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Peres Welcomes Muslim Country's Investment


Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and a Kazakhstan government leader said in Jerusalem Sunday that an oil fund from the Muslim country will invest millions of dollars in Israel, primarily in a project proposed with Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. Peres met with Kazakhstan deputy Prime Minister Karim Masimov, who said, "Kazakhstan is a moderate Muslim state which is interested in being involved in the Middle East. Kazakhstan intends to found political and economic ties with Israel and its neighbors."

Israeli-Arab Female, 20, Planned Restaurant Terror Attack


A resident of Tira, an Israeli-Arab city just north of Kfar Saba, has been indicted for conspiring to help the enemy and for membership in a terrorist organization.

The Shabak (General Security Service), IDF and Israel Police thwarted a plot to place a bomb in a restaurant in Raanana, with the arrest of a gang of terrorists from the Tul Karem region, east of Netanya.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades terrorists planned to get the 12-pound bomb into Israel with the help of Varud Kassem, a resident of Tira, and her cousin Mahmed Bubli of Shechem. Bubli was residing illegally in Israel, and at one time worked in the targeted restaurant.

Kassem, the Israeli-Arab in question, was arrested earlier this month at the supermarket in central Israel in which she worked. She told Shabak interrogators that she was in contact with Al-Aqsa terrorists over the past several months, and even visited them in the Shomron several times.

Kassem was asked to help the Palestinian terrorist cause by finding weapons dealers and transporting arms back and forth between the Shomron and pre-'67 Israel. Kassem was also asked to transfer the bomb in question and find an appropriate spot for its detonation.

Kassem agreed, and arrived several days later at Hawara, near Shechem and Yitzhar, for the purpose of bringing the bomb to Ramallah. Utilizing her Israeli-licensed car to ease passage through IDF checkpoints, she took the bomb and a terrorist named Yakub to Ramallah. After several failed attempts to bring the bomb into mainland Israel - including a refusal to do so by Kassem herself, who said that cars entering mainland Israel are checked - the bomb was finally hidden near Ramallah.

Israeli security forces received a tip-off as to its whereabouts, found and neutralized the bomb, and made the arrests.

Kassem also confessed to having been photographed in Ramallah several weeks ago, holding a gun and a Koran, and to having known about another Al-Aqsa plot to kidnap a Jewish resident of the Shomron.

The IDF's firm attempts to fight the phenomenon of illegal Palestinian Authority aliens in Israel are well understood in light of cases like the one at hand. The terror groups in Judea and Samaria have trouble carrying out terror attacks in Israeli territory, and therefore often seek the help of illegal aliens, who are very familiar with sites in - and access routes to - pre-'67 Israel. Israeli-Arabs, as well, are often sought for this purpose.

Abbas Asks Israel to Allow Jordan-based PLO Fighters into Gaza

By VOA News

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has asked Israel to allow a brigade of Palestinian troops to enter Gaza from Jordan. Palestinian officials said Abbas wants to use the troops to strengthen his position in a power struggle with the ruling Hamas militant group.

Abbas hopes to bring in thousands of Jordan-based fighters of the Palestine Liberation Organization, known as the Badr Brigade. Israeli officials said they are considering allowing the brigade into Gaza to bolster Abbas.

The Palestinian president's security forces have fought repeatedly with Hamas in recent weeks amid growing political tensions. Palestinian officials said Abbas has threatened to dissolve the Hamas government if it does not agree to form a unity coalition with his Fatah party.

In the past, Israel has objected to letting PLO fighters enter Palestinian areas.

Egypt Moves 5,000 Police to Gaza Border

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem)

Egypt moved 5,000 paramilitary security police to the Gaza border, after an Israeli newspaper reported that Israel plans to bomb weapons-smuggling tunnels. Egypt said the deployment was aimed at protecting Egyptian citizens in the area, and it is calling for Israel to exercise restraint.

Border tensions escalated last week, after the Israeli army chief said Palestinian terrorists have dug hundreds of tunnels since Israel pulled out of Gaza a year ago. Under a border security agreement, Egypt was supposed to prevent arms-smuggling, but Israeli officials accuse Egypt of turning a blind eye and doing nothing.

The army said tons of weapons and explosives have been smuggled to the Palestinians, including anti-tank missiles used by Hizbullah terrorists during the recent war in Lebanon.

Israeli spokesman Mark Regev said Israel would not allow Gaza to become another Lebanon. "You have a situation, where you have extremist groups inside Gaza, who are seeking to upgrade their terrorist capabilities, to upgrade their strategic capabilities, and try to get the sort of weaponry, the sort of state-of-the-art hardware, that Hizbullah had in South Lebanon, and, of course, it is not in our interest for that to happen."

Israel is considering several military options, including air strikes and reoccupying the Palestinian side of the border, known as the Philadelphi Corridor. But Regev said that was a last resort. "At the moment we are working with the Egyptians to try to make sure, or to see if it is possible, to stop this influx of weapons through diplomatic means." Egypt's deployment of state police is apparently meant to address Israeli concerns. Egyptian sources said police have set up checkpoints, and raided militant hideouts in a bid to curb weapons-smuggling.

While the threat of air strikes has prompted Egypt to take action, Israeli officials are skeptical that it will be effective. And, they said, Israel would not stand idly by, as Gaza is armed for war.

Whose Jerusalem?

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

As you already know, the Arab Islamists have followed Yasir Arafat's fictitious claim to Jerusalem, which he made after the 1967 re-unification of the Holy Jewish Eternal Capital. Arafat wanted an instant history - for the mix of Arab Muslims from all over the Middle East who adopted the name "Palestinian" only after the 1948 Independence of the Jewish State of Israel.

You may recall, it was the Romans who dubbed the Jewish State "Palestina" in order to blot out the Jewish names of Israel and of Judah, the Jewish kingdoms, which filled all the lands west of the Jordan River and some east of the Jordan for thousands of years before the Romans conquered, killed many and evicted the rest in the year 70 CE.

The custom of the Arabs to make up history to fit their needs is well-established. Even Avraham and all the other Jewish prophets were recently adopted as Muslims. We are told that all children are born Muslim when they are born but, their parents betray Allah by teaching them Judaism, Christianity or any of the other religions practiced on earth.

What is more troubling than the Arab Muslim revision of history is the willingness of the media, governments and too many universities and colleges to teach Arab Islamist revisions of history, accept great sums of money from Arab Muslim oil-rich countries to pervert the American democracy, way of life, education, freedom of religions and free government. The Arab Muslim oil money can enforce their unsupportable claims - simply because an Arab Muslim says so.

Moreover, they accept frivolous claims of an advanced culture when the facts speak about a primitive war-like people who conquered and parasitically lived off the development of their victims. Even today, when none of the Middle Eastern countries are advanced societies, there is a willingness by the media and nations to genuflect over the oil they sit on - by happenstance.

Therefore, following Arafat's claim, the Arab nations and their terrorist reputation are claiming Israel's capital which exited for thousands of years before Mohammed. Now these Islamists terrorize the world as they achieve "critical mass" in their host countries and demand both recognition as a superior people and want Jerusalem as their new capital.

Khamenei: Beware of Watching Non-Muslim Women


In new web ruling, Iran's supreme leader, Sayyid Ali Khamenei warned a reader on his website that looking at non-Muslim women can lead to "vile consequences."

the question and answer session is the most recent in a series of online religious rulings made by the Islamic Republic's highest religious and political authority.

The questions sent in by readers cover a wide range of topics, and illustrate the intervention of the Iranian government in the everyday affairs of its citizens.

"Is it permissible to look at the body parts — excluding the two private areas — that a non-Muslim woman used to show? And in this regard is there a difference between seeing in the flesh or in movies?" a reader asked Khamenei.

"There is no objection to unintentional looking at the non-Muslim woman's body regarding the amount they are used to uncover," Khamenei said. He added: "Of course, It is even haram (forbidden) to intentionally look at that in case it is sexually exciting, is associated with fear of falling victim to that which is haram or leads to vile consequences."

Another reader asked Khamenei whether he could have sexual intercourse with a Christian woman who was still married: "I am a young man living in a foreign country. Some time ago I contracted a temporary marriage with a Christian girl, but after a while I came to know that she was (already) married. What about my relationship with her?"

"…She is permanently forbidden for you no matter whether she finishes divorce matters in the court of law after that or not," Khamenei told the reader.

Another reader told Khamenei: "I heard that it is allowed to eat meat which has been slaughtered by a Jew, is it correct?"

"The meat of the animal slaughtered by a non-Muslim is not halal (permissible to eat) even though all other conditions required for Sharia (Islamic law) slaughtering are observed," the supreme leader said.

Khamenei also went on to rule against providing "children with musical instruments to be used in songs," and "singing/humming to oneself."

Israel's 'Modesty' Cabinet


What looks wonderful in the British press and on the streets of London and Manchester is not suitable for Shas party ministers sitting in the Israeli government. This is apparently what someone in the Tourism Ministry thought when the ministry's presentation, set to be part of Sunday's weekly cabinet session, was censored.

The session was set at the request of Tourism Minister Isaac Herzog in wake of the crisis in the tourist industry following the Lebanon war. A drop of 30-40 percent in incoming tourism was recorded in 2006. According to ministry forecasts prior to the war, some 2.6 million tourists were expected to visit Israel during the current year.

The drastic drop in incoming tourism following the war has had far reaching implications on tourist industry employees and on the State's revenues from tourism.

Herzog is spearheading, along with the ministry's Director-General Nahum Aizikovitch and other industry members, a drive whereby $150 million would be designated to marketing Israel to the world throughout 2007 – 2009 ($50 million a year).

At the same time, the minister is seeking to invest large sums of money in tourist infrastructure, and promotional grants for building new hotels and upgrading existing ones.

During the discussions, a presentation of the marketing campaign being run by the Tourism Ministry throughout Europe and North America since September was to be shown to cabinet ministers. The campaign included billboards, TV commercials, press ads, internet ads and radio broadcasts.

One of the most attractive campaigns is being run in Britain showing a Latvian model photographed in a bikini in Eilat, the Dead Sea and in Tel Aviv. The photo taken on the Tel Aviv beach includes a tagline reading: The 24 hour Mediterranean city, Tel Aviv.

It was reported that the Tourist Ministry decided to remove the photograph of the partly dressed woman in the Tel Aviv ad so as not to offend those present at the cabinet meeting, but particularly in respect of orthodox sentiments. In addition, images of young girls running on the Tel Aviv beach were also censored.

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