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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax1101.txt
Jerusalem Goes WiFi Monday
A World Without Arafat
Background / Arafat the Wizard, Arafat the Goat newsletter: 4fax1102.txt
9th Graders Escape Floods
Bomb in Tel Aviv Market Kills 3, Wounds 32
Arafat's Health Leaves Palestinians Pondering Future
A Million Minutes of Mitzvot
Israel's Elderberry Remedy Sambucol Provides Solution to U.S. Flu Vaccine Shortage newsletter: 4fax1103.txt
French Doctors Rule Out Leukemia for Ailing Arafat
EU Tries to Keep Mideast 'Roadmap' Alive
Security Services Arrest 16 Members of Bethlehem Terror Cell
Remembering Rabbi Meir Kahane
Arafat Funds Terror and Then Condemns It newsletter: 4fax1104.txt
Officials Confirm Locust Spotting in Tel Aviv Region
Round Two: Sharon's Weak Victory
Arafat's Health Takes Sudden Turn for the Worse
Does Arafat Have AIDS?
JNF Launches Long-Term Negev Initiative newsletter: 4fax1105.txt
Syria's Assad Congratulates Bush
French Sources: Arafat is Brain Dead
Arafat: One of the World's Richest Men newsletter: 4fax1108.txt
Bill proposed to replace 'Draconian' press law
Hizbullah Escalation: Claims Drone Over Israel
Palestinian Leaders Prepare Post-Arafat Security Plan
Murdering Terrorist as Seen Through the World's Rose-Colored Glasses
Israel's Magshoe Provides a Step Ahead in Security Solutions newsletter: 4fax1109.txt
Iran Threatens Retaliation if Nuclear Plants are Hit
Palestinian Leaders Trying to Visit Arafat Despite Wife's Objections
Preparing for Arafat's Funeral
What to Do with Arafat's Billions?
Arafat's Disease
France Rejects Jewish Call to Probe Muslim Group
Israeli Flying Car to Provide Revolutionary Rescue Tool newsletter: 4fax1110.txt
Iran Claims Ability to Mass-Produce Medium-Range Missile
Palestinian Officials Check Arafat's Condition
Mrs. Arafat's Rantings are More Than Just About Money
Top Christian Leaders to Sign Proclamation Encouraging Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Kristallnacht and the World's Response newsletter: 4fax1111.txt
Arafat's Funeral Scheduled for Friday
Arafat Expected to Die Momentarily
Iran Furnished Hizbullah with Eight Drones newsletter: 4fax1112.txt
Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Arrested
Arafat's Funeral Set for Friday; U.S. Kowtows, Sends Official Envoy
Palestinians Mourn Arafat's Death; Israelis Step Up Security
IDF on High Alert Following Arafat's Death
Going 3D the Israeli Way newsletter: 4fax1115.txt
CBS News Fires Producer Over Arafat Special Report
Two Abbas Bodyguards Killed in Clash with Gunmen in Gaza
New "Yasser" Rocket Almost Ready for Firing - at Ashkelon
French Official Says No Sign Arafat Poisoned By VOA News
Jerusalem Arabs to Vote for PA Chairman?
World Council of Churches Praises Arafat in Controversial Statement
Israeli Court Recognizes Gays' Right to Inherit Partner's Property
Irish Police Probing link Between Anti-Semitism, Web Site newsletter: 4fax1116.txt
Israel Restores West Bank Weapons Ban For PA Security Officials
Submarine Penetrated Israeli Territorial Waters
Rival Gangs Violently Vie For Control In PA
Study Reveals Harvard´s Nazi Ties
U.S. Presbyterians Warned to Change 'Anti-Israel' Stance newsletter: 4fax1117.txt
Israeli Navy Isn't Certain That Submarine was Friendly
Powell to Meet with Israeli, Palestinian Leaders
France to Give Arafat's Medical Records to Family
GSS Agent Firmly Planted in Yeshiva
Imported Israeli Flags Cause Outcry
Israeli Technology Puts the Chill in Motorcycle Riders newsletter: 4fax1118.txt
Vandals Spray Swastikas on Jewish Gravestones in UK
Sharon May Negotiate Gaza With P.A. Leaders
NATO Invites Israel to Joint Exercises
Arafat´s Photo in the Knesset
Aliyah Reunites Father and Daughter After 23 Years
Court Awards Non-Jewish Mother Israeli citizenship newsletter: 4fax1119.txt
Locust Alert in Southern Israel
Israel Army Mistakenly Kills Three Egyptian Soldiers
Rabbi Targeted in Antwerp Shooting Attack Dies
Iranian Report: Zionist Death Squad Plans to Assassinate Palestinian Leaders
State Prosecution: No Citizenship for Non-Orthodox Converts
Yad Vashem Central Database of Holocaust Victims to Go Live newsletter: 4fax1122.txt
Israeli Military to Investigate Reported Abuse of Palestinian Dead
Huge Swarms of Locust Land in Eilat, Arava Desert
Powell Renews Bid for Middle East Peace; PA Tells Him to Pressure Israel
Abducted Boy Returns Home to Israel newsletter: 4fax1123.txt
Air Force Warns: Locust Swarm On Its Way to the Northern Negev
US, Israeli, and Palestinian Officials Discuss Peace Process
Left-Wing Party Sends Condolences on Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death May Remain a Mystery
Yad Vashem Holocaust Victims´ Names On-Line
Torah Education Claimed as U.S. Tax Deduction Expense newsletter: 4fax1124.txt
Ex- Israeli Army Chief Rafael Eitan Drowns in Mediterranean
Palestinian Group Picks Abbas as Presidential Candidate
Court Rejects Petition Against Bill for Jews-Only Communities
Could Egypt Have Stopped the Plague?
400,000 Log On to Database of Holocaust Victims newsletter: 4fax1130.txt
Egypt Expected to Push el-Assad
Senior Hamas Leader Holds Out Possibility of Cease-Fire with Israel
High Court Overturns Rabbinical Court Ruling
Scientology Settlement Puts IRS in a Kosher Pickle
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