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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 6FAx0102.txt
Army Confirms Kassam Fell in Central Israel during December
Report: U.S. Planning to Strike Iran This Year
Iran President in New Diatribe Against Israel
Two-Thirds of PA Arabs Support Al Qaeda Attacks
Palestinians Attack Foreign Interests in Gaza
Churchill Wanted to Execute Hitler
My Aliyah
PA TV: Expel Israelis from Israel newsletter: 6FAx0103.txt
Sharon's New Plan: Uproot Towns in Exchange for Dollars
Attack Was Planned on Dimona Nuclear Facility
Israel Denies It's About to Bomb Iran Nuke Site
Britain's Chief Rabbi: Anti-Semitism Spreading Like a Tsunami
Arab Muslim Wants to Join IAF
My Aliyah
Burger King Launches King-Size Meal newsletter: 6FAx0104.txt
Vatican: Jerusalem 'Issue' Must Not be Left to Israel, PA
Sharon to Assign Duties to Deputy Before Heart Operation
Police Say There's Evidence Linking Sharon to $3 Million Bribe
US Envoys to Discuss Palestinian Elections, Crossings Accord
Muslim Inciters Accuse Israel of Undermining Al-Aqsa Mosque
Iran Boasts of Support by Holocaust Deniers
'New Year's Orgy' at Berlin's Holocaust Memorial newsletter: 6FAx0105.txt
Hundred of Artifacts Found in Temple Mount Rubble
Palestinian Gunmen Attempt Gaza-Egypt Border Break
Kassams Fired at Sderot and Ashkelon, Just Miss Gas Station
Immigrant Fights for Her Jewishness and now Her health
The Food of Coexistence newsletter: 6FAx0106.txt
Simon Wiesenthal Center Accuses Venezuelan President of Anti-Semitic Comments
Sharon Fights for His Life
U.S. Evangelist: Sharon's Stroke Result of God's 'Enmity' for Gaza Pullout
Highest Jewish Population Centers: Israel and Palm Beach
Chinese City to Host Exhibition of its Jewish Past newsletter: 6FAx0109.txt
Eshkol Proposed Transferring Palestinians
Doctors Will Try to Bring Sharon Out of Induced Coma Monday
What Happens When the Right Side of the Brain is Damaged?
Hamas Candidate: 'United Jerusalem' to be Arab Capital
Hebrew U. Researchers Find Cannabis Can Strengthen Bones
Samaria Security Dogs Kennel Closed Down by Police
Iran Recruits Former Arab Mayor as Political Spy newsletter: 6fax0110.txt
Halutz: Iran is Not Only Israel's Problem
Sharon Shows Independent Movement and Breathing
Abbas: U.S. Gave Assurances on Palestinian Vote in Jerusalem
Hajj Pilgrims: Death to Israel and America
Sanhedrin Establishes Council to Teach Humanity ´Laws of Noah´ newsletter: 6fax0111.txt
Israeli Muslims Have More Babies than Israeli Jews
Doctors Knew of Sharon's Brain Disease After First Stroke
Health Ministry May Investigate Sharon's Treatment
Arab Knesset Member: Sharon is "A Criminal," "A Butcher," "Swimming in Blood"
Zarqawi: Bin Laden 'Ordered Rocket Fire on Galilee'
IDF Rejects Arab Air Force Applicant newsletter: 6fax0112.txt
Yad Vashem Warns Against Ignoring Iranian Holocaust Denial
UK Muslim Cleric: Hitler Sent Because Jews Were Blasphemous, Dirty
Israel Cuts Ties With Evangelical Broadcaster Over Sharon Stroke Comments
Hamas Proves a Sticking Point in Upcoming Palestinian Elections
Ariel Sharon Remains Under Light Sedation newsletter: 6fax0113.txt
West Bank Suicide Bomb Blast, Gun Battles Leave 3 Dead
Sharon Remains Stable Following Stroke
U.S. Intervenes in Israeli Elections: Administration Backs Olmert
Entrepreneurs Eye Orthodox Market
Taking It Off - The First Israeli XXX-Rated Haredi Film newsletter: 6fax0116.txt
Peres Resigns Knesset As State Comptroller Investigates Him
Israel's Sharon Undergoes Successful Tracheotomy
Israel Approves Palestinian Vote in Arab East Jerusalem, but Sets Condition
Pope Paul VI Allegedly Helped Croatian Fascists newsletter: 6fax0117.txt
Bird Flu Near Jerusalem?
Kadima Party Names Ehud Olmert Chief
Army Declares Hebron Closed to Jews
Government Backs Down on Decision to Tax Overseas Donations
Supreme Court Rejects Pollard´s Plea to be Prisoner of Zion
Dividing Jerusalem - The Alternate Plan newsletter: 6fax0118.txt
Amazon Drops Link to Messianic Haggadah
Israel Says It Will Not Tolerate a Nuclear Iran
Avian Flu Scare Over, Arab Jerusalemite Tests Negative
Ex-Refuseniks, Others Slam Supreme Court for Pollard Ruling
Film Depicting Human Side of Suicide Bombers Wins Golden Globe
Christians are Leaving the Middle East newsletter: 6fax0119.txt
19:13 Jan 18, '06 / 18 Tevet 5766
and controversy — to old tradition
Israeli Chutzpah, Combina, Optimism Help Make Jewish State Successful by Naama Shalev (Israeli Emissary to Akron, Ohio) newsletter: 6fax0120.txt
32 Wounded in Islamic Jihad Suicide Bombing Near Tel Aviv Bus Station
Peres Expects New Peace Talks After Palestinian, Israeli Elections
Israel's Fate
New Tel Aviv-U.S. Flights to Spur Competition, Drop Fares newsletter: 6fax0123.txt
New Online Resource at Yad Vashem
Israel Hints at Military Action Against Iran
Brother of Rabin Assassin Convicted of Threatening Sharon
Illegal Procedure Blocking Converts' Immigration Still on Books newsletter: 6fax0124.txt
Barkat: Jerusalem is Losing its Jewish Majority
Wednesday's Palestinian Elections Too Close to Call
Rice: Prospect of Hamas Role in Palestinian Government Problematic
Top Israelis Huddle to Assess Hamas' Political Threat newsletter: 6fax0125.txt
Ha'aretz: Sharon's Doctors Did Not Reveal Full Extent of Health Problems
Palestinians Prepare to Vote in Legislative Elections
Fatah Terror Wing Favors Armed Struggle to Liberate 'Palestine´
US Not Ruling Out Relations With Fatah-Hamas Government, Israel Remains Mum
Translation of Torah for India's B'nei Menashe Nearly Complete newsletter: 6fax0126.txt
Exit Poll Shows Fatah Wins Vote, Hamas Strong Showing
Former Israeli Chief of Staff: PA Won't Recognize Any Borders
Iran: Israel Will Be Put In 'Eternal Coma' If It Attacks Nuclear Sites newsletter: 6fax0127.txt
Ashkenazi Jews, North African Arabs Carry Same Gene Mutation
World Taken by Surprise by Hamas Victory; Joy, Despair, Shock and Hope - All Greet Hamas Victory
History of Hamas Murderous Attacks
Netanyahu: 'Hamastan' Has Been Created Before Our Eyes
Iranian Official Hopes Hamas Victory will Unite Palestinians
Poll: 25% of Non-Jewish Immigrants Willing to Convert newsletter: 6fax0130.txt
Saddam Planned Chemical Attacks Against Israel
Israel Rules out Talks With Hamas
Netanyahu Compares Hamas Election Win to Rise of Hitler
300,000+ at Funeral of World´s Senior Kabbalist Rabbi
Israeli Intelligence Failure on Hamas' Election Win
New Immigrant Faces Prison for Protecting Himself from Arab Rock Throwers newsletter: 6fax0131.txt
Sharon Still Comatose
EU Ministers Say Hamas Win Puts Future Palestinian Aid in Doubt
Hamas Controversial in the Middle East and in the United States
Tel Aviv to Try Scientology Founder's Drug Rehab Program
Google Plans Israeli R&D Center
2,000-Year-Old Judean Date Seed Growing Successfully
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