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Hizbullah, Allies Call for Mass Protests in Lebanon
Thousands Rally in Belgium for Kidnapped IDF Soldiers
Court Orders Histadrut to End Strike
US Scientists Train Bees to Sniff Out Explosives
Man and Woman, but Still an Abomination newsletter: 6fax1204.txt
Ahmadinejad Says Israel's Demise is Near
Olmert to IDF: Don't Interfere with PA's Rockets
Israel Refuses to Extend Cease-fire to West Bank
Bill Would Recognize Judaism through Father
World War III: Is Europe Already Lost? (Part 4) newsletter: 6fax1205.txt
Honest N. Israel Resident Sends Back Compensation
Israel to Reduce West Bank Military Operations
Rabbi in Acco: ´What is This, Nazi Germany Here? ´
Jihadists Publish cybersecurity E-Zine
Coming War
Palestinian Clerics: Israel Trying to Export AIDS to PA newsletter: 6fax1206.txt
Netanyahu: Can Israel Still Win Wars?
Israeli Report Refutes War Crimes Accusations in Lebanon
Hamas Chief Promises War Even if PA State is Established
Storm of Protest Against Tamir Changes in Textbook Maps
Israeli-Arabs Demand National Recognition
Israel Firms Ordered To Pay Iran for Back Debts newsletter: 6fax1207.txt
Man Jailed for 9 Months for Throwing Pig's Head at Mosque
Peres: Palestinian Unity Government a Facade
Strike Set to Resume Thursday
Conservative Jewish Movement Recognizes Gay Rabbis
Canada: Court Asked to Rule on Religious Divorces
Hebrew or Israeli?
Auschwitz T-Shirts for Sale? newsletter: 6fax1208.txt
Sharansky to be Awarded U.S. Presidential Medal
Bush Backs Blair Mission to Mideast
Knesset Defense Expert: U.S. Stance on Iran is Worrisome
Baker Report Demands Israel Give Away Golan Heights
Plagiarism Charge Against Carter
Imus: CBS Bosses Money-Grubbing Jews
Is Santa Claus a Nazi? newsletter: 6fax1211.txt
Report: U.S. Talking with Syrian Al Qaeda Cell
Olmert: ´Rule Out Nothing´ on Iran
Israel Agrees to Reopen Mt. Zion Talks with Vatican
Modern Day Gog and Magog newsletter: 6fax1212.txt
PA Newspaper: Israel Offers Too Few Prisoners for Shalit´s Release
Olmert: No Indication That Syria Preparing for Imminent War
Olmert Admits that Israel has Nukes
Israel Condemns Iran-Sponsored Holocaust Conference
Lieberman: Israelis Should Pledge Allegiance
Hamas Gunmen Kill 3 Children of Fatah Intelligence Officer
Israeli Businessman Offers Money for Peace newsletter: 6fax1213.txt
Interfaith Call for Vatican to Open Holocaust Archives
Olmert Blasted for Nuclear Tongue-Slip
Olmert in Germany: We Have Learned the Lessons of the Shoah
Israeli Court Rules Palestinians Can Sue Israel for Damages in Some Cases
Ahmadinejad: Israel will 'Soon be Wiped Out' newsletter: 6fax1214.txt
Israeli Bill Would Limit Chabad Proselytizing
'Distant Threats' Push Israel to Boost Warplanes' Range
Congress Doubles US Weapons Storage in Israel
Israel's High Court Approves Jerusalem Barrier Construction
Pope Meets Olmert, Praises 'Turn-the-Other-Cheek' Policy
Rabbi at the Iranian Holocaust Denial Conference
NIH Backs Circumcision of African Men in AIDS Fight newsletter: 6fax1215.txt
FBI: Egyptian Sheik Hospitalized, Death May Trigger Attacks in US
Palestinian PM Enters Gaza After Israel Temporarily Closed Border
Israeli Court Upholds Some Targeted Killings
UPS Explains Limited Deliveries to West Bank
Fliers Condemn Neturei Karta, Urge Boycott
Haifa U. Opens Legal Clinic for Prisoner Rights'
Israeli Police Warn Backgammon Website is Illegal newsletter: 6fax1218.txt
Jordan Times: The Worst is Yet to Come
Israeli Arab Caught Trying to Repeat Park Hotel-Type Bombing
Armed Palestinian Factions Agree to a Ceasefire in Gaza
Ex-Palestinian, Israeli Ministers Want China to Join Peace Process
Fatah to Israel: ´Only Full Surrender Can Save Us´
Israeli Arabs, Jews: Different Ways of Seeing the Elephant newsletter: 6fax1219.txt
`Borat' Star Raps Iran Holocaust Conference
Bush Once Again Delays Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
Rival Palestinian Factions Free Hostages
Iran Also Eyeing the Golan Heights
Rosen Admits Error Calling Holocaust Rescuers 'Draft Dodgers'
Munich Mastermind Voiced Regret
Jews Who Make Satan Look Good newsletter: 6fax1220.txt
Bush Hosts Menorah Lighting
EU Parliament Member: Syria's Peace Intentions Genuine
Interior Minister: Strengthen Israeli Hold on Golan Heights
Mormons `Baptize' Simon Wiesenthal
Baker Hired Israeli to Collect Iraqi Debt, Evade U.S. Sanctions
Netanyahu: Beware the Developing `Islamic Reich'
Israel Big Profit Gainer for Continental Airlines
Chanukah and Santa Claus newsletter: 6fax1221.txt
Hizbullah TV: Israeli Cargo Plane Landed in Beirut
Ahmadinejad: Iran Now Nuclear Power
Knesset's Shteinitz: Syria Must Recognize Israeli Rule in the Golan
'Birthright Israel' Contributes Millions to Tourism
Mormons Remove Wiesenthal from Baptism List
Israel Electric to be World's First Sabbath-Observant Electric Company.
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Negotiations with Holy See on Track newsletter: 6fax1222.txt
State Department Weighs Plan for Palestinian State
Peretz to IDF: Prevent Rockets but Uphold Truce
Iran's Ahmadinejad: Both Jesus and Mahdi are Coming,
Falafel Man is Here to Save the Day
French Far-Rightist Le Pen: Anti-Semitic Jokes Can be 'Funny'
New Population Survey: 6.4 Million Jews in America newsletter: 6fax1225.txt
Egypt Rejects Claim on Eilat, Says it is ´Palestinian´
Israeli Cabinet Approves $100 Million Transfer of Palestinian Funds
Hamas Threatens Attacks on US
Did Novel Foretell Events Unfolding in the Middle East?
Israelis Dig `Borat,' Jokes In Hebrew newsletter: 6fax1226.txt
Globes: Israel Among Top Five Growing Markets
Olmert Says He Wants to Renew Peace Talks with Syria
Likud Leaders: 'Olmert's Policies Threaten Central Israel'
Palestinian State in 2 Years: New U.S. Mideast Policy Revealed for First Time
Sorry Jews. Why You Must Die newsletter: 6fax1227.txt
PA TV Broadcasting More Jewish Blood Libel Stories
Two Teenagers Hurt in Kassam Strike
Three Dead, 270 Hurt on Israeli Roads Lashed by Storms
Egypt: Baha'is Must Register as Members of Other Religion
Immigrants from US Hopeful About Life in Israel
Late Breaking: El Al and Ultra-Orthodox Cautiously Reach Agreement newsletter: 6fax1228.txt
Snow in Jerusalem
Israel to Target Palestinian Rocket Squads While Maintaining Truce
Russia: Israel Resident May Have Poisoned Litvinenko
National Brotherhood Week
U.S. Admits Arafat Murdered U.S Officials During 1973 Khartoum Terror Attack
Jewish Filmmaker Breaks Taboos with Hitler Parody newsletter: 6fax1229.txt
Lieberman: Netanyahu `Irresponsible' on Iran
Masochism? Israel Transfers Weapons to Abbas' Security Forces
Olmert Recognizes Palestinian Flag
U.S. Toughens Up on Israel
New Year's Eve, Israeli style
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