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Arabs Faking Attacks to Earn Matriculation Diplomas


Arab residents of Judea and Samaria are faking terror attacks, carrying knives or other weapons at IDF checkpoints in the hope of getting arrested. Doing so permits them an opportunity to spend time in an Israeli jail, where they can quietly study for a high school matriculation diploma, at no cost. According to a report filed by an correspondent, sitting in jail a number of weeks or months is a small price to pay considering the gain and the prestige of becoming a "freed terrorist."

IAF Missile Strike on Hamas Man's Gaza Home Kills Three

By Ha'aretz

Three Palestinians were killed and at least seven injured in an Israel Air Force missile strike on the Gaza City home of a Hamas leader Thursday night.

An IDF spokesman confirmed the air strike targeted the house of a Hamas commander, Sharaf Farwana, in the Sajaiyeh section of Gaza City near the border with Israel. The army said Farwana was involved in attacks against Israel and supplying weapons to Hamas terrorists.

Farwana survived the attack, but the strike killed his brother, 25-year-old Aiman Farwana, a two-year-old girl, and her father. Both Aiman Farwana and the girl's father were said to be militants, the Associated Press reported.

A second air strike close to midnight Thursday targeted a metal workshop suspected of manufacturing weapons in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City. No casualties were reported.

The latest strikes came after six Palestinians were killed in a clash between the Israel Defense Forces and terrorists in southern Gaza earlier in the day. Shortly after the IAF strike, Palestinian gunners fired a Kassam rocket at Sderot. The rocket slammed into an electrical power line and plunged the city into darkness.

There were no reported casualties and the Israel Electric Corporation was able to restore power quickly to much of the city. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the rocket strike.

A spokesman for the Hamas military wing earlier on Thursday vowed the group would take harsh revenge for the IDF operation in Gaza, in which six people - including four terrorists - were killed. Five of the dead were members of the same family.

"In light of the ugly crimes in Khan Yunis and the northern Gaza Strip, we will bombard and strike in every place, north and south. The response will be powerful and will cause the earth to tremble. The enemy must now wait patiently for our actions," he said.

Witnesses and medics that said troops backed by helicopter gunships entered the village of Abassan, east of Khan Yunis, at dark, touching off clashes.

Of the five family members killed, three were armed terrorists of the ruling party's militant wing. They were identified as Abed Rahman Kadiah, 25, Salah Kadiah, 25, and Naeel Kadiah, 22. The other two family members were bystanders, named as Adal Kadiah, 40, and his 13-year-old son Suhaib Kadiah.

The fourth militant, Mohammed Barakha, 23, was killed later Thursday as clashes raged into the afternoon. IDF troops opened fire on Barakha as he advanced toward them under cover of a large crowd.

The IDF confirmed its forces were operating in the area looking for facilities used by terrorists. Troops fired on gunmen who tried to attack them, an army spokesman said. At least 11 Palestinians were wounded in the clashes. "This is an area believed to conceal tunnels and other forms of infrastructure used by terrorist groups," he said.

Syria Rejects Israeli Invitation for Summit in Jerusalem

By Robert Berger (VOA-Jerusalem)

Syria has rejected an Israeli invitation for a summit meeting in Jerusalem. There is little hope of reviving Israeli-Syrian peace talks following the war in Lebanon.

Syria turned down an invitation from Israel's Deputy Premier Shimon Peres, who urged President Bashar Assad to visit Jerusalem. In a bid to defuse mounting tensions between the two countries, Peres said Assad should address the Israeli parliament and declare that he's ready to make peace.

But Syria said the invitation reflects Israel's weak position in the wake of the war in Lebanon. A front page editorial in the ruling Al-Baath party newspaper said Israel has failed to accept what it described as "the victory of the Lebanese resistance." That is a reference to the Islamic terrorist group Hizbullah, which survived a 34-day Israeli assault in July and August and rained 4,000 rockets on northern Israel.

Israel accuses Syria of supplying weapons to Hizbullah and the war put the two countries on a collision course. Assad has declared that if the peace process fails, war is an option.

"Now after the victory, so to speak, of Hizbullah, he cannot lag behind. He has to also show his might and to threaten Israel," said Israeli analyst Moshe Maoz.

Assad wants to retrieve the strategic Golan Heights, captured by Israel during the Six Day War in 1967. But peace talks collapsed in 2000, and since then Syria has made radical alliances, hosting Palestinian militant groups in Damascus and strengthening ties with Iran.

Assad says he prefers negotiations to war, but he won't visit Jerusalem because Israel has shown no willingness to relinquish the Golan. Maoz says Assad is trying to pressure Israel to soften its position. "So this is the game of the Middle East to voice some military threat," he said.

But these threats, along with Syrian backing for Hizbullah, have left Israelis with little enthusiasm for territorial concessions. A poll shows that only 16 percent of Israeli Jews would support trading the Golan Heights for a peace agreement with Syria.

Ahmadinejad: Palestine is the Front Line


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Thursday that, "Palestine is the front line of the Islamic nations in their struggle against the aggressive superpowers."

In a chilling prelude of what a nuclear Iran will bring, Ahamdinejad also told Hamas official Sa'eed Seeyam that, "Iran has no problem transferring its successes and experience in any field to the Hamas government."

Hamas has killed more Israelis than any other terrorist group, using suicide bomb attacks and other means to target civilians.

Ahmadinejad praised the "victories" of Hamas and Hizbullah, saying, "Such victories have called the fake Zionist regime to challenge inside the occupied territory and have raised questions on the existence of this regime throughout the world, including Europe and the US."

According to the typographical error in the official Iranian release of Ahmadinejad's statements, "The chief executive said that reliance on Gold Almighty [sic] and resistance are the secret to the victory of the Palestinian nation in various fields."

Hamas official Seeyam said at the close of the meeting that all Muslims are credited with the victory of every Islamic state, adding: "Muslims across the world should take pride in the victory of Islamic resistance in Lebanon, that of the popular Hamas government in Palestine and remarkable success of Iran in various domains."

About You and Me

By Emanuel A. Winston (Commentary)

I have been forecasting the plans of our enemies for over 40 years. Sometimes I forgot about us, the Israeli Jewish people. Take a look in the mirror and then look down, deep inside yourself and you will find a mensch.

We Jews are a special people who have always been a great boon to the civilized world. They may not like us and they may take what we gift grudgingly but we know what we have done. We have fulfilled our mission to be a light unto the other nations - even when they choose to wear blinders.

We - you, have given all we had and yet, we still trek onwards.

It's sometimes a lonely path when, instead of being cheered, the mob throws stones. We are generous to a fault and cannot help ourselves, but too often we help other before we help ourselves.

Feel proud as a Jew, as an Israeli who has returned home, defeated well-armed Arab Muslim armies and created a new State. From nothing we turned Land God gave us which was full of rocks into green gardens and farms but, for a moment, the world stood in shock and awe. It's hard when you hand the world your best and all you get back is hatred. Just know that you gave it your best - not holding anything back. Sure, maybe they will change one day - although you and I doubt it. Take a look at the children you are raising and take your hope from them.

When you look deep inside yourself, feel free to take pride in your Jewishness. We were born to bring something to this war planet and it was not more war, although we have had to fight often to survive.

Know that we, you and I, have a destiny to fulfill. You will know what to do without being told. We Jews find it hard to hate, despite the provocations...let's keep it that way.

Tourist: Netanya is Home to World's Prettiest Women


Israelis may not be aware of this, but it appears that the global capital of feminine beauty is located right here in the heart of Israel.

A 67-year-old Australian tourist who arrived at the Allenby border crossing between Jordan and Israel Wednesday, declared that the purpose of his visit in Israel was to "find a bride."

The traveler explained to the baffled border guards that he recently divorced his wife after 40 years of marriage, and that he was hoping to find a life companion in Israel. "My friends told me that the best place to find a gorgeous bride is Netanya in Israel. In Australia they say that the most beautiful women in the world can be found in Netanya," he proclaimed.

The man added that he did not know anything about Israel, and that he would not have dreamed of coming to the country if he did not hear so much about the Netanya girls.

Persuaded by the optimistic tourist's explanations, the guards allowed him to enter the country and perhaps even wished him good luck in his quest. Officials at the Interior Ministry noted that this was not the first time tourists have commented on the attractiveness of Netanya's women.

A Date at the Synagogue


The holiday period is the time to come closer to religion. It attracts a host of singles to the local synagogue who come to check out the autumn 2006 singles scene.

The new collection was naturally designed in the orthodox or traditional sector, and if you missed Yom Kippur, you can always try your luck during the Hakafot of Simchat Torah.

It appears that the sanctity of the place is inspiring and increases motivation to embark on a first step towards fulfilling the mitzvah of pru urvu.

Strangely, the place that pays particular attention to separating the men from the women becomes a vibrant singles arena, where love can be ignited from afar in a festive and non-binding atmosphere, after which worshippers can return home with a new kippah-donned shidduch.

In the Diaspora, by the way, picking up a date at the synagogue is quite common practice and even somewhat established, as synagogues overseas are the main meeting place between Jews. But in Israel as well, synagogues lend a respectable ambience to those seeking a partner with a Jewish background.

The selection at the synagogues is huge, particularly during the holy days. It is relatively easy to "test" a shidduch as it is void of the pressure prevalent at an official pick up site, and all the means for courting are kosher:

A note can be slipped down from the women's quarter; a request for date can be passed via the prayer book; prospective dates can wink at each during moments of eye contact; friends can serve as matchmakers; and of course the prospective date can be invited to light candles.

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