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Hundreds of Thousands Gather in NY to Support Israel


Among the hundreds of thousands who marched in the annual Salute to Israel Day Parade in NY, some 20,000 attended a Central Park concert to support the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria. The parade, possibly the largest gathering of Jews in the world each year, saw over 100,000 marching up New York City's Fifth Avenue. The parade featured marching bands, floats, politicians, and countless Israeli flags lined the street for the other 100,000-plus spectators.

Abbas Postpones Referendum Recognizing Israel

By Jim Teeple (VOA-Jerusalem)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday extended a deadline he had set earlier for Hamas to recognize Israel or face a referendum on the question. Abbas has now reportedly given Hamas two more days to accept a plan to recognize the Jewish state.

The Palestine Liberation Organization's executive committee voted to give Hamas until Thursday to accept a measure that recognizes Israel and accept a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian dispute - or face a national referendum on the issue.

Speaking to reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah following the executive committee's meeting, Yasser Abed Rabbo, a close associate of Abbas, said the decision to extend the deadline by two days came after a number of Arab States appealed for more time.

Abed Rabbo said the executive committee agreed that Abbas can call a referendum on the measure if Hamas does not agree by Thursday to a plan drawn up Palestinian prisoners that calls for recognition of Israel and acceptance of a two-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian dispute.

If Hamas does not agree to the measure, Abbas said he would call a national referendum in 40 days to decide the matter. Members of Hamas and Abbas' Fatah Party have been holding talks for more than a week on the proposal - so far without agreement. Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Hamas would continue talking with Fatah to try and reach some sort of an agreement. He said the issues under discussion are too important to be quickly agreed to, and that no deadlines should be put on the discussions.

Since winning parliamentary elections in January, Hamas has refused to recognize Israel, disarm or recognize previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. As a result international donor aid and money transfers to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian government have been suspended.

A poll released Tuesday by Bir Zeit University in Ramallah found that 77 percent of Palestinians support Abbas' call for a referendum.

US Releases Documents on Nazi War Criminals

By Michael Bowman (VOA-Washington) & Ha'aretz

The U.S. government has declassified scores of files pertaining to Nazi war criminals and their activities during and after the Second World War. Historians and others may now review the documents.

The files total 27,000 pages of material from the Central Intelligence Agency that include reports, correspondence, memorandums and other material pertaining to Nazi war criminals and the relationship the U.S. government maintained with Nazis after the war. The documents are being added to 60,000 pages previously released since 1998, when Congress passed the Nazi Wartime Disclosure Act.

The United States was aware that West Germany held information on the whereabouts of Adolf Eichmann in the 1950s, but chose to keep the matter secret, fearing that the arrest of the Nazi fugitive might lead to embarrassing revelations about links between senior German officials and other Nazis.

According to the declassified documents, a German intelligence officer reported to the CIA in March 1958 that Germany had known since 1952 that Eichmann lived in Argentina under the pseudonym "Clemens." The information was not entirely accurate, as the name Eichmann used at the time was "Clement." However, the CIA chose not to make use of the information.

Israeli intelligence officers who have published their memoirs have written that Israel knew that Eichmann lived in Argentina by 1957, but lacked any information regarding his pseudonym.

Shin Bet Chief: First Signs of World Jihad Visible in West Bank

By Ha'aretz

The security forces have recently identified initial signs that World Jihad has begun building an ideological foothold in the West Bank, Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin said on Tuesday.

The head of the domestic security service told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that security forces recently arrested individuals in the Jerusalem and Nablus areas found with plans for terror attacks. The plans were very general and did not include specific timetables.

Diskin reminded the Knesset committee that World Jihad also has an infrastructure set up in neighboring Jordan, but added that the Jordanian authorities are operating widely against the organization.

Egypt, however, has not managed to successfully combat World Jihad cells operating within Sinai and the peninsula is thus flooded with weapons smugglers. Diskin said Egypt has had very limited success in combating terrorism.

Since the Israel Defense Forces withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Diskin said, weapons smuggling from bordering Sinai has increased dramatically. Militants have managed to smuggle more than 10 tons of explosives, several million rounds of rifle ammunition, some 10,000 assault rifles, several hundred rocket-propelled grenades and a small number of surface-to-air missiles.

Diskin said that all Palestinian government services will collapse if the Palestinian Authority is not supplied with funds - a development that will not serve Israel's interests.

The Shin Bet chief noted that the Palestinian economic crisis is weighing heavily on the Hamas-led government and there have been a number of recent attempts to smuggle suitcases jam packed with foreign currency into the Gaza Strip.

It is still not clear whether PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will be able to carry out his plan for a referendum on the prisoners' document, Diskin said. He said Israel should not interfere in the matter and noted that no Palestinian faction has any interest in continued internal conflict.

And according to Ha'aretz, Hamas operatives in the West Bank have experimented with adding toxic chemicals to their bombs, security sources said.

The sources said the experiments have involved relatively simple chemicals, and as far as is known, the organization is not yet able to integrate such agents into its bombs effectively. However, they said, Hamas' West Bank cells include several skilled bomb makers who are investing great effort in trying to upgrade their weapons.

The organization also is amassing large stocks of explosives so operatives will be ready to launch attacks immediately should its leadership decide to end the security "lull," the sources added.

"Thus far, members of its military wing have not received any orders to commit attacks, since a return to terror at this time would not serve the Palestinian Authority's Hamas government," one said. However, he added, they have been instructed to prepare attacks that can be launched the instant the order is given.

"They have no intention of repeating what they've done in the past," he continued. "The tendency is to prepare 'mega-attacks' that would create a new balance" of power with Israel.

Iran Pours Millions into Supporting Hamas Infrastructure


Iran has become a key player in funneling money to "charitable" organizations in the PA which finance suicide bombers and their families. The money helps keep the Hamas government afloat.

The PA's own semi-official newspaper Al Hayat Al Jadida has been covering the distribution of Iranian funds to PA terrorists and their families via "charitable" organizations set up for that purpose.

On June 1, the paper published a report about how an organization, Al Ansar, affiliated with the Hamas, distributed $1.8 million of gifts to the families of suicide bombers in Gaza.

The head of the organization, Nafez El-Araj, told the paper how his organization distributed money to the families of 2,900 Arab terrorists. Each family was allocated a grant for rebuilding houses that were destroyed by the IDF as part of its campaign to deter potential suicide bombers.

Over the past three months, Iran has contributed another $1.3 million to 2,020 families of terrorists in Judea and Samaria.

Organizations such as Al Ansar, which distribute millions to Arab terrorist families, contribute substantially to the level of public support for the Hamas in the Palestinian Authority, and reduce the effectiveness of economic sanctions against Hamas.

Iranian money allows the Hamas to develop a powerful social, economic, and educational system in the PA which bolsters public support for the group and its terrorist infrastructure.

Israel Trip May Cost U.S. State Department Employee His Job


Daniel Hirsch, a long-time employee of the State Department had his security clearance revoked 3.5 years ago, and may also stand to lose his job altogether, all because of a visit he took in Israel 23 years ago. A photo on Hirsch's office wall which portrays him in IDF uniform led to an investigation against him that resulted in the suspension of his clearance.

The New York Sun the State Department cited the AIPAC leak case as the basis for denying employees with dual Israeli-American citizenship security clearances. In one case, government lawyers argued Israel was 'actively spying on United States' to justify withdrawing clearance from worker

In an interview with Ynet, Hirsch explained that before September 11 and the establishment of the Homeland Security Office, a picture of him as a volunteer in Israel could not have stirred such a row at the State Department. Now it's enough to get your security clearance cancelled, he said.

Hirsch is one of many U.S. Jews currently facing suspicions of dual loyalties on the part of the defense establishment due to their ties, or alleged ties, with Israel. Similar cases in the Pentagon and the CIA were reported in the last few months.

The picture in Hirsch's office was taken 23 years ago when the 23-year-old arrived in Israel with other Jewish American volunteers to work in IDF bases. We worked in army bases doing civilian duties, Hirsch recounted. "For two weeks I helped a tank mechanic. I wasn't even a mechanic myself, I was merely sent to fetch the tools," he described.

Before leaving for Israel, Hirsch told his employers at the time, the CIA, of the trip and was granted permission to go. He visited the country once again in 1992.

According to Hirsch, when he started working for the State Department he was told he should keep away from his Israeli relatives, and claims to have done just that. Years ago I have accepted the fact that in order to work in this business I would have to sever ties with my family in Israel, he stated. I have been playing their game, but now they changed the rules, Hirsch added.

Trump fires Jewish Contestant
Israel Faxx News Service

An observant Jew failed in his bid to become Donald Trump's next apprentice. Lee Bienstock was fired Monday on the season finale of "The Apprentice."

Bienstock and another Jewish contestant, New Jersey's Dan Brody, observed Rosh Hashanah together early in the season — missing the third episode's task — but only Bienstock, who grew up in the New York area, stayed in the show long enough to observe Yom Kippur, missing another task.

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