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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0402.txt
German Chancellor Merkel Meets Israeli, Palestinian Leaders
Hamas Recruits Children to Terror Squads via TV Programs
High Court Suit: Strip Three Arab Knesset Members of Citizenship
First Army Salary: Negative Shekels
IDF Sells Chametz, Dogs to Non-Jew
Secret of Pyramids Revealed? newsletter: 7fax0404.txt
Iran Launches 2 Nuke Plants
UK Teachers Avoid Holocaust History
Diplomatic Momentum Builds in Effort to Resolve Arab-Israeli Dispute
Saudi Arabia: Israel Must Accept Arab Peace Offer Before Talks
Hamas Boasts Readiness in Gaza; Praises '1948 Arabs'
Media Scenes of Israeli-Palestinian Violence Can Foster Negative Stereotypes for Teenagers newsletter: 7fax0405.txt
Skydiving Show Honors Abductees
House of Representatives Speaker Meets Syrian President
IDF Enters Gaza, Large-Scale Re-Entry on the Horizon
76% of Public Would Follow Moses to Land of Israel
Murder, Elephant Style, in Ramat Gan Safari
Fight Against Time to Preserve Auschwitz newsletter: 7fax0406.txt
Arab Construction Worker Sees Jewish Home as His in Future
GOP Congressman Visits Syria After Controversial Pelosi Trip
Kabbalist Elder: Israel on Brink of War
Iran Publicizes Statement of Support Allegedly From Local Jews
Film Claims Earthquake, Not Moses, Parted the Red Sea newsletter: 7fax0409.txt
El Al Raises Fares – Again
Israel, Palestinians Report Progress on Prisoner Swap
Haredim Protest Selling of Chametz in Jerusalem
Court to Women: Want a Get? Waive Your Damages Suit
`Honor' Murder Victim Wanted to Write a Book
How Does One Sell Judaism? newsletter: 7fax0410.txt
PA Makes it Official: Marwan Barghouti on List
Iranian President Keeps Word on Uranium Enrichment
Row Erupts Over Auschwitz Exhibit
Koolanoo: A MySpace-Style Jewish Space newsletter: 7fax0411.txt
PA: Would-Be Tel Aviv Bomber Not a Hamas Terrorist
Pesach Massacre Averted: Hamas Mass Murder Car was in Tel Aviv
Palestinian President, Israeli Prime Minister to Meet
Weizmann Scientists: Finding May Help Heal Injured Muscle Tissue newsletter: 7fax0412.txt
Hamas: Don't Give Money to PA
Israel Scrambles Jets to Escort US Airliner
Israel Threatened in North, South
Israel Rejects Palestinian Prisoner Release List
Boy's Holocaust Diary to be Published
Did a Holocaust Lesson Go Too Far?
British Researcher Claims 'Jews Smarter, It's Genetic' newsletter: 7fax0413.txt
Shtetl in the Negev: New Hareidi City Planned
Hamas Issues Islamic Call for Genocide
Israel's Parliament Reviews Unofficial Israel-Syria Talks
Arab MK Wants All Israeli-Arab Terrorists Freed
Peres: Invest in the Sea, not Judea/Samaria
Vatican Threatens to Boycott Jerusalem's Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony
Spider Venom to Replace Viagra? newsletter: 7fax0416.txt
Israel Observes Holocaust Memorial Amid Row with Vatican
Olmert Meets with Holocaust Denier
Study: Cancer Risk Twice as Great for Holocaust Survivors
Israel Denies Entry to Muslim Spouses of Israelis newsletter: 7fax0417.txt
Flier Against `Nazi-Arab' Enemy Distributed at Tel Aviv University
PMW: PA Textbooks Spew Holocaust Denial and Hate
U.S. to Fund Hamas Terror Cells?
Jordanian Correspondent Proposes Merger of Israel, Palestine newsletter: 7fax0418.txt
Jewish Institute Suggests Splitting Jerusalem
Israeli Professor is Among Dead in Virginia Tech Massacre
Fatah, Hamas Call for Kidnapping More Israelis
Iran Recruits Israeli Jews as Spies newsletter: 7fax0419.txt
Olmert: Israel Can't Meet All Palestinian Demands for Shalit's Release
Syria Threatens War, Olmert Dismissive
Amit: West Should Assassinate Ahmadinejad
Reform Jews Accuse Rabbi of Libel for Holocaust Statement
Israel's Supreme Court: Women Now Allowed to Eulogize
Free Software for WiFi Connections Without Routers newsletter: 7fax0420.txt
Iran's Salami: We Can Affect half of World's Energy
Israel Rejects Prisoner Swap
Gates Says Washington to Sell Smart Bombs to Saudi Arabia
Battery Malfunction Prevented Major Terror Attack newsletter: 7fax0423.txt
Hamas Calls for New Attacks After IDF Kills Nine in 24 Hours
Olmert: Iran's Nuclear Program Can Be Stopped Peacefully
Israel Remembers its Fallen
Court: Woman Whose Life Partner Died Must be Recognized as Widow newsletter: 7fax0424.txt
Israel-Arab Lawmaker Resigns
Israel's Acting President to Palestinians: Swap Kassams for Computers
Is the Clock Ticking for Israel?
Israel at 59: The Continuous Struggle to Independence newsletter: 7fax0425.txt
NYC Street Named for anti-Semite Rededicated
Israelis Celebrate Independence Day as Hamas Fires Rockets
Prodi Denounces Hamas for Breaking Truce
Are You an Israeli First, or a Jew?
Shalvi: Ban Parties Promoting a Halacha State newsletter: 7fax0426.txt
Labor Candidate: Ready to Give Away the Golan?
Israel Rules Out Large Scale Offensive in Gaza
Journalists Demonstrate at Gaza Border for Release of BBC Correspondent
Gag-Order Lifted: Arab Ex-MK Suspected of Aiding Hizbullah
Obama: 'Tough' Talk Needed on Mideast newsletter: 7fax0427.txt
Dollar Falls, Shekel Soars
Iran Threatens Israel, U.S.
Land Swap Between PA and Israel?
Temporary Tattoos Designed to Prevent Medical Errors
Is Olmert Preparing to Abandon the Golan Heights During a Short war?
Is Israel a Bikini Brand or the Holy Land? newsletter: 7fax0430.txt
Hamas' Mashaal Defends Firing Rockets into Israel
Al Qaeda Urges Bombing and Firing on Israel
Anti-Israel Ads in Washington DC Subways
Sandy Koufax Drafted to Israel Baseball League
Iran: Israel Can Never be a Threat to Iran
Cabinet Approves Purchase of Natural Gas from Gaza
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