Sagi-Schwartz. Therefore, in addition to the research conducted in Israel, meta-analytical research was conducted which evaluated the results of all available studies done in this field in the US, Canada, England, and Israel. The data from 13 different research projects was complied into one mega-sample and it was found that the results were similar to the results of this recent study, and when the results differed it was based on how the research participants were located.

"One of the problems was that in many cases researchers recruited their participants through organizations that aid Holocaust survivors in distress. This meant that a very specific cross-section of Holocaust survivors participated in the study – those with a high level of distress. This is not representative of the general population of survivors and therefore leads to biased results," said Sagi-Schwartz.

Sagi-Schwartz pointed out a few possible reasons that the horrible traumas of the Holocaust were not always transmitted to survivors' children and grandchildren. One of the theories is that before the Holocaust, many of these people had normal family lives and supportive environments and were therefore able to put their traumas aside and resume normal lives after the war ended and they had children of their own.

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