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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 6fax1003.txt
Shalit Kidnappers Reject Egyptian-Brokered Deal
New Palestinian Fighting Reported
Assad: Peace Talks with Israel Could be Completed in 6 Months
Yom Kippur: Hundreds of thousands of DVDs rented newsletter: 6fax1004.txt
Israeli Researchers Find Gene to Help Treat AMD
Fatah, Hamas Prepare for War with Israel
Palestinian Fatah Faction Threatens to Kill Leaders of Hamas
Clalit Health Services Lures Teens with Online Sex Site
Israeli Company Brings Out the Celebrity in You newsletter: 6fax1005.txt
Oil Discovered in the Dead Sea
Hizbullah Listened in on IDF Cell Phones
UN Accuses Hizbullah, Israel of Violating Humanitarian Law
Rice Promises Redoubled Efforts to Help Palestinians
Western Wall Rabbi Forbids Proposed Burning of Prayer Notes newsletter: 6fax1006.txt
Israeli General Fired After Criticizing Handling of Lebanese Conflict
Yad Vashem Wants Volunteers to Encourage Pages of Testimony Submissions
`Come Home to Mother Russia'
Aaaargh, Jewish Pirates newsletter: 6fax1009.txt
Hamas Claims Army of More Than 10,000
Assad: It's Either Peace or War
Will Iran Wipe Israel from the Map?
British Historian Claims to Have Found the Temple Treasures newsletter: 6fax1010.txt
Senior Kaplan Hospital Physicians Suspected in Unauthorized Experiments
Israel Says North Korean Nuclear Test Will Embolden Iran
IDF Destroys Gaza Weapons Facility
Wafa Idris, Movie Star
Polish Righteous Gentile Woman Nominated for Nobel Prize newsletter: 6fax1011.txt
Olmert: We Love to Complain
Israel Rejects Syrian Offer for Peace Talks
Peres Happy with Israel's Nuclear Policy
Synagogue Planned For Temple Mount, Hashemites to Add Minaret
Ya'alon: Arab Propaganda Having an Impact Even in Israel
High Court: State Must Plan for Flooding of Dead Sea Hotels
Polish Study Confirms Nazis Made Soap from Human Bodies newsletter: 6fax1012.txt
Evangelicals 1/3 of U.S. Tourists to Israel
U.S. Weapons to be Transferred to Terrorists?
Jewish Group Offers 007 Middle East 'Missions'
Correction on Our Dead Sea Story newsletter: 6fax1013.txt
Arabs Faking Attacks to Earn Matriculation Diplomas
IAF Missile Strike on Hamas Man's Gaza Home Kills Three
Syria Rejects Israeli Invitation for Summit in Jerusalem
Ahmadinejad: Palestine is the Front Line
About You and Me
Tourist: Netanya is Home to World's Prettiest Women
A Date at the Synagogue newsletter: 6fax1016.txt
Hamas Smuggling Anti-Aircraft Weapons into Gaza
Efforts to Convene Israeli-Palestinian Summit Break Down
Police Recommend Indicting Israel's President for Rape
IDF Surprises Reservists with Gifts
Olmert to Travel to Russia
Rabbis (Male) to Discuss Problem of Agunot
Find a Spouse at a Cemetery
Has King David's Spa Been Uncovered? newsletter: 6fax1017.txt
Second Warning for Muslims to leave U.S. Before Attack
Ahmadinejad: God Told Me We Would Win
Israeli President, Beset by Scandal, Skips Knesset Opening
Israeli Ingenuity: A Biodetector Alert System
Descendants of King David Plan Israel Reunion newsletter: 6fax1018.txt
Five Palestinians Killed by IDF Troops in West Bank, Gaza
Australian Jew Suffers Vicious Beating from Australian Football Team
Neo-Nazism on the Rise in Germany
Ahmadinejad: 'Satan Inspires Bush'
New Film Tells Story of Biblical Heroine Esther newsletter: 6fax1019.txt
Israeli Prime Minister Urges Russia to Act Against Iran
Israeli Forces Push into Southern Gaza
US Raises Concerns Over Israeli Visa Policies
Olmert Sets Sights on Nobel Laureate Wiesel for Presidency
Reservists Return Gift Vouchers to IDF newsletter: 6fax1020.txt
Pollard Supporters Enraged At Olmert for Omitting His Name in Speech
Abbas to Form New Government in West Bank, Gaza Strip
German Student Forced to Wear Anti-Semitic Sign
Hizbullah Fired Cluster Rockets on Civilians in Israel, Says Rights Group
Is Olmert Sowing the Seeds of a Preemptive Strike?
Fighting AIDS: Israel to Train Ethiopian doctors newsletter: 6fax1023.txt
Halutz: Israel Must Prepare for Iran to Push the Button
Palestinian Police Launch Protests
World War III: The Islamic Plan (Part 1)
Poll: 81% of U.S. Jews Believe Arabs Want to Destroy Israel
Yedioth Takes Aim at Right-Wing Commuter Paper newsletter: 6fax1024.txt
BBC Admits a Left-Wing Bias
Israel's Response to Growing Nuke Threat
Book: Israel Founded Using Counterfeit UK Banknotes
World War III: Their Words
Two-Thirds of U.S. Religious Hate Crimes Against Jews
Jordan River in Your Bathtub newsletter: 6fax1025.txt
Daughter of French Extreme Right Winger to Visit Israel, PA
Iran's Ayatollah: Israel's Defeat is a 'New Chapter'
Israeli Military Petitioning to Reoccupy Gaza
Minister to Sephardic Jews: Claim Your Reparations newsletter: 6fax1026.txt
Argentina Calls for Arrests of Former Iranian Officials in 1994 Bombing
Olmert Persuades Labor to Accept Ultranationalist in Coalition
Germans Claim Israeli F-16s Fired at Warship Near Lebanon
Study: Israelis and U.S. Jews No Longer Seen as One Nation newsletter: 6fax1027.txt
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinians in Gaza Gun Battle
Arab Interest in Emigration Soars
Olmert's Wife Implicated in Latest Scandal
Iranian Theater Critic Embraces Israeli Actresses
Bonus for Israeli Youths Abroad: Studies Sans Army Service
Fish with a Face newsletter: 6fax1030.txt
Peres Welcomes Muslim Country's Investment
Israeli-Arab Female, 20, Planned Restaurant Terror Attack
Abbas Asks Israel to Allow Jordan-based PLO Fighters into Gaza
Egypt Moves 5,000 Police to Gaza Border
Whose Jerusalem?
Khamenei: Beware of Watching Non-Muslim Women
Israel's 'Modesty' Cabinet newsletter: 6fax1031.txt
Israel Refuses Entry to Le Pen's Daughter
Five Israeli-Arabs Arrested on Terror Charges
Israeli Cabinet Approves Adding Ultra-Nationalist Party to Coalition
Olmert: Israel May Soon Expand Offensive in Gaza
Campaign Launched to Seek Justice for Jewish Refugees
Holy War against Gay Pride Parade
Israeli Earns International Crown as Mr. Gay
Divorcee Banned from Remarrying
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