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Al Qaeda Deepens Presence Surrounding Israel


Al Qaeda is increasing its presence in 3 of the 4 states neighboring Israel – Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, according to Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, head of the Directorate of Military Intelligence. "Dozens, perhaps hundreds of Al Qaeda men have reached Lebanon," said Yadlin Tuesday. "The men are trained and possess terrorist knowledge. He said the Al Qaeda terrorists in Lebanon posed a threat mostly to UNIFIL and western interests in Lebanon, adding that a small number of Al Qaeda men had reached Gaza, and that the IDF had arrested several Al Qaeda terrorists in the Shechem area in Samaria.

Palestinian Factions Clash in Gaza

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

There were more clashes Tuesday between Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip. At least five Hamas terrorists were wounded in the fighting, which came just three days after Palestinian factions agreed to a truce.

Violence broke out after the five Hamas members were seized by Fatah members loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The five were later released but attacked as they left the area where they had been detained.

The clashes came after the two factions agreed to a truce several days ago. Tension have risen dramatically since Saturday, when Abbas said a Hamas force of about 6,000 gunmen known as the Executive Force was illegal and must be immediately integrated into Palestinian security forces under his direct control. Hamas officials rejected that call, saying efforts to disband the force would be resisted.

Fatah militants in the West Bank have also stepped attacks against Hamas officials and sympathizers in the West Bank, where Hamas is considerably weaker than in the Gaza Strip. Atta Abu Remelleh, a leading Fatah militia leader near the West Bank city of Jenin said Fatah would not allow the situation in the West Bank to deteriorate as it has in Gaza. He said the situation in Gaza is beginning to resemble Iraq and Fatah would not allow that to happen in the West Bank.

Fatah and Hamas have been feuding ever since Hamas won legislative elections one year ago, taking control of the Palestinian Authority. Talks between the two factions to create a coalition government collapsed in December, and Abbas said he would call new legislative and presidential elections - to decide once and for all who governs the Palestinian territories - Fatah or Hamas. Hamas called the move illegal, and effectively a coup.

Violence in the Gaza Strip spiked last week when Hamas militants killed a senior Fatah security official and seven of his bodyguards in a rocket attack on the officials' home in Gaza. Shortly before he was killed the official phoned a Palestinian TV station on his cell phone - which broadcast his pleas for help to a large audience - raising tensions to a new level.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian terrorist group that is one of three organizations claiming to hold an Israeli soldier captured on the Gaza border last June said Tuesday the soldier, Gilad Shalit, was in good health and is being treated well.

The group known as the Palestinian Resistance Committees said that Shalit would not be released unless Israel agreed to release more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said he is prepared to release some Palestinians in exchange for Shalit. However Israeli officials said recently there had been no significant progress in Egyptian-brokered negotiations aimed at prisoner swap.

Report: Hamas, PRC Boast They will Obtain US Funds and Arms


According to a report by WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein, Hamas officials are expecting to receive a portion of the $86.4 million allocated by the US to bolster Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization.

Klein quoted a spokesman for Hamas, referred to as Abu Oubaida, as saying, "I am sure that, like in the past, this $86 million from America will find its way to the Hamas resistance via the honorable persons in the Fatah security organizations, including in Force 17. I can confirm 100 percent that this money and purchased weapons will find its way to Hamas."

The US last week pledged to provide the grant to those Fatah-affiliated militias loyal to Abbas, the Palestinian Authority's president, in order to strengthen his hand against the Islamist militias such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The monies are to be transferred despite the clear involvement of Fatah militias, such as Force 17 and the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, in ongoing anti-Israeli terrorism.

A US government document quoted from in the WND article said that the US expects its generous funding of the Fatah forces to be used "to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism and establish law and order in the West Bank and Gaza."

In addition, the US and Egypt recently transferred rifles and ammunition to Fatah's Force 17, while a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees, a multi-factional terrorist group, told WND, that "We vow to show the Israelis very soon the weapons lately channeled to the Presidential Guards [Force 17] and to the Fatah security services will be directed against the occupation."

In all the security services, including in Force 17, there are activists affiliated with all the Palestinian groups, including ours, and Hamas. We vow that there will be no use [of these arms] in a civil war, as we promise that should these arms reach us, we will use them against the occupation and the Zionist enemy.

When the attacks occur, the PRC will announce that foreign weapons were used, Klein wrote. "We will obtain the US weapons," the PRC leader said.

Hamas and Fatah sources explained that members of Force 17 and other Fatah-affiliated militias are also joining Hamas in Gaza. A Hamas source told WND, "When they join Hamas, they bring along their new weapons."

Abu Yousuf, a senior member of Fatah's Force 17, which received Egyptian and American weapons, told WND, "During our official service and during our job hours we are soldiers [in Force 17]. What we do in our free time - it is our business."

A terrorist from Hamas said of the US-supplied weapons, "The US gives weapons to Fatah during internal Palestinian clashes, but one day, when we go back to carrying out operations together, these [weapons] will be shared."

Is the U.S Cutting Off Arms to Israel?

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

Perhaps you thought the Baker-Hamilton-Gates recommendation was limited to merely opening up a dialogue with Iran and Syria. There is a darker side which, like many of the Bush plans is not meant to be exposed to the public.

Look a little deeper to the addendum which recommends a cut-off of arms, replacement parts, cut off in technology, transfer of satellite information of Israeli positions to Syria, Saudi Arabia for further dissemination - as was done secretly under then Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger.

While James Baker, III and Condoleezza Rice, among others who support the pro-Arab U.S. State Department's unpublished doctrine of diminishing Israel's capability to defend herself, there is the end product of complete elimination. The idea promulgated to Congress is that Iran and Syria will cease acting as the suppliers to terrorist both in Iraq and globally if President George W. Bush feeds them Israel as America's "appeasement" sacrifice. Thus was born the disinformation program wherein the conflict between the Arab Muslim Palestinians and Israel is falsely called the basis for Muslim world terror.

The U.S. method will be to cut off arms supplies which can be accomplished given that Israel has relied upon America as a sole supplier of her armaments.

Note! Don't confuse the solid support of the American people with the pockets of Arabists in the White House, State Department and certain Intel Agencies who have sacrificed friendly nations in a heart beat.

The Baker concept sold to Bush is that if Israel is unable to fight off Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas, she will be malleable to any demand of Saudi Arabia funneled through Bush and the State Department. That follows the misleading Saudi proposal that they and all Islamists would accept the Jewish State of Israel if she were returned to the 1948 Armistice Lines (called "The Green Line").

With these Auschwitz borders (as Abba Eban described them) Israel was perceived as vulnerable, thereby causing the 1967 Six Days War. (The 1967 War began with Egypt and Syria threatening for weeks to destroy Israel who prevented that by her pre-emptive strikes against Egyptian air power.)

Now is an ideal time to pull off such a betrayal, given that Israel's government under PM Ehud Olmert is well known as the most inept and easily manipulated regime Israel has ever had. Some will recall the desperate need for re-supply of artillery shells and TOW anti-tank missiles during the 1973 war. After Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on Yom Kippur, Israel used up the major portion of weapons' stocks and was desperately under-supplied after six days. It was Alexander Haig who pulled supplies from the weapons depots in Germany and several other American weapons' stockpiles - no thanks to then President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger.

Today Israel is on the threshold of a war with Iran and Syria, starting with a low inventory - thanks to the Luftmenschen (air head) Dan Halutz who used up vital artillery and bomb inventory while fighting Hizbullah so ineffectively. Hizbullah had only 600-1,000 "fighters" (of 3,000-5,000 available & 10,000 reservists) aka "terrorists" as an army against the most vaunted army force in the Middle East (30,000 ground troops plus IAF & ISC) with outstanding technologically developed weapons' systems.

Under the misguidance of Olmert, Peretz and Halutz the Israeli reserves floundered and destroyed its reputation as a superb military force.

Has President Bush accepted the Baker betrayal of a staunch and capable ally? If you look at the Baker Gang, they all seem to be Jew-haters, from the tips of their wing-tipped shoes to the tops of their heads. Regrettably, America has an embarrassing record of pulling out and leaving allies in the lurch when the going gets tough. Even in WW2 when they finally entered the wars in Europe and Japan, they never fought to save the Jews being executed in the death camps.

I think it is time for Christian and Jewish groups to inform the American Congress that their deeds will not be forgotten in 2008 if Israel is so endangered by the machinations of a Republican Bush or a Democratic Congress who sat by in silence. Nor will the false rescue effort by Bush relieve him and the Congress of allowing Israel, as an ally, to be brought to her knees. All of this is pre-planned by the Baker Gang.

On Wednesday, January 10th, President Bush will offer the nation a revised solution to the Iraq imbroglio. Will he tell us about the secret parts of the Baker-Hamilton-Gates recommendations that of sacrificing Israel to Saudi demands? Will Iran and Syria be sufficiently bribed to cease their march towards nuclear capability and stop terror at least for a few months?

I think you may safely assume that nothing, including the betrayal of Israel will stop the march of Islamists toward world domination - if we let them. Tell the President not to shame the American nation and the American people by betraying and sacrificing a friend to appease Arab Muslim nations who cannot be appeased. Nothing will ever persuade them to give up their drive for world domination with a Caliphate controlled by Islam.

Listening to his father and Baker's gang of Arabists will leave a sour taste in the mouths of Americans. The elections of 2008 will certainly reflect the awareness of Americans of which Party was the willing collaborator to Israel's demise. (God forbid.)

Let the President know that his cutting off arms, equipment, spare parts, jet fuel to an ally just before a coming war by those who are the enemies of all of us. This is a betrayal of all of us and will not be forgotten.

Sacrificing Israel through the Baker plan will not help America in Iraq nor stop the march of radical Islam globally. The Baker gang is well known to be willing to sell their mother and deliver if there is an oil buck to be made. Their hostility to the Jewish State is well-documented as is their pandering to Saudi Arabia - despite the Saudis Wahhabi-driven hatred to anything American.

Please disseminate to all Christian organizations, all Jewish organizations, everyone in Congress and every local and national Media outlet, journalist, columnist, editor, producer and anchor of TV news programs.

This President George W. Bush and James Baker, III - like George Herbert Walker Bush and Baker in their time are out to kill off the only Jewish State on this Planet, if you allow them to do it.

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