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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax1201.txt
IDF Experts Warns Next Summer 'Too Late' To Stop Iran
Shimon Peres Leaves Israel's Dovish Labor Party, Joins Sharon
Erekat Warns of Israeli 'Sabotage' of Palestinian Elections
Tail Fahima to Confess in a Plea Bargain
Former Muslim Terrorist Speaks Out on Israel's Behalf
Ex-Kluxer David Duke in Syria: Zionists Occupy Washington, N.Y. and London newsletter: 5fax1202.txt
Sharon Says Israel Cannot Accept Iran as Nuclear Power
Sharon Says Main West Bank Settlements to Stay
Poll Shows Voters Rejecting Future Withdrawals
El Al: Jets to be Fitted with Anti-Missile Protection
Holy See: Holocaust is `Indelible Shame' of History newsletter: 5fax1205.txt
For Zion's Sake Judaica.
Israel Says It Cannot Tolerate a Nuclear Iran, Iran Vows Counter-Strike
Israeli Aircraft Target Gaza
Navy Sinks Illegal PA Boat
Sharon Moves Closer to Geneva Proposal on Territorial Exchange
Spielberg Says His New Film 'Munich' is a 'Prayer for Peace' newsletter: 5fax1206.txt
Carter to Monitor PA Elections
Suicide Bombing in Israel Kills 5
UN Nuclear Watchdog: Iran May be Months from Nuclear Bomb
Israel's Nobel Winner Talks of a Cure for War
Hitler's Official Berlin Residence Returned to Jewish Ownership newsletter: 5fax1207.txt
Presbyterian Leaders Meet Hizbullah Terror Chief
Israel Promises Painful Retaliation for Suicide Bombing
New Law: Foods Must be Marked Milk, Meat or Pareve newsletter: 5fax1208.txt
Institute for Israel Studies Planned at the University of Maryland
Israeli: Air Strike Kills Senior Palestinian Terrorist
Syria Halts Red Cross Plans to Accept Israel
Israel Orders Citizens to Immediately Leave the Sinai
Blame the Jews newsletter: 5fax1209.txt
US Jewish Leaders Discuss Evangelists' Aims
Iranian President: Move Israel to Europe
Israeli Strike Kills Two Terrorists in Northern Gaza
UN Ceremony Includes Map of ´Palestine´ in Place of Israel
Donald Trump Planning Complex in Netanya
Mel Gibson's Holocaust Project Raises Eyebrows newsletter: 5fax1212.txt
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Say They Won't Renew Truce With Israel
Israel Denies British Report It Plans Iran Attack
Palestinian Authority Claims Western Wall is Muslim Property
Abbas Approves Monthly Grant To Families of Suicide Bombers newsletter: 5fax1213.txt
290,000 Israelis Eligible to Vote in Iraqi Elections
Israel Outraged Over Iranian President's Remarks
Brazil Probes If Eichmann Aide is Hiding in Country
German Officers 'Knew of Holocaust'
New Holocaust Search Engine Helps Jews With Roots in Poland Learn the Fate of Lost Relatives newsletter: 5fax1214.txt
Israeli Forces Kill 2 Palestinians in Separate Incidents
Israel: Iran Could Enrich Uranium in March
Senior PA Chief Says: 'No Jerusalem, No Peace'
Hamas Election Video: Armed Struggle Until Israel is Destroyed
Missionaries Lobby Israeli Gov´t to Stop Demonstrations in Arad newsletter: 5fax1215.txt
London Mayor Cleared on Comments Against Jewish Reporter
Sharon Advisor Says PM Will Partition Jerusalem
Shteinitz: No "Point of No Return," But Iranian Bomb Closing In
Holocaust Era Survivor´s Son Circumcised at Age 61 newsletter: 5fax1216.txt
Al Aqsa Claims 18-Kilometer Rocket
Shalom: Iran Would Destroy Israel
Ruling Palestinian Fatah Party Splits
Rabbi, Raba or Rabbanit? newsletter: 5fax1219.txt
Sharon Rushed to Jerusalem Hospital After Minor Stroke
U.S. Violates Ban Against Funding Hamas
Changing Numbers in Middle East Force Political Action
80% of Israel's Arabs Demand Return of Arabs Who Fled in '48 newsletter: 5fax1220.txt
Israel's Sharon in Good Condition after Mild Stroke
Thoughts on Sharon's Stroke
Saudi Website Posts Anti-Semitic Diatribe
Arab Knesset Member Bishara: Wipe Out Israel and 'Take Democracy With You newsletter: 5fax1221.txt
Egyptian Newspaper: 'There Were No Nazi Gas Chambers'
Bush to Sharon: Exercise, Diet and Work Less Hours
Palestinian Gunmen Briefly Seize Bethlehem City Hall
Biblical Robe Produced For Use by High Priest in Holy Temple
Beware the Christocrats newsletter: 5fax1222.txt
Palestinian Gunmen Kidnap 2 Western Teachers
Palestinian Vote Could Be Delayed
Mother Who Sent Sons on Suicide Missions, Becomes a Hamas Candidate
Russia to Transport Natural Gas to Israel
High Travel Cost Keeps Americans From Visiting Israel newsletter: 5fax1223.txt
Festival of Lights on Chinese Wall
Violence Against Jews Continues Worldwide
Family of "Our Man in Damascus" Tells Story
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls Holocaust a Myth newsletter: 5fax1226.txt
Palestinians Prepare New, High-Explosive Warheads for Kassam Missiles
Israel's Sharon Returns to Work After Stroke
Chanukah Menorah Lights Up Jerusalem
Goggle Agrees to Limit Resolution of Israel Satellite Photos
Vanunu Changes Name to Johnny Carson
Chanukah: The Miracle of Lights newsletter: 5fax1227.txt
New Film Calls on World Jewry to "Free Your Mind," Come Home to Israel
Al-Aqsa Claims to Have Longer-Range Missiles
Sharon to Undergo Minor Heart Procedure
Israel Announces Plans to Build New Homes in West Bank Settlements
Papal Official Wants to Divide Jerusalem
Kadima Does Not Rule Out Unilateral Expulsions
Aliyah Flying High: 3,000 North Americans in 2005
Spielberg Expected in Israel newsletter: 5fax1228.txt
Israel Hits Targets in Gaza After Rocket Attack
Six Rockets Fired into Northern Israel
Steinitz: Egypt Preparing for Possible War with Israel
Menorah Protest in Washington
Christians Fleeing Bethlehem´s Muslim Majority
The Muslim Persecution of Christians in the Holy Land
Palestinian Architect of Munich Attack Slams Spielberg's Film newsletter: 5fax1229.txt
Finnish Jews Create Ice Menorah
Israeli Air Strikes Target Palestinian Terrorists' Lebanese Base
IDF Shells Northern Gaza as it Imposes Buffer Zone
Israel Immigration Marks First Jump Since Uprising
Medical Red Tape May Force New Immigrant Family Back to U.S. newsletter: 5fax1230.txt
Mofaz: Suicide Bombers Biggest Threat to Israel
Mass Attack Prevented, IDF Officer is Killed
My Aliyah
British Jew Marries Dolphin
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