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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 7fax0102.txt
60 Minutes' ITS Documentary Available on Internet
Palestinians: Agreement Reached on Prisoner Release
Clouds of War: The Year Ahead for Israel
Rice to the Region
Arabs Continue to Mourn Saddam Hussein newsletter: 7fax0103.txt
Israeli Police: Aide to Olmert Under House Arrest in Corruption Probe
Teddy Kollek, Legendary Jerusalem Mayor, Passes Away
Think Tank: Israel Could Attack Iran's Nuclear Program Alone
Iran Website Heralds 'Mahdi' by Spring
French Court: Pork Soup Kitchen Not Racist newsletter: 7fax0104.txt
Ahmadinejad: Iran will Soon Produce Nuclear Fuel on Industrial Scale
Fatah´s PA TV: Saddam and Arafat, the Ideal Men
'Hamas Training in Iran, Lebanon'
Fatah Leader: We Wish al-Qaeda Success
University Students on Strike
Bar Ilan University "Responsa Project" Goes Online newsletter: 7fax0105.txt
Ex-Jerusalem Mayor Kollek Laid to Rest
Six Killed in Gaza Infighting
Palestinian Violence Kills Four in Gaza, Fighting Spreads to West Bank
Israel Stages Raid in West Bank
Mubarak, Olmert Meet in Sinai; Egypt Condemns Israeli Raid
Pontiff-to-be John XXIII Helped Rescue Thousands of Hungary's Jews
Students Hope to Collect 13 Million Pennies newsletter: 7fax0108.txt
Iran to Israel: Don't Try Attacking Our Nukes
Bunker Buster Strike Planned for Iran's Nukes
Israel Denies Reports it Has Plans for Strike on Iran Nuclear Facility
'Saddam' Terror Group Says it's Targeting U.S.
Is a Nuclear Attack Realistic?
Fatah Rally Draws Tens of Thousands in Gaza newsletter: 7fax0109.txt
Olmert Goes to China
Fatah Militants Release Hamas Deputy Mayor
Israel Soon to Launch New Anti-Missile Drone
Shin Bet: 14% of Suicide Bombers had Israeli Citizenship
Hamas: Fatah in League with Zionist Conspiracy
A Stone Not Hurled newsletter: 7fax0110.txt
Al Qaeda Deepens Presence Surrounding Israel
Palestinian Factions Clash in Gaza
Report: Hamas, PRC Boast They will Obtain US Funds and Arms newsletter: 7fax0111.txt
Hitler Comedy Riles German Jews
Hamas Denies Mashaal Spoke of Recognizing Israel
Israelis Believe PA Arabs Want to Destroy Israel
Pipeline May Connect Black Sea, Red Sea newsletter: 7fax0112.txt
Mass Resignation from Carter Center
Terror-Supporting U.S. Imam 'Secretly' Extradited to Israel
Iranian Jews Reject Urgent Warnings to Leave
Rally Marks Anniversary of First Fatah Terror Attack
Canadians View Debut of ´Little Mosque on the Prairie´
Hebrew Commercials Sound Better in English newsletter: 7fax0115.txt
Sharon Warned Bush about Iraq
Rice Promises PA Rifles Won't Be Aimed at Israel
Abbas: "Raise Rifles Against the Israeli Occupation" newsletter: 7fax0116.txt
Hindus Want to ´Reclaim´ Swastika
Arab Times: U.S. To Attack Iran in April
Rice, Olmert, Abbas to Hold Three-Way Summit Next Month
Turning Shale and Asphalt into Oil
Court Approves Use of Fallen IDF Soldier's Sperm for Insemination
Imam Accused of Sexually Harassing 3 Boys
Study: Jerusalem Twice as Poor
Temple Aqueduct and Ritual Bath Excavated Opposite Temple Mount newsletter: 7fax0117.txt
Hamas Makes it Clear It Never Will Recognize Israel
Google Earth Map Marks Temple Mount as Palestinian
Israel Says Government Was Not Involved in Talks with Syria
Anti-Semitism Threatens Germany's Jewish Life newsletter: 7fax0118.txt
Israel to Issue Pilot IDs
Carter Interceded on Behalf of Nazi SS Guard
U.S.-Backed Militia to Include Palestinian Terrorists newsletter: 7fax0119.txt
Israel Asks Japan for Support
Israel Urges Silence on U.S. Weapons to Palestinians
Arab Convert Arrested For Aiding Jihad Brother
Israeli Scientists Developing Ways to Fix Heart and Brain
Iranian Minister: Zionist Attack on Iran is Suicide newsletter: 7fax0122.txt
Jordan, Syria Refuse to Accept Refugees Expelled from Iraq
Abbas, Mashaal Unable to Reach Agreement
Netanyahu Hopes Ahmadinejad is Brought to Trial
World War III (Part 5): What If We Do Lose the War
Expert: Young U.S. Jews Feel Identifying with Ethnicity is 'Not Kosher'
PA Names Youth Soccer Tournament After Saddam Hussein newsletter: 7fax0123.txt
Al-Arabiya Offices in Gaza Damaged by Blast
UK Newspaper: Livni Touted To Replace Olmert
Experts at Herzliya Conference Warn of Global Jihad
Christian Missionaries Broadcasting on Israeli Cable
Mass Jewish Wedding in Havana newsletter: 7fax0124.txt
Olmert Big 'Bad Hit' on Google
Gingrich: Israel Faces Nuclear Holocaust
Israel's President to Be Indicted on Rape Charges
Hospitals to Test 2,000 Former Patients of Surgeon with AIDS
Carter Answers Questions About New Book
Birthright Israel Tours Pose Jewish Identity Questions for IDF Troops newsletter: 7fax0125.txt
New Historical Maps Available on Internet
Olmert: Nuclear Attack Not Imminent
Katzav in Impassioned Speech: I am Being Lynched
Blood Banks to Accept Donations from Ethiopian Immigrants
Fancy Temple Era Street Found in Jerusalem
Yad Vashem Asked to Recognize First Arab Righteous Gentile newsletter: 7fax0126.txt
Irving Denies Gas Chambers Existed
Kadima Proposes Handing Judea and Samaria to Europe
Israel, Palestinians Pledge New Peace Efforts
Ex-CIA Director: PA Arabs Are Too Murderous to Have a State
Bus Segregation Challenged newsletter: 7fax0129.txt
Six Arabs Killed in Sunday's Hamas-Fatah Strife
Iran Set to Launch 'Star Wars' Satellites, Systems
Iran Prepares People for 'Messiah Miracles'
Carter: Too Many Jews on Holocaust Council newsletter: 7fax0130.txt
Suicide Bomber's Word to Mother: Pray for Me
Fatah-Jihad Suicide Terrorist Murders Three in Eilat
Bernard Lewis: Iran in Apocalyptic Mood
Jews Allowed to Work on Shabbat?
Live Longer, Live in Israel
1,500 Daily Prayers via Phone newsletter: 7fax0131.txt
Israeli Aircraft Bomb Tunnel on Gaza Border
Despite Truce, Hamas Commander Killed in Gaza
Former U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross Calls for Pollard Release
Iran Slams 'Herzliya Incitement'
Electric-Car Factory in Israel Discussed at Davos
Eilat Can No Longer be Marketed as a Safe Place
Israeli Film Takes Venezuela by Storm
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