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Jewish Institute Suggests Splitting Jerusalem


The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies has issued a report suggesting various ways of splitting Jerusalem between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the rest of the world. The report suggests three ways of dividing the city. In one, Israel would give control of Muslim holy sites to Muslim authorities, while keeping control over most of the city. In another, Israel would allow the PA to control the Old City and the Mount of Olives, and would ask for Jewish autonomy over Jewish holy sites. The third proposal would require Israel to turn the sites over to international control.

Israeli Professor is Among Dead in Virginia Tech Massacre

By VOA News & Israel Faxx News Services

The 32 victims of the massacre at Virginia Tech University come from across the United States and a number of countries across the world. One prominent victim was Liviu Librescu, an engineering and math professor. Librescu was an Israeli citizen who was born in Romania and a Holocaust survivor. He is internationally-renowned for his research in aeronautical engineering.

Librescu, 76, who made aliyah to Israel in 1978, was killed on Yom Hashoah, the international day of remembrance for victims of the Holocaust. He came to Virginia on sabbatical in 1986 and decided to make it his home, according to news reports. The Librescus came on aliyah after then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin interceded on their behalf with the Romanian government.

Librescu is survived by his wife of 42 years, Marlena, who was with him in Virginia, and sons Aryeh and Joe who are in Israel. They intend to bury him in Israel.

Asael Arad, an Israeli student who visited the widow after the tragedy, told Army Radio Tuesday that Marlena had been receiving e-mails from students who credited Prof. Librescu with saving their lives. "I lost my best friend," the widow told a reporter for NRG at her home near the Blacksburg campus. "He was a great person, who loved teaching more than anything." Marlena said someone had initially informed her that her husband was injured in the shooting. "I looked for him in the hospitals all day but I didn't find him," she said.

Several of Librescu's students told his widow how he saved their lives by blocking the doorway of the classroom to keep the gunman out. He blocked the doorway with his body and asked the students to flee out the windows. He was shot and killed, but his students were saved.

Fatah, Hamas Call for Kidnapping More Israelis


In separate statements released this week, the Hamas and Fatah organizations, which share power in the Palestinian Authority government, called for the immediate abduction of more Israelis. Fatah "urges all our fighters to capture and abduct Israeli soldiers and civilians."

Israeli hostages would give the PA greater leverage in negotiating the release of thousands of Arabs currently imprisoned in Israeli jails.

In their most recent communiqué, as reported by the Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency, the Fatah-controlled Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades "urge all our fighters to capture and abduct Israeli soldiers and civilians." The call was issued, the Fatah faction explained, after "there was no response by the Israelis to release the prisoners...." If Israel persists in refusing to release those Arabs jailed for terrorist crimes, the statement threatens, then Fatah will target Israelis wherever they may be. Fatah is headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, with whom Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently met.

According to Ma'an, Hamas addressed a similar call for more kidnappings to its own members, as well as to Fatah, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and others. The Hamas statement urged all PA terrorist factions "to work together to capture more Israeli soldiers in order to exchange them with Palestinian prisoners," as reported by Ma'an.

In the same statements inciting the abduction of Israelis - civilians and soldiers - Fatah and Hamas appealed to human rights organizations and to the international community to play a role in securing the release of imprisoned PA terrorists. The Hamas statement, as well as a parallel release issued by the PRC terrorists, also called upon the PA government to take action on the diplomatic front to obtain the terrorists' release. The PRC, for its part, stated that it too would do all in its power to release PA prisoners from Israeli jails.

In what was possibly a veiled reply to rumors that Hamas did not include jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti in its list of Arab prisoners whose freedom it is demanding, the Hamas statement explicitly stated that the organization "intends to release all the prisoners, regardless of their faction or affiliation, by all means available and at any cost, especially after the failure of the diplomatic efforts, the weak agreements and the false promises."

In its communiqué, Hamas called on Israel to "comply with the factions' demands" and quickly conclude an exchange deal. Hamas, along with other PA factions, has been holding IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit hostage in Gaza since July 2006. In exchange for Shalit's freedom, the PA has demanded the release of over 1,000 jailed Arab terrorists.

Iran Recruits Israeli Jews as Spies


The General Security Services (GSS) recently uncovered a new effort to recruit Jews with family or other interests in Iran into the service of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, the Islamic Republic's chief intelligence agency.

According to information released by senior GSS officials on Tuesday, at least 10 Israelis have passed the first stage of recruitment and have received money from Iran. All 10 were recruited when visiting relatives in Iran, but none have been indicted, as they had not yet passed any information on to their handlers.

According to a senior GSS source, the last year has seen an increase in Iranian intelligence activities targeting Israel, including approximately 100 attempts by Iranian agents to recruit Israeli Jews visiting family members in Iran. In exchange for the promise of information about events in Israel, the Islamic Republic has paid thousands of American dollars to Israeli Jewish collaborators.

The recruitment process begins at the Iranian Consulate in Turkey, where Israelis who wish to visit Iran go to obtain entry permits. There are no current restrictions on Israelis visiting the Islamic Republic, which has not been legally declared an enemy state. Israelis seeking entry to Iran are grilled for information in Turkey by agents of VEVAK presenting themselves as consular diplomats. The Israelis are asked about their family ties and military service, as well as about political and social issues in the Jewish State, among other topics. In some cases, Israelis have been questioned for hours on end in an isolated room inside the Iranian Consulate.

Once in Iran, the visiting Israeli identified by the Iranian agents as a potential recruit is put through a lengthy series of interviews with VEVAK agents. There have been cases of Israelis refusing to cooperate with the Iranian authorities at this stage, leading to their arrest for several months.

Once an Israeli tourist has been successfully recruited, the VEVAK agents may request seemingly innocuous tasks of them upon their return home. Israelis have been asked to do such things as provide Iran with pictures of certain places in Israel, identify key figures in Israeli society and recruit an acquaintance as an agent for Iran, as well.

"I see Israeli Jews leaving the country for business or family visits in Iran, where they are recruited for the purposes of spying, as a serious phenomenon," the GSS official continued. "This time, we did not file charges, but in the future, we will not restrain ourselves from prosecuting such people."

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